Useful Chamber of Armenian dutyfree

Author returned from Yerevan and talks about the acquisition. The fact that the departure from Yerevan to "dyuti-free" for some reason sold automatic dummy cameras for funny money (in rubles something around 300). The camera is powered by two AA batteries - in a sense, respond to something (I do not understand what), and if nearby there is life, then buzz revolves on the leg from side to side and blinks red diodikom. Optics her, of course not, because dummy. But it looks very funny. It is unclear why its offer to buy the passenger before boarding the plane. I bought it without a second thought:

But then it turned out that our friendly places Kompashki issued in the last row in the toilet. Options no choice. Everything was predetermined not by us. And who would be in my place anyway? Going to the toilet, I started by installing the device in the slot next to the mirror napkin over the washstand. The camera was buzzing, flashing lights and hovered, curiously looking around the room is narrow, and his only visitor:

The experimental results surprised even me. Passengers (and especially the passenger) out of the toilet hushed, depressed and with a very peculiar individuals. On their faces was a particular expression, which is the most suitable word responsibility. Or, if you will, the world's grief and the importance of the moment. If they just made a speech in front of Levitan peoples of the Soviet Union to attack the Nazi invaders, or were casting for the lead role in the movie "The King's Speech." Everything went silent and serious, and he returned to his seat, began the indignant whisper to tell neighbors about lawlessness carrier. Indignantly, but a whisper. Because we need.

People also understand that time is in the toilet camera - so not just because, but for the case. No one is not surprised when at the airport and forced to withdraw slippers belt and run in plastic socks, briefs supporting decaying. It's okay already, right? Or, say, if you depart from Yerevan twice we fingerprinted - once at passport control, other times - at the entrance to the plane. Too, no one was surprised. Well, who would be surprised after this camera in the toilet? Once installed, it means that it is necessary. Probably to not smoke. Or in order to avoid violations.

People were different: adults, children, youth, business woman, girl, well-dressed gray noble old, reminiscent of the famous Armenian conductors ... Only in the second ten visitors there was one guy who picked up the spirit and asked the stewards with what is still the aim sralnike aircraft in video surveillance? He did it, I thought, is not quite on its own initiative, but simply trolley with food, blocking passage firmly blocked Man released at an impasse where the toilet and storage room stewards, and here he had a minute to exchange a few words with the employee board. Steward surprised dived into the booth to learn sortirny question and soon came out, holding a device.

Send me the time to explain: I took from the hands of stunned device steward, explained that the camera is not present, the device is put away and promised to finish this joke. Joke-we finished, but the surprise left: looks like a modern airport can work with the current occupant in general anything, though gum cowards shoot, though the camera to put the toilet, and the passenger will be obedient and take it for granted. Said - then you need to.



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