Moscow City - an underground city (24 photos)

As now it looks outside Moscow City is known to many, but this is the underworld is known under the buildings unit.
Let's go down and look at this vast underground city.


So, in the nearest future on the map will be a new branch of Metro - Kalinin-Solntsevo line. From the station "Victory Park" line will be extended to areas Solntsevo and Novo-Peredelkino, and "Victory Park" will be connected to the station "Business Center". Now it is two sided excavation on Kutuzovsky Prospekt to the City.

Now access to the metro station "Victory Park" to a new branch closed metal profile. You have a unique opportunity to see chtozhe is on the other side zagorozhdeniya.

Penetration from the "Victory Park" is carried out as follows: the rock drilled boreholes depth meter. There lays the explosives. Explosion. At meter deep rock collapses and its taken to the vogonetkah on top. So meter by meter under construction metro))

Then go Filevskiy line.

So now it looks outside Moscow City - a small kingdom of skyscrapers. We get down to 30 meters down and find ourselves already in the underworld. Unusually large space. It all looks pretty impressive. We were on the construction of two stations: two are called the Business Centre. One - Kalinin-Solntsevo branches station Victory Park Business Center (opened in 2013), the second - under construction Third interchange circuit (Third loop - this is the second ring of the Moscow metro, which has already started to build). It will be possible to transplant between these two stations. By passing the metro station "Business Center" Third interchange circuit with the transition to "Exhibition" Filevskaya line and access to the "Afimall", it is planned to place additional adits for trading or other public needs.

Passenger stations per day may amount to 340 thousand people a day, in the morning and evening rush hours - 40 thousand people per hour. They promise to lift lifts for people with disabilities. Pass "Business Center" promised in December of this year.



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