In the wine cellars of Yerevan

In the wine store of Yerevan wine-vodka-cognac factory "Noy" (ex. Shustov Brandy Factory). Winemakers in 1967 did not know that the Soviet Union seemed unshakable fins stick together after twenty-four years, and disappear without a trace. However, Madeira 1967 harvest until the touch, cherish.

On this site stood the Persian fortress of Erivan, which in 1827 took the Russian troops led by General Paskevich - while Russia struggled for the liberation of Transcaucasia from the Persian and Ottoman rule. Russian fortress repulsed the Persians, and in 1828 all the Erivan khanate departed Russia. Interestingly, shortly after the capture of the fortress, the Russian officers staged here one of the first performances of the play Griboyedov's "Woe from Wit" - in the presence of the author.

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In 1853, a powerful earthquake destroyed the fortress and the place where she was standing, was bought by a merchant of the first guild Nerses Tairyants. He built the winery, which began to produce wine and vodka. Then things went wrong at Tairyants and its production has been purchased by commercial and industrial company "Nikolai Shustov and Sons". Since then, in fact, it began the glory of famous Shustov cognacs that have been found even in France.

Now the former Shustov's company competes with Brandy Factory "Ararat" - in the same production of Armenian brandy, which is located in Yerevan, exactly in front of the plant "Noah."

After the splendor of Rémy Martin cellar is hardly surprising little scales of production in Yerevan. However, the smell is the same - the pungent aroma of wine, mixed with the smell of oak barrels.

There and here such incidents - this barrel "sealed" in honor of the son of the Belarusian President Lukashenko. Promising to open it on the day of the wedding of Nicholas Lukashenko, a few cunning Armenians - anyone who knows the process of aging cognac, knows that he is in the store all the time in motion - cognac in cask evaporates (the so-called "angels' share") and all topped the time. Therefore, in the storage drums never close seals - any barrel can be opened to pour the liquid into it from other drums.

Wine cellars of the plant located underground. In this place, where there are huge containers of wine, you can see and touch what's left of one of the Erivan fortress of the XVI century. Right - the fortress wall, survived the quake.

Next to the barrels, which at the top, open the door and you find yourself in a very surprising - in a time when there was a fortress, underground tunnels were dug secret - this one goes in the direction of what is now the American Embassy located at nine kilometers. There is another, shorter, seven kilometers. They say that when there established brandy production, underground tunnels used to transport them grapes harvested in vineyards in the neighborhood. To gather the grapes are not lost in the heat of his qualities, he was transported on donkeys at once dug underground tunnels.

Learn to identify how many of brandy poured in a standard glass - usually taken to pour 50 grams and if the liquid from the provisions of the side glass does not flow, it is poured into the same "fifty dollars."

The hosts treated Madeira 1924 harvest. Madeira, like Madeira, nothing special, but the knowledge that inspires the drink 87 years.

P.S. In Yerevan gradually gather Russian football fans. Everyone is waiting for the Saturday meeting and make predictions of who wins. Armenians, of course, confident of victory. It is a pity that we did not watch the game on the famous 70,000th "Hrazdan", which, as they say, there is no UEFA license, and on a small, only 15 million, the national stadium.



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