Armenian squatter

"The real Armenian should plant a tree, raise a son and attach to his apartment on
outskirts of Yerevan home. "Once the Soviet neat quarters five-story building on the outskirts of Yerevan
It is now more closely resemble the slums of Shanghai. Unauthorized construction has reached such proportions,
that sometimes it is impossible to go from one house to another, and the houses themselves is simply not seen for
outbuildings. Houses acquire new bathrooms, roofs, new floors, and in the courts
all the free space being built garages and outbuildings.

A typical example. The left is a typical Soviet five-storey building. To the right was attached to her garage, and new premises. Area has almost doubled.

Sometimes the original building just can not see! Its all sides build up new premises.

Where construction is in full swing.

All available space in the courtyard as possible, too built up.

There have already started to mount valves soon on this facade will be an extension.


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