Excursion to the FN plant in South Carolina

The author visited the factory for the production of machine guns, grenade launchers and other weapons in South Carolina and made a small photo that we show you today.

There are going to FNS pistols

Very fresh, piping hot. Without any trace of use. Yes, even in the shop, it does not look so new. By the way, fun location seriynika. In some models, it is located on a separate part of the gun, and the frame - so, Consumable. And even kits sold - frame shorter and longer. Well shutter + trunk itself. The trick here is that it is reversible module USM and is considered under US law weapon. Everything else - so ordinary kit. Not regulated in any way.

So, where were we there? Oh yeah ... and here it is going to practically legendary SCAR (well, at least in toys is exactly ubervaffe). It is not completely localized, only a portion of the items for it, is in fact in the United States. That's the way the box machine guns. Awesome look even unassembled.

In addition to the production, there are the boys and their small muzeychik, the achievements of past years, so to speak. The unique Walk of Fame. And the mass of the samples is very, very successful was his age. He also owned and Winchester ... so do not be surprised at the presence of windows Lever.


Source: www.thetruthaboutguns.com


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