Metro plans - then and now

Moscow will soon be 866 years old. During this time the city is changing, and the underground circuit. Each new scheme shows not only the development of the subway, but the peaks and design typical at that age. We suggest you take a look at the history of the metro, which turned almost 80 years.

The first subway line was launched in 1935. But the long-term plan Metro published in "Izvestia" in 1931

The first official map of Metro 1935. As can be seen, Muscovites went to bed quite late and then. Subway worked until one o'clock

On the eve of the war, in 1939, plans for the development of the metro were quite global

The war has made, of course, the inevitable adjustments, but the construction of the subway did not stop then. It was commissioned seven stations. After the end of World War II announced Muscovites familiar to all of us circle line, which was introduced in two stages


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