Tips for Weight Loss

Yesterday's post about of what actually makes hamburgers McDonald's inspired us to do a post about useful and proper nutrition. This post will be very useful for people who want to lose weight.

Why is it difficult to lose weight?

Science gives to this question is a scathing answer: most of those who want to lose weight, do not really know how to do it. Well, amateurs, really, always lose. To succeed, start learning! Observe the weight loss tips that have helped millions!

Nutrition Council


Many can not reduce weight simply because they are trying to lose weight handicraft, without knowing scientific axioms. So, research institutions United States spent a total of about $ 1 billion, comparing the effectiveness of different types of diets: low-fat, low-carb and high-protein. It was found that the fastest and most consistent results giving high-protein diet where protein intake is about 40% of dietary energy.

Make a choice!

Although the main source of extra kilos are carbohydrates, they are inescapable. Carbohydrates supply energy to muscles. Deficiency of macronutrients in the diet is guaranteed to lead to a drop in physical strength, endurance and overall poor health. A significant part of the eaten carbohydrates will inevitably turns to fat. It is a law of nature, from which there are no exceptions. However, science has established that the consumption of raw vegetables, fruits, bread from wheat flour and whole-grain cereals, produced from carbohydrates unlike less fat. In addition, this fat is hardly deposited in the abdomen and waist. But bread made from white flour, pasta, mashed potatoes, etc. Have the opposite effect.


The body uses edible fats for energy in a state of physical rest and to form trace amounts of hormones, measured in thousandths of grams. It is clear that you need to eat less fat, or the ones that will be superfluous, as superfluous postponed under the skin. However, the world is a kind of fats that the body is much easier to convert into energy than dense and stubborn animal fats. This omega-3 fats, in other words, fish oil and vegetable oil from olives, peanuts and nuts. Such fats without any risk can be up to 30% of calories. The result is a high performance and increased muscle tone.


Egg yolks are stuffed to the eyeballs "worst" form of fats - cholesterol. However, do not be without this fat. Only cholesterol from the male body is able to synthesize testosterone. What about the threat of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels? This should not be afraid if you consume cholesterol to a minimum. Focusing on vegetable fats, in the morning, eat 4-6 eggs. As proven by science, it does not entail raising blood cholesterol levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


In regions where it grows grapefruit, very few people who are overweight. Why did it happen? Scientists three times a day, half of the volunteers were given a large grapefruit or 300 ml of grapefruit juice. After 3 months of study participants dropped from 2 to 5 kg. However, they did not make in your dietary habits are no restrictions! The mystery is not solved grapefruit. Scientists suggest that it in some unknown way blocks the action of the hormone insulin, fat accumulates under the skin.


The fat-free whole milk contains many bioactive calcium. Such calcium blocks the action of a hormone kaltsitrola that sighting accumulates fat in our waist. Besides spending kaltsitrol prevents fat for energy needs. Useful for weight loss is not only whole milk but also low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt with no sugar.


Apples, especially juicy and flavorful, contains a special kind of polyphenols, which are raising muscle strength and endurance. Those polyphenols, much to the surprise of scientists, directly affect the genes that control the burning of fat accumulated around the waist. Admission concentrated polyphenols from apples in a laboratory experiment led to a marked reduction in waist circumference of volunteers. Scientists believe that regular intake of apples will have a similar effect. Eat a couple of big apple before a workout, and you get no less than 400 mg of polyphenols. With this you will notice a clear increase training intensity! This alone will help you burn more fat!


Hot pepper, red and black, contains 1 substance capsaicin, which increases body temperature. This is because capsaicin increases fat burning at rest. Naturally it allocated more energy, so spicy food usually makes you sweat. The effect is amplified if you zapet heavily peppered steak cup of strong coffee. Want to lose weight? Then, peppering everything and always keep in the fridge ready Tabasco hot sauce.

Be picky!

If you want to treat yourself to steak, choose beef grass-feeding. Western manufacturers deliberately cultivated cattle on grass. Another beef self-respecting restaurants and supermarkets do not accept. The fact that the power of compound feed reduces the content in beef fat omega-3, are there also are 70%. In addition, this beef is almost completely devoid of useful fat CLA, is extremely relevant human hormonal system. (The grass-feeding beef fat CLA over 500%!) Not only that beef produced in industrial compound feeds, dry and tough. This addition has almost no effect, gain physical strength, has made the number one steak dish on the menu athletes of the last century. Beef grass-feeding not only increases muscle tone, but also helps fat loss. Highly fats omega 3 and CLA strongly unwind flywheel utilization of fats in the body.

What to drink?


Green tea, unlike black contains more specific compounds epigalokatehinov. They effectively block those enzymes that interfere with fat burning. For this reason, the green tea extract part of all modern additives fat loss. The extract fat burning is not an example of the compounds is greater than in a cup of green tea. However, green tea is much more useful than plain water. Take it to the gym chilled.


Green and black tea is made from leaves of the plants, but are treated differently. This is the reason why the nature of the green leaves darken. Science has found that black tea is also useful in its own way for those who want to lose weight. This tea reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. By itself, this is a fat-burning hormone. However, in the case of excess stress, the body, fearing to lose all of their fat reserves, includes the protective mechanism of the impact of accumulation of fat in the waist area. To block this effect, after strength training, which is also a stress more drink black tea.

Drink water!

German researchers found that drunk volley 2 cups of cold water make a lump sum to allocate our brain hormone norepinephrine. Due to this, the metabolic rate jumps immediately to 30%! Roughly the same proportion accelerates fat burning.


It is generally known that the liquid and solid food body metabolizes differently. Solid food is digested and therefore longer time to react to many digestive enzymes. Well, the liquid product quickly "flies" through the stomach and therefore starts much less digestive reactions. Thus, the "return" of solid and liquid food is different. Comparing the thick and thin protein cocktails with the same protein, scientists noticed that the thick protein slowly saturates the blood amino acids. This task is better at a liquid protein. But the thick protein shake stimulates more powerful release of hormones that suppress appetite. If you want to lose weight, breed whey and soy thicker.

Do not let yourself fool!

Low-calorie drinks like Diet Coke, will not help you lose weight. Yes, these beverages have sugar, but they still have a sweet taste due sweeteners. The brain does not know how to count calories, but habitually responds to sip sweet diet cola insulin secretion. As you know, this hormone is developing fat deposits under the skin and increases the appetite. What here slimming!

Fitness tips for weight loss

Not all training methods to successfully fight fat. Other methods, on the contrary, it added. Learn to train properly!

Shakes hard!

It would seem that the more repetitions do better. You spend more energy, and the body to make up for the loss, burn more fat. No, it's not so simple. The maximum effect of fat loss have severe malopovtornye sets (3-7 reps). This is due to the fact that these sets are, literally, shock the body. All metabolic processes, including the burning of fat, accelerate, and many hours of training can not come back to normal. As a result, for the same comparative period sets severe burn more fat by half than sets of 10-25 repetitions. The secret is that after the heavy sets you continue to burn fat at rest.

Kacha EASY!

Heavy sets burn more fat, because the process is not interrupted and after the workout. As for the light mnogopovtornyh sets, they produce much higher consumption of calories right on the training, but the effect of exercise ends immediately after its completion. Scientists are advised to remove the double benefit of combining both types of loads. Each movement done through 4 sets: the first 2 sets - heavy, and the rest - mnogopovtornye.

Less rest!

How to set the British scientists, a short rest between sets (30 seconds) doubles the calorie consumption during a training session in comparison with the rest of 3 minutes. Agree, increase energy expenditure by 100% just by reducing the interval of rest between sets - a sensational figure!


In a comparative experiment, the athletes experienced for 2, 5 months, were performed on each workout and 1 Seto in the exercise. Set includes 6-10 repetitions before "refusal" and was complemented by the forced repetitions and retention of static weight. Another group practiced the classical scheme and performed exercises for 3 sets of 6-10 reps, and "failure" was used only in the last set. Weight loss in the first group were much more. Scientists have found that forced repetitions and static hold weight increased secretion of growth hormone (the strongest fat burning hormone) by almost 300%! If you want to lose weight, exercise is not to feel sorry for yourself. Use methods of increasing intensity, called the principle of Weider.

Without competition!

The exercises with free weights, barbells and dumbbells, forced to work a lot more muscle. This is due to the fact that the body is forced to maintain a balance. In the gym, when the body is stabilized, the exercise has aim character and loads only the working muscles. The larger muscles involved in the exercise, the higher power consumption and concomitant fat loss. If you want to lose weight, give up the simulators and power in favor of free weights.

Mind Blowing!

Fast muscle fibers are cut at lightning speed, but it consumes very much energy. Slow muscle fibers consume energy economically and therefore are responsible for endurance. It is understood that the training program, consisting of exercises that require explosive manner, cause to lose weight faster. Select a weight with which you can perform 15-35 repetitions, and then do exercise in 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions extremely fast. The rest of the sets, perform in heavy malopovtornom style.

More negative!

Negative repeats almost incinerate fat. When the three hardest sets of negative reps bench press and squat an increase in the secretion of growth hormone at an incredible 4000%! Each exercise end the negative 3-5 repetitions with the help of a partner or make one final negative set. For this set, choose a weight that exceeds the indicator of your single record of 20%. With a partner, perform with the weight of not less than 5 negative repetitions.


Studies carried out at the beginning of this millennium, confirmed that inspiring emotional music adds to Seto at least 2-3 extra repetitions. Do not confuse this kind of music with loud music "chewing gum", which sounds in the modern fitness clubs. As psychologists say, you ought to select for training the soundtrack favorite catchy melodies. Increasing the intensity of the training automatically means increased fat burning. Aerobic exercise

If you set a goal to lose weight, no aerobics can not do. However, not all types of cardio are equally good. Choose the best aerobics!

Left for later!

When doing cardio? Science has ascertained that the aerobic session, arranged immediately after strength training, it is better to burn fat. Moreover, during the first 15 minutes of this fat burning cardio speed is maximum. This means that during this period the intensity aerobics to be prohibitive. In this case, the fat loss will be particularly great. The effect of aerobics, strength training carried out before, it was minimal.


The old notion that fat is necessary to exhaust lengthy sessions of aerobic-style jogging, proved to be wrong. The fastest excess weight crushes interval cardio when you alternate short periods of desperate sprint and slow recovery run. Although this session only lasts about half an hour and did not have time to spend a lot of energy, it burns more fat for the control period than a long marathon. The answer lies in the effect of "inertia". Interval cardio continues to burn fat even many hours after its completion.


The more powerful your sprints as part of interval cardio, the more fat you will burn. It is clear that the speed of the run to the final 30-minute session inevitably falls. Blame natural at staspurtov on a stationary bike enough to fundamentally change the hormonal metabolism. Such spurts to the limit last no more than 30 seconds and still reduce the secretion of the main "lipogenetic" hormone insulin by 40%! Thus the need for sugar muscle cells increases by at least 25%! Thus, excess sugar in the blood is almost gone. For this reason, and reduced risk of increased body fat. It turns out that for a successful fight against fat residual 2-3 minutes of hard work!

To the top!

To aerobics burn fat, your heart rate should be at least 80% of its maximum age. MP is calculated using the formula 220 minus age in years.) Do not like a quick run? Meanwhile, the world is a reckless kind of physical activity, which is almost does not tire the mind, but is accompanied by a furious heartbeat. This rock climbing. Look for his home town club of enthusiasts of the sport. There certainly has a special simulator. A half-hour training session will take place unnoticed, but will burn at least 500 calories a match for interval cardio.

Beat the first!

If you dislike the sprint running, replace the punching bag. In addition to the Hukam and uppercuts will learn kicks, knees and elbows. Continuously lupite of pear in half an hour. You can burn 400-500 calories a guarantee, and the heart rate probably tipped the scales to the ceiling. Gradually! the more intense your workout, the faster you will burn fat. British researchers found that cyclists overcome distance much faster if every 7-8 minutes, make a couple of sips of isotonic solution. By performing strength exercises, every 10 minutes, drink a sports drink 80-120 grams. This is guaranteed to increase your stamina and adds unnecessary repetitions. The training intensity will increase, and with it will increase and consumption of fat.

Get up!

Doctors in Australia for a long time observed a group of 2,000 men and women who regularly engaged in sports. Each one devoted to training at least 2, 5 hours a week. By making measurements of the waist, the researchers noticed that it is thicker in those who spend every day for 30-45 minutes of TV. Scientists attribute this to the fact that a sitting position, even relatively short, slows metabolism and promotes fat storage. They advise all who lead a sedentary lifestyle, get out of the workplace every 20 minutes and doing stretching movements.

The truth!

A few years ago, nutritionists gave advice to anyone who wants to lose weight, keep a detailed diary with counting calories eaten and fixing progress in weight loss.


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