The most interesting monuments of Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk, despite his young age, is very rich in interesting sights, in particular - for unusual monuments that are on par with the historical architectural objects, won the love and popularity of residents and visitors alike.

The most interesting monument of Novosibirsk, dedicated to the Serpent and Dragon Koscheyu Immortal, located in a small park on Kirov Street, near metro October. He is a rock located in the middle of the unfinished fountain at the foot of which sits on a throne in a combat Koschey chainmail, and behind him stands a huge Dragon.

Monument "Photo memory" is on Memory Alley call on the street. Refrigeration. Earlier this street is the main recruiting office in Novosibirsk, in whose honor and was organized by the project. Sculpture "Memory photo" shows a photographer shooting a conscript with the girl.

Monument "Farewell" - another group of sculptures adorning the Valley of the call memory. It is a figure of two young men who sit on the bench and holding hands.

This series is the sculpture "Dancing Couple", located at the end of the alley

In Novosibirsk, even has its Leaning Tower height of two and a half meters. It was installed in the park on the street of Kirov in 2011, which was the year of Italy in Russia.

Monument "The Throne" is a high metal chair on wheels, which is decorated with little people and helmet covering his head sitting. Previously, he was in Omsk, but in 2001 he emigrated to Novosibirsk on the street of deputy.

Fragment throne

On the porch of the veterinary clinic on the street Stanislavsky set figure sitting Dr. Dr. Dolittle, who is holding one of his furry patients

On the opposite side of the fountain behind them intently watching pike with golden egg in his mouth

In the same square on the boulder stood with open mouth tiger set owners nearest cafe. The passage is open to the sculpture and, judging by the well-trodden path to it, it is very popular.

"Monument to the first traffic light," also known as "policeman" or "Monument to the first traffic cop" - another famous monument of Novosibirsk, located in the city center at the intersection of Sibrevkoma and Serebrennikovskoy.

Sculpture as sentry, welcoming light, was opened in 2006 and was the first monument in Russia, dedicated to the subject. The place where a monument, not chosen by chance - in the 1940s, there really was one of the first urban traffic.

Monument "buyer and seller" was inaugurated on June 26, 2011 on the birthday of the city of Novosibirsk. Sculptural composition installed at the intersection of Krylov and Kamenska, the main entrance to the "Central Market". Sculptor Edward Dobrovolsky, who created this unusual monument, approached his work with humor: while saleswoman man offers to buy seeds and flowers, dog deftly steals his bag of sausages. This fun and life sculpture makes every passerby to stop to take a closer look this frozen moment.

Monument toast "Kiss" is in the courtyard of one of the restaurants on the Red prospectus. He is a figure of a woman and a man, merged in a kiss. The author of the monument, the famous sculptor Alexander Krutikov, painted their bodies in the form of eight, which may symbolize infinity.

Monument to first date, showing Man with flowers and girl who closes his eyes, and is located in a park not far from public scientific and technical library.

Novosibirsk has something to surprise, not only guests, but even the locals, most importantly, to look carefully at the sides when walking, and you can see interesting everywhere.



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