The most beautiful castles of the world

Very interesting and fairytale castles built in the distant past. But some of them have survived to our time and to this day delight us with their views.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany


This fairy tale castle is a historical possession of the Prussian kings and German emperors. It was built in the Middle Ages, in the 11th century, and then was completely destroyed in 1423 and re-restored it in 1461. The castle is located on top of Mount Hohenzollern, about 50 kilometers south of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Castle Howard, England


Despite the fact that the building looks like a castle, Howard is really just a luxury home - a private residence Howard family that lives there for over 300 years. This house is located in the county of North Yorkshire, and is one of the largest residences in the UK. Its construction began in the late 17th century and lasted for about 15 years. The castle is surrounded by fabulous gardens and spacious endless meadows.

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain


Segovia Castle, located in the central part of Spain, originally (in the 12th century) was used as a fortress. Externally Alcazar resembles the bow - a unique feature that sets it apart from other castles. He served as a prototype for the many castles of the films of Walt Disney.

Himeji Castle, Japan


Himeji Castle, also known as the Castle of the White Heron - gorgeous white complex consisting of 83 wooden buildings. One of the most extraordinary defensive elements of the castle is a spiral-shaped maze with lots of dead ends, leading to the main watchtower. The gate and courtyard of the castle built so that incoming people lost there. The castle was built in the 14th century and is located in the Kansai, Japan.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic


Prague Castle - one of the largest and oldest castles in the world, and is a symbol of the capital of the Czech Republic. The castle 570 meters, a width of 130 meters. This building is presented every architectural style of the last thousand years, from the Romanesque to Gothic and Baroque. Construction of the earliest buildings of the complex dates from the early 9th century.

Peles Castle, Romania


Situated in a picturesque location on the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, Peles Castle is a truly fabulous structure. Start of construction dates back to 1873 year. In the construction of the entire complex were involved workers from different countries. Queen Elizabeth of Romania said: "The Italians were masons, Romanians were building terraces, the Roma worked as a laborer. Albanians and Greeks laid stones, Germans and Hungarians were carpenters. Turks fired brick. Designed Poles, stone carvers were Czechs. The French line, and the British were measured ... "presumably involved in the construction workers who speak 14 languages.

Chateau de Chambord, France


It is known that Chambord was only used as a hunting lodge. View from the castle is quite impressive. Interestingly, the location of this castle was chosen by King Francis I, because he wanted to be closer to his beloved lady, Claude Rohan, whose palace was in the neighborhood. The huge castle 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, and 84 staircases. It is the largest castle in the Loire Valley in France.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Castle, reconstruction of which began in 1896, was designed by Christian Yankom commissioned by Bavarian King Ludwig II, who was declared insane before the construction of the castle. That explains a lot. Architecture, location and size of Neuschwanstein are impressive. Located on uneven hill in southwest Bavaria, today the castle is one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Corfe Castle, England


Despite the fact that the ruins - that is all that remains of the castle Corfe, its fortifications still produce a deep impression. Castle located in Dorset Purbeck on the island, was built in the 9th century. However, it is likely that Corfe could be built much earlier, and could serve as a defensive structure in the fight against the Romans. Part of the building, which can be seen today, was rebuilt in the 11th century. Two centuries later the fortress was used as a repository of royal jewels, and as a prison.

Matsumoto Castle. Japan


Wonderful castle Matsumoto is located in Matsumoto near Tokyo. The castle was built in 1504 and is a national treasure of Japan. In the castle lived up to the mid-19th century. In 1868, during the reign of Emperor Meiji, the building was restored. However, due to the insolvency of the new government of Japan, it was decided to demolish the castle and sell wood and iron, from which it was built. In those days, the same fate befell many castles. Matsumoto rescued locals buying it.

Castle dace, Germany


Dace - still one of the great castles of Germany. This stunning medieval building in the southwest of Germany to this day is in the possession of one and the same kind of living here more than 800 years. Currently owns the castle Count Carl von dace, a representative of the 33rd generation of the family.

Eilean Donan, Scotland


Built in the 13th century during the time of the Vikings, today Eilean Donan is one of the most famous sights of Scotland. Probably, the castle was named after Bishop Don came to Scotland in the 6th century. The castle is located on an island, surrounded by the stunning landscape of the northern highlands. The fortress was rebuilt at least 4 times. About 200 years the castle lay in ruins (from the 18th to the 20th century). In 1932, was restored and since then it is open to visitors all over the world.

Castle Neuchatel, Switzerland


The castle, built in the late 10th century, was a gift of Rudolph III, King of Burgundy, his wife. In honor of this generous gift was called the city, the lake, and then the area of ​​Switzerland, where the castle. In the 15th and 17th centuries, the castle was renovated. Today, it is the district administration and the court.

Fortress Gviata, San Marino


Guaita fortress is a symbol of the Italian city of San Marino. The fortress was built in the 11th century. For some time, there is a prison. Guaita is one of three castles of San Marino, located on the three peaks of Monte Titano. These towers are depicted on the national flag of San Marino and its coat of arms.

Conwy Castle, Wales


Conwy is a relief fortress built by Edward I in the 13th century. This castle is one of the main components of the "iron ring" of royal fortresses built in Wales. Construction of the fortress was the most expensive project in the history of Wales and Edward cost 15 thousand pounds.



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