10 wonderful castles in Germany, which are sure to see. Beauty, proven for centuries!

Germany can rightly be called "the country of castles". They are here, there are about 25 000 each - with its unique history and style. Many German castles are among the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately, the fact that pay tribute to each of them, not enough time nor money. That is why every year, travel agencies and related sites are arguing fiercely, making and remaking all new and new ratings of German castles. We believe that a man who wants to witness the best of the best castles in Germany should in the first place to visit ten buildings of this collection.

1. Hohenzollern Castle

House eponymous German dynasty, the stronghold of its thousand-year history has experienced much. Twice destroyed to the ground, and then double again rebuilt, this castle is now a truly fantastic spectacle. Probably, so I could look legendary Monsalvat, which kept the Holy Grail.

2. Imperial Castle Reichsburg

Fortress Reichsburg in antiquity dominated the main trade route between Germany and France. Located in the valley of the River Moselle, one of the most romantic regions in Germany, the castle - it embodied history, and not surprising, since it was built more than a thousand years ago!

3. Hohenschwangau Castle

Wonderful winter and summer, the castle is one of the first in Bavaria! It then grew famous Ludwig of Bavaria, who later became known as the "fairytale king", for the results of his work, and in fact seemed to have gone well-known to us from childhood pages.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

Perhaps the most majestic castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein was the favorite child of Ludwig of Bavaria. Its name translates as "new swan stone." The castle-tale left a significant mark in the world culture. It was he who served as an inspiration for Tchaikovsky "Swan LakeĀ».

5. Eltz Castle

Located near the city of Koblenz on the territory of Rhineland-Palatinate, Burg Eltz is a symbol of Germany. The uniqueness of this castle is that in my entire 800-year history it has never been captured by anyone and is not subjected to defeat, preserved in its original beauty to the present day.

6. Castle Kriebstein

Kriebstein was built in Saxony knight born and 600 years of its existence, changed owners several dozen times. Now he is - incredibly popular film set for historic films and fairy tales.

7. Moritzburg Castle

Moritzburg stands on an artificial island near Dresden. At the time, his place was located a hunting lodge of the Saxon electors. Now it is a well-deserved title of Moritzburg Saxon baroque pearls.

8. Lichtenstein Castle

Liechtenstein - another bright representative of the "fairytale castlesĀ» XIX century. It was built under the inspiration from the eponymous novel by Wilhelm Hauff. This, in particular, due to its neo-Gothic design.

9. Schwerin Castle

One of the "young" in this collection, Schwerin Castle was built just a little more than a half century ago, in the period between 1845 and 1857. He was formerly the home of the head of a local noble house, and now here sits Diet - an analogue of the Parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

10. Drachenburg

Drachenburg by locking standards quite young. He was not yet two hundred years, but it has already managed to get on the verge of destruction. During the Second World War, he was virtually destroyed by artillery fire of allies, and work on its restoration came to an end only in 2005. But now the "Dragon Castle" - a popular tourist attraction and architectural monument.

Walking down the halls and corridors of these beautiful buildings, you feel like a guest in a completely different era, and involuntarily looked around as if expecting from the next corner is about to swim out some noble lady and his entourage, or maybe a brave and courageous knight. Visit here - is like a fairy tale to visit!

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