15 monuments that make the world better

Good deeds are beneficial not only for our health, but also on the condition of all mankind. And if you have managed to create something that will infect goodness all around, you can put a monument.

< Website gathered for you the magnificent monuments and sculptures that every day make this world better.

Do not be ashamed of their feelings

Apparently, because the authors thought the 8-meter sculpture of a sailor kissing a nurse. This giant colorful couple established in San Diego, California.

Good little angel

October 12, 2013 there was a sculpture of "St. Petersburg Angel" in the Izmailovo garden. Figurine little angel kind located on one of the benches in the park. He humbly sat down on a bench to rest and wait out the rain fall or the winter snow.

True friends are always ready to help

Crossing rabbits through Iota-channel in Sweden. The sculptures are located on the two banks of the canal, from one side of the rabbits jump, with another - climb, helping each other

memory of odyssey

. In Murmansk is a monument to the cat seed which passed more than 2000 km to return to their owners. Striped more than 6 years to get from Moscow to the capital of the Polar region. The memory of his odyssey is now immortalized in bronze.

Immutable symbol of family values ​​

Touching and simultaneously dynamic family installed a monument in the city of Saransk in 2008. The initiator of the monument has become a large family by the head of Mordovia, expressing the wish to establish immutable symbol of family values, which are the true foundation of society.

Illusion of lightness

In a local park in England is a giant sculpture of a 7-month old baby, which was created by British artist Marc Quinn. It is made of bronze and steel, and rests on the handle of the baby, creating the illusion of ease.


Järnpojke - a monument in the Old Town of Stockholm, depicting a seated boy, hugging his knees. Created by sculptor Liss Eriksson and established in 1967, the monument became the smallest in Sweden: its height is about 15 cm

four-footed hero

. The famous breed dog, which later became known as St. Bernard, at the beginning of the XIX century worked as a lifeguard at the monastery of St. Bernard in Switzerland, located near the dangerous mountain pass, where often there were blizzards. According to legend, Barry rescued 40 people and killed 41-m saved, took him for a wolf.

Family monument 41,403,088

Sculptural composition on a viewing platform in front of Swan Lake in the city of Astrakhan, was opened in the fall of 2013. The monument is a collective image, in which many families can find themselves and their families.

Sausage friendship

This monument is located near one of the city of Novokuznetsk meat shops. The author of the sculptor from Krasnoyarsk Konstantin Zinich, immortalized in bronze episode eating sausages from all over.

Lifeguard rabbits

Remember the story of rescuer hares, which we read about in school? You have the opportunity to see her living embodiment

More to read

in "Muzeon" Art Moscow park. And such a nice monument can be seen at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.

Make Way for Ducklings

Monument ducklings crossing the road, located in Boston's Public Garden. "Make Way for Ducklings" sculpture of bronze Nancy Shen depicts the heroes of the popular children's book by Robert McCloskey. A replica of this sculpture is located in Moscow, in the park near the Novodevichy Convent.

Monument sailor wife

Monument to sailor's wife has been installed in the city-hero of Odessa in 2002. Where else but in the port city, you can see such scenes? Tearful mother and child who tirelessly waves after his father. They try to control yourself and not allow even the thought that he can not return.

Monument benefactor

Monument benefactor Asgat Galimzyanova installed in Kazan. When there was no even the concept of "charity" in the Soviet Union, the people transferred money to orphanages and boarding schools gave the keys to brand new cars. One only buses bought and donated 75 pieces. Jammed into holes padded jacket, worn-out shoes - the money, he almost did not spend. Working carter at the Kazan collective farm market, Asgat Galimzyanov raise cattle in their shed, and used the money to help the needy. His comfortable apartment in the center of the city, he gave the family returned from Kazakhstan.

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