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The structure of the industry is in Novosibirsk atypical for Russia as a whole. Due to the fact that the region is characterized by non-raw material economy and the most developed services sector, there are no city-forming enterprise giants. However, Novosibirsk is a major industrial center in Siberia: the territory of the city is located about 200 large and medium-sized enterprises, and the main industry is machine building, electric power, metallurgy, defense and food industry

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Engineering company specializing in the production of turbine generators, hydro-generators and electric motors.

3. The territory of the plant - 35 ha

4. For half a century the activity of NGOs "ELSIB" of turbo- and hydro has equipped more than 700 plants in various parts of the world.

5. More than 60 thousand large electric machines produced in ELSIB, working in different industries 52 countries.
Of these, 580 turbo generators with a total capacity of 50 million kw working on 181 stations RF

6. About 30% of the installed generation capacity in the Russian power generators account for the NGO "ELSIB".

7. At present the main export markets for the company are: CIS, China, India and the Middle East.

8. Obmotchitsa for the machine

9. In December 2008 the Government of the Russian Federation, including "ELSIB" in the List of the backbone organizations having strategic importance.


11. "ELSIB" employs about 1,900 people


13. JSC "Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant" ("NPCC»)
One of the world's leading producers of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants and research reactors in Russia and abroad. Included in the Fuel Company "TVEL" State Corporation "Rosatom".

14. The NCCP is the only Russian manufacturer of lithium metal and its salts.

15. The plot of manufacturing of uranium pellets
In the foreground are seen bicones, which houses the uranium dioxide powder.
In them the mixing powder and a plasticizer, which allows better compacted tablet.

16. Tablets nuclear ceramic fuel
One tablet weighing 4, 5 g of energy release is equivalent to 400 kg of coal, 360 cubic meters. m or 350 kg of gas oil.

17. Technical control of nuclear ceramic fuel pellets

18. Filling of zirconium tubes uranium dioxide pellets. The result is a ready-made fuel rods around 4 m in length - the fuel elements.
Because of the fuel elements already collected FA, in other words, nuclear fuel.

19. The fuel for nuclear power plants produced in the NCCP, used in Russian nuclear power plants and supplied to Ukraine, Bulgaria, China, India and Iran.

20. JSC "Novosibirsk Metallurgical Works named after Kuzmin»
The only producer of the Urals, with a broad specialization of production sheet metal, pipes of various diameters, profiles and cold-rolled strip.

21. The territory of the plant is 80 hectares

22.Zavod them. Kuzmin is now incomplete cycle of metallurgical (steelmaking missing) and only works on imported billet - slabs, coming mainly from the steel mills of the West Siberian and Ural regions.

23. In 2012, the company was purchased and installed a modern coil slitting line.
The new equipment allows you to move and cut the rolls of metal, but it is no longer necessary stage of hot rolled

24. The company produces steel, which is the most widely used in engineering, housing and economic complex, furniture manufacturing, aviation, rocketry, and in other areas. The geography of deliveries - the regions of Siberia and the Far East.

25. "Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant (NAZ) them. VP Chkalov "(" Chkalovsky plant »)
One of the largest enterprises in Russia Aircraft Manufacturing, part of the company "Sukhoi".
In the early 90's the factory started the development of multipurpose aircraft SU-34 complex.
Since 2006, the start of serial delivery of these machines in the Russian Air Force.

26. The Su-34 is capable of speeds of up to 1, 9 thousand kilometers per hour to fly a distance of 4,000 kilometers.
Combat radius of the machine is 1, 1 thousand kilometers.
Bomber armed with 30-millimeter cannon and has 12 suspension points for the attachment of weapons total weight up to 8 tons

27. Western analysts still can not classify this plane.
It is called the "multi-purpose fighter", the "fighter-bomber."

28. In March 2012, a contract was signed for the supply of 92 Russian Air Force Su-34 before the end of 2020
This is an additional contract to contract 2008 on the supply of 32 Su-34.

29. In addition to the implementation of the state defense order in 2004, the company, together with Russian and foreign partners, is working on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSj-100) - the new Russian regional aircraft.

30. The plant manufactures the nose and tail sections of fuselages and horizontal and vertical tail.

31. Fitter

32. carcass cockpit

33. "Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant» (JSC «NARP»)
Engaged in repair and maintenance of all modifications of the Mi-8/17, Mi-24, Mi-26, as well as their systems and assemblies. Since 2012, it is a holding company "Russian Helicopters".

34. The plant provides warranty service during the overhaul period and additional service, providing spare parts and components, and more.

35. For half a century now been repaired more than 6, 5 thousand different helicopters.
The plant has an extensive network of service and repair of helicopters "Mi" brand abroad - in Colombia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Kyrgyzstan.

36. Novosibirsk electric locomotive plant (NERZ)
The plant, which produces electric repair for the needs of railways of Russia.

37. The plant repairs electric ChS2, CHS4T, CHS8, VL60, EP1.
Over 60 years of work at the plant was renovated and restored in 2253 and 8000 electric locomotives.

38. Novosibirsk Switch Plant
Affiliated associate Open Joint Stock Company Russian Railways.

39. The plant specializes in the production of products for the rail arrow trunk and access roads, and mining metallurgical plants, coal mines and mines, as well as for tramways and subways

40. The product range of the plant is more than 300 names



43. Production Association "Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant»
It is Russia's largest manufacturer of portable devices surveillance and reconnaissance, which are in service in the Russian Army.

44. Produces day sights, night sights with EOPami 0th, 2nd, 3rd generation, thermal imaging equipment, laser range finders, telescopes and measuring instruments for industrial use. Supplier of sights and observation devices for the Russian army and other security agencies, as well as for export.

45. Devices passed the state tests and taken into service. All products are manufactured under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

46. ​​JSC "Tyazhstankogidropress»
Plant for the production of heavy machine tools special, profiles of aluminum, shaft lining mechanized, specialized hydraulic presses, baling, for the production of bricks, nail machines, machine tools.

47. The main areas of the plant are: the production of forgings by forging, steel production, the production of aluminum profiles, performance machining, metal fabrication, and others.

48. "Siblitmash»
Today, the only company in Russia, specializing in foundry engineering.

49. Over the past 10 years, mastered the production: equipment for coke batteries; equipment for the exploitation of oil and gas wells; pnevmoproboyniki and complete equipment for trenchless laying of communications in the ground; tubing for tunneling and underground mines.

50. Foundry provides production of gray iron castings weighing from 1 kg to 15 tons.

51. To meet the needs of the city plant supplies plate "eternal" tram crossings and shaped cast fences lawn.

52. Siberian electrothermal equipment plant JSC "Sibelektroterm»
It is one of the largest enterprises specialized in the production of electrothermal equipment in Russia and CIS countries. The geography of deliveries of equipment with the trademark "Sibelektroterm" for the period of work spanned over 32 countries.

53. Novosibirsk tool factory (NIH)
The largest Russian engineering company for the production of hand tools.

54. Production of the plant: wrenches (including shofёrskih set), pliers, wire cutters, hammers, sledge hammers, chisels, chisels, drill chucks for drills and keys to them, clutches and other tools.

55. Quarry Mochishe relating to Mochischenskomu gravel plants
The main activity of the company is the production of rubble two fractions (25-60 mm and 5-25 mm). The raw material for the production of crushed stone is a high granite.

56. The field "Borok" is operated company "mining companies».
Products from the quarry "Borok" is used in the construction and improvement of Novosibirsk. Boroksky crushed stone used in the construction of the October bridge and residential complex in Akademgorodok, Bolshevik street reconstruction, construction Ippodromskaya highway Novosibirsk subway runway airport Tolmachevo, etc.

57. "Plant Screen»
The company is a leader among manufacturers of glass containers in the territory from the Urals to the Far East.

58. The assortment of the plant up bottles from colorless glass with capacity of 0, 25 liters to 1 liter for bottling of alcoholic beverages, beer and carbonated soft drinks; jars for juices, sauces and other canned products capacity from 0, 25 to 3 liters; brown glass bottle.

59. A drop of red-hot molten glass supplied to the forming machines, which carried out molding products.

60. Plant "Screen" produces 620 million. Pcs. glass bottles a year.

61. Plant "Noringa" ("Clean Water»)
The largest plant for the production of bottled water in the CIS.

62. Company "Clean Water". Founded in Novosibirsk in 1998. It has the largest complex in Russia and Europe in the sector of the production and delivery of pure bottled water.

63. The source of the water are artesian wells. The depth of the wells on the territory of the Novosibirsk industrial complex - 120 m. The well belongs to the Paleozoic horizon.

64. Today, the company's products are represented in more than 10 regions of Russia. The quality of the water and the level of organization of the production company is a leader not only in Russia but also abroad

65. Since February 2010, the Company's products Pure water has a new name - Noringa. According to legend, Noringa - a bird that helped our ancestors to find in the forests of springs with crystal clear water.

66. And finally, on the Novosibirsk Energy:
Novosibirsk TPP-5 is one of the largest thermal power plants of the Russian Federation.

67. The installed electrical capacity of the plant is 1,200 MW.
The total installed heat capacity of 2,730 Gcal / h.

68. Three 80-meter tower station

69. Novosibirsk CHP-3
Electrical power station - 499, 5 MW and thermal capacity - 1441 Gcal / h

70. Novosibirsk TPP-2
One of the oldest thermal power station of the city. It was commissioned in 1935.
Electric power plant - 345 MW, thermal power - 950 Gcal / h

71. Novosibirsk GES
Power HPP - 455 MW and average annual production - 1.687 billion kWh.
HPS is 20 th in power in Russia, and a 20% share in the urban grid.



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