Yerevan. Brandy Factory "Noah"

One of the main points of the program was planned inspection visit to Yerevan Brandy Factory.
In Yerevan, there are two major cognac plant - "Ararat" and "Noah." Previously, it was one big company after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent privatization came two rival factory located opposite each other on opposite banks of the river.
Let us together will visit the plant, which produces noble drink cognac.

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2. Our trip to Armenia fell on the day of the Christmas holidays. Many institutions and organizations in Yerevan these days not worked. Reliable information on the operation of the plant "Ararat" was almost nowhere to get on the answering machine was reported that from 1 until January 7, the tour did not take place.
Return plane tickets have been taken on January 8, so the last chance to visit was the morning before departure. In the morning on the phone with an answering machine we talked again, but we decided not to give up and carry out reconnaissance.

3. The taxi stopped near the entrance of the Yerevan Brandy Factory «Ararat».

Yerevan Brandy Factory - the largest company for the production of Armenian brandy. In 1998 the plant was privatized, it became the masters of the French, they got right to the most well-known brands, including the "Ararat" and is very closely monitoring the quality cognacs. By the way, the company Pernod Ricard, which owns the Yerevan Brandy Factory, also owns other well-known brands, including whiskey Chivas Regal, Jameson, Ballantine's, rum Havana Club, Gin Beefeater, tequila Olmeca, vodka Absolut, cognac Martell, liquor Malibu, champagne Mumm and Perrier Jouet - it all brands companies.

4. Log in to the city is a few hundred meters from the entrance.

Alas, the guard, came out to meet us, he told us that the tour has not yet been carried out. Very strange and ill-considered decision, given that it is the New Year holidays in Armenia comes a lot of tourists, and residents have more time to visit with a tour of the plant.

5. do not despair, we have a backup plan - located opposite the Yerevan Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory Ararat, he's plant "Noah." We go there, good to go very far.

View from the "Ararat" to "Noah."

6. The historical birthplace of Armenian brandy.

7. The front sign factory "Noah." On this side of the entrance there is no need to go to the left.

8. We arrived on time, half an hour prior to the tour.

9. Wait for the tour may be at the entrance or in the company shop.

10. Finally, we come to the territory of the cognac plant.

11. In the area you can see a combination of old and new. In principle, you can walk, very nice.

12. billboards. The plant has a proud history, and have something to be proud of. This is what we learn later.

13. That these machines carry the brandy - the raw material for brandy.

14. Guns are reminiscent of the past.

15. Tanks, tanks, cisterns. We pass and get into the museum.

16. The history of wine-making in Armenia has traditionally begin with the story set forth Noah, who brought the holy Mount Ararat is not only family and "pair of every creature" and vine. Yes, Noah was the first winemaker, by chance the plant bears his name.

17. The first brandy production in Armenia was organized at the winery, which is located in Yerevan, the former Erivan fortress, built in the 16th century by the Persians. In the early 19th century fortress took Russian troops.

Interesting fact: it is in Erivan fortress by the author to put a AS Griboyedov's "Woe from Wit". The role played by the military.

18. In 1853 there was a strong earthquake, which destroyed fortress.
In 1865, the territory of the ruined fortress acquired Armenian merchant Nerses Tairyants, he also founded the first winery, and then, in 1887, and a line for the production of cognac. Brandy production was carried out by French technology, and the first brandy called in the French manner "Fine Champagne».


19. In 1898, the plant was leased to the Russian manufacturer Nikolai Shustov, who a year later bought the mill from the former owner.

20. It is linked to the flourishing Shustov cognac production. The equipment, compounding and technology has been invested a lot of money.
The first oak barrels were purchased directly in France, managers were trained on the French enterprises and introduced Yerevan all the achievements.

The favorable climate of the Ararat valley and grapes grown here is very good impact on the final result. Shustov became purveyor to the court of His Imperial Majesty. Now, this tradition is reborn: an agreement on the supply of local brandy in the Kremlin, the story made a complete turn.

21. On the highest quality beverage tells the following story: in 1900, product samples were sent to the exhibition in Paris, on the bottles did not specify where and by whom was produced content. As a result, the "blind test" samples received the Grand Prix. And then it was announced that the production of the plant is Shustov. And although the rules of the word "cognac" can be called the drink produced in the French province of the same name, Shustov was officially allowed to call their products is brandy.

22. Shustov was a great marketer. To promote cognac was used extraordinary scheme. The best restaurants in Europe came smartly dressed young people, ordered expensive gourmet dishes, as well as a beverage demanded Shustov's brandy. When the brandy is not proved, the young people left. These events have caused a lot of discussions, restaurant owners interested in production Shustov.

In addition to the previously produced cognac and other drinks, such as Madeira.

23. After the revolution, the factory was nationalized, the production of cognac was continued and developed the efforts of talented engineers. The plant expanded, Armenian brandy was highly regarded in the Soviet Union, and even beyond.

These bottles of Madeira were hidden before the revolution, their newly discovered during the renovation.

Perhaps the most famous story of Armenian brandy associated with Stalin.
During the Yalta Conference, the Allied Powers in 1945 Stalin treated brandy British Prime Minister. Sir Churchill was a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, but he noted that the great cognac. Since then, every month Churchill sent a box of 50-degree cognac "Dvin". One prime discovered that the brandy has lost its former flavor. He expressed his displeasure to Stalin. It turned out that the master Margar Setrakian, who was involved in blending brandy, was exiled to Siberia. On Stalin's orders, he was returned, reinstated in the party and in the office, provided flat. Since then, Churchill again became the favorite to receive Armenian cognac, later chief technologist Sedrakyan was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. So cognac saved the man's life.

24. Following the collapse of the USSR the plant was in a derelict state. In 2002 it was bought by Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan. The plant at the time had to be restored, about this period pictures tell "was - was."

25. At the opening of the regenerated plant president arrived in Armenia.

26. Today, the plant produces cognacs of different brands.

27. The windows exhibited products plant "Noah." Some cognacs are aged 25 years or more.

28. The factory cherish the bottles were on the top of Ararat. Armenian mountaineers took with them seven bottles of brandy, drank at the top five, the others were brought to the factory.

29. Cognac Kremlin comes in specially designed bottles, the design of which was created based on the Kremlin stars. This cognac is officially delivered at a reception in Moscow.

30. On the tour.

31. Interesting fact: not so long ago in Yerevan started the production of kosher brandy. All stages of production are controlled by the Jews of the cognac.

32. Kosher Certificate.

33. In individual showcases numerous awards. This is not all.

34. Several stands are devoted to famous visitors to the factory. For example, the corner of Gorky with his famous quote in narrow circles.

35. Cognac dedicated Chubais.

36. Go to the warehouse. On the ground floor visitors are greeted with cognac casks laid in honor of famous people.

37. On the other hand are not as famous barrels.

38. Previously, the plant except the brandy made of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Now nothing but cognac pledge, but the old stock remains.

39. Pre-Revolutionary barrels.

40. Go down the elevator to three floors down in the basement of the plant. Here are stored the oldest stocks. Wine barrels considerably more brandy.

41. Autographs visitors to the barrels. Previously, it was practiced, now we have not offered.

42. The volume of stocks inspires respect.

43. To ensure that the barrels are not knocked the wall, they strengthen with the help of braces here. They say that there are few surviving fragments of the walls of the very fortress of Erivan.

44. Here is the entrance to the many kilometers of underground tunnels. Before them on donkeys delivered grapes harvested in the area.

45. It is interesting that in these barrels? If you take a tour and tasting, you can not only get the answer to this question, but also taste it.

46. ​​Madera 1924. Very decent, there are many flavors. Separate charm attached to the atmosphere in which had the opportunity to taste so ancient drink.

47. Breakfast tourists.

48. Go to the elevator and climb up.

49. The main warehouse of cognacs we pass by. Barrels and barrels. Just a lot of them.

50. In the tasting room, we are taught to drink brandy. Try cognac ten- and twenty-year exposure. Delicious. Cognac is really different.
Experts say that the age of cognac, you can check a little vzboltnuv hand, so that the cognac was dry on the walls of the glass. The older cognac, the longer it will drain his footprints on the walls, one second corresponds to one year of aging. The experiment showed that the samples provided by the statement is executed.

To determine the real cognac or not, you need to drop it on your palm, rub, wait until the droplets dry out and pat. If palm stick to one another, the brandy is added sugar, this is unacceptable.

51. From the tasting room came in very high spirits and, of course, immediately went to the company store. The best souvenir brought from Yerevan - a real cognac.

Attention! Authorized to carry no more than 2 liters per person, however, none of us did not check. Cognac, bought duty-free in the standings is not, but there it is more expensive than at the factory or in large supermarkets.

52. At a meeting with friends, we arrived merry and cheerful.

Will Yerevan, certainly had an excursion to the brandy factory.



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