Dolls of famous personalities

Here is a selection of dolls of famous personalities including: the characters of movies, music stars and many others!

Carlito's Way

Face with a scar. Comes with removable arms, watches, replacement stores and a suitcase of cocaine.

The quality of the figures have a completely different and, above all depends, of course, the price. There are small-scale things done almost manually, and there is the most common consumer goods released huge numbers. Some of them are made so disgusting and clumsy that no signature on the box and can not tell who it really shows. And there are those that looking at pictures of them begins to seem that it is a photo of a living actor, not a toy miniature copies. It is clear that these figures are actually no one plays. The thing is not cheap and is designed for collectors rather than children or teenagers. Sometimes they are presented as a fun gift for a birthday, but the majority of buyers are buying very seriously watch novelties, gaining new and interesting, and after the purchase of put them on the shelf without even opening the factory packaging. So the figures less to lose in price. The average cost of a decent copy of a large party issued (1000 - 5000 pcs.) Is about $ 100. Over time, the price of rare and small-scale specimens can go up to several thousand dollars. Occupation certainly a little strange for an adult, but if you suddenly found a lot of money and you Lichine childhood love dolls and toy soldiers, then why not. Some are made so abruptly that even want to buy.

Mike Tyson

Steven Seagal

Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 2

Bruce Willis is one of the most popular characters for a miniature reproduction

Schwartz Terminator 2

Robert Patrick as the T-1000

Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man

Jean Reno

Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond

Indiana Jones


Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan

Not forgotten heroes of silent film. Charlie Chaplin

In addition to the actors produced figures of musicians.


Michael Jackson

Politicians, too, can be bought in the form of dolls:


If you do not like the GDP, take Stalin)



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