As the oil is transformed into wine (26 photos)

One blogger has visited an amazing place that is not far from Azerbaijani Ganja city in the foothills.

built by the Germans left a half-century ago, the village - Elendorf. The word Gastarbeiter, born in Germany fifty years ago, in fact, could emerge much earlier: after a few centuries ago, not the Turks went to Germany to work, and the Germans went to Russia to survive. We drove to the outskirts of the empire, to the Caucasus, where they lived, worked, built, died and left through many generations back. Germans - the people are rational. On the new lands they cultivated what has been the most profitable. In the Volga region - bread. And in the Caucasus, among other things, and grapes.

And how to grow grapes and make wine from it? That is why the Germans have built 150 years ago by Ganja winery, which is now called Huck-kelsky named mountain lake, located nearby. Plane tree whose trunk is seen in the photo, planted at the same time.

This building - a superstructure over the most important and most expensive - over wine cellars.

But the grape begins to turn into wine is not in the basements, but right here, at the receiving point. Raises the blinds and falls out of the hopper grapes harvested in the surrounding fields.


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