Traitors or happy people (19 pics + 1 video)

Writes one Russian, who moved with his wife to the United States. And he tells how he now began to live.

A year ago, my wife and I left Russia for me last year was perhaps the most interesting and happy life. During the year we have five times moved, lived the first six months in the heart of Vancouver, and then moved to the piece. Washington, in the village of Redmond. At Microsoft, I have the most interesting job of my career and salary, which allows not to think about money. My voluntary retirement savings 401 (k) for the shortest possible time exceeded the retirement savings in Russia, which were selected by the government to force all the previous years. As corny as it sounds, but today I have a feeling that my future - in my hands, while in Russia it was the constant feeling of uncertainty. I have no desire to go back. On the contrary, any short chat with the realities of the motherland quickly dispels any hint of nostalgia. From the metropolis to the countryside about life in Vancouver have the most pleasant memories. As it turned out, there is a very easy way to check how much you like a certain period in life. Put a new tune on the alarm clock, and a month later the old listen. About Vancouver I wrote a lot (Ванкувер) - a beautiful, well-maintained and modern city, which is not for nothing is on top of the rankings for quality of life. But expensive and very high taxes, so it is necessary to come to the already rich, or very young - there is a great nightlife and stunning University. Ambulance, fire and police without exaggeration come for 3 minutes. However, the reverse side - the constant noise from the sirens and walked youth, from which I woke up three times a night. Therefore, after the next move we decided to live in a quiet village and yet were quite. Repeat favorite photos:


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