Open letter to the president: NO shopping center construction

Tatiana Reasonable
Moscow, Russian Federation

Open letter
We, the residents of the area Mitino Moscow, demanding to stop the cultural and ecological disaster and stop the construction of a giant commercial facility "Mitino Park" with total area of ​​118 thousand square meters. in the territory, selected by our Landscape Park!

Residents absolutely no need for this place !!! Mitino - one of the busiest shopping areas parish, while under construction are already several stores. We held a rally, collected about 5,000 signatures against the construction, the mountain of complaints filed in all possible and impossible authorities, but we do not hear voices ... Do thousand inhabitants so quieter than the well-known Universal Silencer conscience officials? Is independence of the press (as we have repeatedly appealed to many editions) - it has long become not just a shadow, and ethereal ghostly memory?

Yes, our history contains massacres, destruction of homes, together with the residents, or "accidental" fires monuments. No famous faces in her show-business tycoons and political elite. Does this mean that we oberecheny to silence?
What else must happen so that the public saw a massive offensive in the last islands of greenery in the city? Human health is collapsing, massive allergy and respiratory disease haunt us and our children, but it's not interesting, is not it?

What else has to happen that officials have stopped squandering our cultural heritage? Do we want to look in the eyes of posterity mad greedy barbarians customize mart on-site historical monuments?
It seems very easy to drive people like obedient flock in endless clones of the shopping center and mall, stuffed with an array of standard (and very expensive) entertainment and pumps out a lot of money? Outdoors come fresh ideas, and so prevents govern us, is not it? How else to explain the complete lack of principles (and, alas, impunity) at the signing of obviously illegal documents related to this building?

The history of the project includes an unprecedented number of violations of the law, ignoring the interests of the inhabitants of the area and the absence of the usual sense of the investor. We picked the most interesting questions of the story, the answers to which for mysterious reasons have not yet been received.
1) What a fantastic type of Moscow officials had, in autumn 2012 peredvinuvshis abroad stations located there archaeological monument - 1st Mitinskaya selishte? Maybe they either possessed the gift of telekinesis investor, and moved the monument under the ground in another place by force of will, without any research and excavation? Then let the public will share their skills with such talent necessary to build the underground and open oil fields, and not to sit in quiet offices!

2) Who has made the construction in the buffer zone of monuments of history and culture, in complete contradiction with the General Plan of Moscow? Even moving the monument, Master Plan is not changed, and the area is still fully included in the protected zone in respect of the whole group of monuments of ancient Russia!
3) How is it that the land granted without pay for the right to lease for the construction of the Ice Palace Tretiak, a long time did not bring any income the city, and is now provided on highly concessional terms to a new investor for the construction of 118 thousand square meters. commercial real estate, from which the Ice Palace - only 11 thousand square meters.? Probably 1 billion rubles is unnecessary for the city treasury (and so much is the minimum standard fee - 40% of the cadastral value of land of 2, 5 billion rubles)? This value is about 60%. And investors have only 30% of the market value.

4) How the project has passed the examination, if in violation of the Town Planning Code of the Moscow public hearings on it is not carried out?

5) Who has advised investors to build inter-district shopping center inside the sleeping area without direct access to the Ring Road or any other major highways? Nowhere in the world do not build! Who made the coordination of the transport scheme of such an object?

6) Who is behind a chain of offshore companies, received a building permit? Developer - LLC "Mitino Sports City." «Microlight Trading Limited», Cyprus - 100% owner zatroyschika. Its owners - 80% - is a Czech investor PPF, and who stubbornly disguised as the second party - «Wyalong Limited», and the British Virgin Islands? Whose interests are so carefully hidden? Is this not the lies the answer to all the questions above?

We ask the public and authorities to take control of our consideration of complaints in Tushino district prosecutor's office, the prosecutor's office of Moscow, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office, which sets out in detail all of these (and many others) violations of the law. We demand urgent action to suspend the previously issued construction permits, to conduct an independent examination of all project documentation, to cancel the transfer of the boundaries of the monument of archeology from the site, and return the entire area landscaped park. Only the status of specially protected area can save the land from tyranny and greed of investors. But the construction of the Ice Palace, he did not hurt - but it seems such a facility need only to residents of the area, but who cares about people, when money is at stake ... Or not? To:
The administration of Moscow
Mitino council




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