"Aliens" on my balcony

Wash bedding, hung out to dry on the balcony. One pillowcase and forgot to remove it stayed there for a week. Remove, and cleave to it here is:

Six cocoons, six "pots" of clay. One unsealed and in it - a spider. Do not run away, though moves. I leaped past yunnatskoe: barbarously destroyed all the cocoons. Here's what I found in them:

Dofiga spiders, all living and all lingering some. At first thought it was their cocoon and sluggish because underdeveloped. But no equal among spiders - a couple of completely different,

... And a couple more larvae:

... Here everything fell into place. For a week I saw a couple of times, as the balcony fly wasp rider. What is for sure - I will not say, but half of any of the cocoon. And this fine establishment for a week (!) Has built six "pitchers", five of them crammed to the eyeballs spiders (!!!). Wu-vi-Tel yet.

PS: ... especially for lovers of nature: as a result of this experiment, all animals were ruthlessly destroyed. Not on my balcony!

UPD: Everything turned out to be much more interesting! The owner of the "pitcher" - wasp stseliforna. A wasp-rider, I've seen - invader. Generally riders paralyze large insect and bury it in a hole. But sometimes they parasitize nests "relatives." Its ovipositor rider punctures "jugs" and lays its larvae. She eats and spiders, and striker stseliforny. That's the way ...



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