"Ghosts" the Brest Fortress. Past - Present

Photoworks Sergei Larenkova from St. Petersburg. Renowned photographer collage summer 2013 visited the Brest Fortress and that's what eventually turned out the footage and old pictures.

27 photos from here

Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Germans on the bridge Kholmsk.

02. Brest Fortress 1920s-2013. Chelm Bridge before reconstruction.

03. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. German gun PAK-38 is firing Kholmsky gate of the Brest Fortress.

04. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Chelm bridge repairs.

05. Brest Fortress 1930s-2013. Prewar volleyball in the fortress. This picture could be made in other parts of the Ring barracks, most of which did not survive.

06. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Germans have Terespol Gate and barracks 333rd Infantry Regiment.

07. Brest Fortress 1940-2013. Terespol gates and barracks left - 9th Gate of the 17th Red frontier right - 333rd Infantry Regiment.

08. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Terespol Gate from the Bug. Ground level at the gate was half a meter higher than it is now.

09. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. The Germans have Terespol Gate. Well visible difference in altitude ground at the gate then and today.

10. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bronze guards come into the fight with the Nazis against the walls of their outposts.

11. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. German soldiers at the walls of the citadel.

12. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bridge near the triple-arch gate. From the walls of the circular barracks in this place preserved only canned foundation. On the fence of the bridge were bullet holes, which allowed exactly attached at the old photos.

13. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Bridge near the triple-arch gate. Over the bridge and see the restored Cathedral unpreserved wall Ring barracks.

14. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Failure to preserve the three-arch gate. On the right is seen the main monument of the memorial - "Courage."

15. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Triple-arch gate

16. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Captured soldiers at the South Gate of the fortress. Filming had from the thicket, so the quality is not very. A shrub growing the same.

17. Brest Fortress 1941-2013. Captured Soviet officer.



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