Filming a movie about the Brest Fortress

After World War II Brest located and it was defended by the fortress Poles fought back against the tanks of Guderian. It was in mid-September 1939 Garrison then led by General Constantine Plisovsky - he skillfully organized the defense of the fortress, and take it easy the Germans failed.

For three days the garrison represents one German attack after another. Killed nearly half of the defenders when Plisovsky gave the order to sail. The castle remained the volunteers led by the commander of the battalion marching captain Vaclav Radzishevsky. They covered the retreat of the main forces. On the proposal to give the Germans the Poles refused and continued fierce resistance. Fortress fired heavy weapons.

On September 22, Soviet troops entered Brest - 29 armored brigade of the Red Army led by the brigade commander Krivoshein. In the evening, after the artillery barrage to storm the Red Army went. The defenders of the fort Graf Berg managed to knock out of the only remaining guns at them and beat back the Soviet armored car three attacks. After this attempt to suppress the resistance of the brigade commander Krivoshein took 24 and 25 September - and again failed. Poles refused to give up and continued to repel the attacks of the night until September 27, when the case came vnos heavy artillery.

About the history of the second defense of the fortress known journalist Alexei Pivovarov and director Sergei Ivanov is now removed his new documentary feature film entitled "Brest. Fortress heroes ยป.

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September 22, 1939 Brest Fortress of Poland became a Soviet. Germans solemnly handed her parts Krivosheina brigade commander.
By June 1941, the Soviet garrison of the Brest Fortress had about 8,000 people - it was the infantry, artillery units, units of border guards, engineering battalion, and a battalion of the NKVD. These parts and took the first blow of the Germans in the early morning on June 22, 1941 to plan the fortress was to be taken to the twelve hours of the same day. Despite the heavy losses, and the enemy's superiority in manpower and technology organized resistance of the defenders of the Brest Fortress continued for another week - until June 30, when the fascists after the continuous two-day stormed the headquarters of the Citadel and captured people who were in command of the defense - Captain Ivan Zubachov and Regimental Commissar Yefim Fomin (it was issued by one of the prisoners, and immediately shot). After that, the fortress continued resistance of several separate units, not linked to each other. The soldiers fought to the last bullet and died in arms. Witnesses from the local community testified that the shooting was heard in the fortress in August 1941.

About the exploits of the defenders began to speak only in the late 40s. In 1951, the famous battle painter Peter Krivonogov painted "The defenders of the Brest Fortress." However, reliable information about the defense of the fortress almost was not, and this event would remain in a number of other episodes of numerous battles of the first days of the war, if the development of this subject has not begun writer and historian Sergei Smirnov. He found the Defense witnesses, the surviving participants, gathered a large number of documentaries, and in 1957 wrote the novel "The Brest Fortress", which was then the Lenin Prize. Since then, the Brest Fortress became one of the symbols of the Patriotic War of 1941-45.

Alexei Pivovarov put together a very interesting material for his film. The scenario was hard to tear myself away. The text has a lot of unique material - testimonies of people who were defending the fortress, stories about their difficult destiny, that had to be moved to the survivors and captured the defenders of the Brest Fortress.

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