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In recent decades, it appeared in Russia a huge amount of original monuments, created both known and novice sculptors. Traveling through the cities of the country, do not forget to look at them. Good mood is guaranteed!

Monument curds «Friendship».

Moscow is this unusual monument to Rustaveli Avenue, near the building of the plant processed cheese "Karat". The monument depicts the heroes of the fable "The Crow and the Fox", together sitting on a stump and holding in the hands of cheese "Friendship". Sam cheese weighs about 250 kg and has the authentic packaging.

Monument finch-Pyzhik. Saint Petersburg It is from this monument began rampant fashion for unusual sculptures. So, we can say finch - a pioneer. It was installed in 1994 on the Fontanka. Naturally, this small bronze bird once overgrown believe. If you make a wish and get into a coin into Siskin, the desire will certainly come true. And if the newlyweds' choknetsya "tied with a glass beak Siskin, the family will be happy.

Many monuments dedicated to housing and public utilities, such as a monument to "Stepanych Plumber" in Omsk. Cast-iron plumber Stepanovich, looking out the hatch on Lubinsky Avenue, became a symbol of the city and a favorite of the townspeople. No wonder many passing by, give Stepanych smoke. This monument - a copy of the monument in Bratislava.

Monument to the water supply. Mytishchi This monument represents the three metal rails, which is crowned with colorful plumbing valves. It was built in honor of the bicentennial of the Mytishchi water supply system. Citizens do not like the monument, called it the monument drunk plumber, the lollipop, the Martian tripod. This does not prevent the monument to be a city landmark.

Monument radiators. Samara This relevance to our climate monument installed in 2005. How do I find Samara researchers radiator battery constructed in Russia, which is immortalized in the 150-year anniversary in such an unusual way. Citizens call this monument as "Monument cat»

There are Russian sites, which are understandable to every Russian man. Bright sample - "Monument pickles", located in the city of Lukhovitsy, Moscow region. This popularly favorite snack was embodied in bronze in 2007, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the city. Interestingly, Lukhovitsy are the main supplier of cucumbers in the markets and shops in the area. So, at the same time polakomtes fresh cucumbers, because the love of cucumbers Russians simply indestructible!

"Monument to happiness." Tomsk This deeply philosophical monument give tourists an easy answer to the difficult question of what is happiness. According to the creators, happiness is not about money or fame, but simple human pleasures - full and warm. And who but the Russians appreciate the simple human feelings!

"Monument Shrek." Important Izhevsk crocodile Gena, spread freely in the posture of the poet on the city bench, raises a smile and improves mood passersby. A monument in the square opposite the 24th school in 2005. There are several versions of how the same way Izhevsk associated with crocodiles. On one of them, there is documentary evidence that in the beginning of the last century from the mobile zoo, touring in Izhevsk, escaped crocodile, which long sought. Perhaps it is a crocodile Gena. Then run the legend that appeared in local rivulets crocodiles. According to another version, armourers Izhevsk got the nickname "crocodile" for the festive clothing brand.

There are Russian and amusing monuments dedicated to all the favorite, famous people. For example, the monument Yevgeny Leonov in the form of associate professor. The monument was unveiled in 2001, it is located in the alley of movie stars in the square at the intersection of streets and Mosfilm streets Pyreva, opposite the "Mosfilm". The most favorite character Yevgeny Leonov from popularly beloved movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" looks very natural. In the hands of Leonova can be considered even tattoos. The very moment of clashes with the prisoners so vividly displayed in bronze, it seems that León says, "I'll tear your mouth apart, morgaly vykoli ...»

Monument Luzhkov-porter. Moscow A monument in the courtyard of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Luzhkov symbolic presented in the form of economic janitor with a broom. Kure janitor holding a broom, which turns into a lantern. Funny looks ragged toe with the thumb and sticking a bunch of garbage at the feet of Luzhkov. The longer looked at the monument, the more ambiguous thoughts and associations arise. The author of the monument - the notorious Zurab Tsereteli.



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