Serious vulnerability social network inContact!

The largest social network has found a serious vulnerability,
through which attackers could publish any messages on the wall of victims, with no access to their pages.
11 ph via

in greater detail - in a continuation of the post!


I do not know what an idiot this should be, but some users VK became specify this email as a registration on various govnoservisah! Services in principle do not care where to send letters with any advertising fucked * that, so after a while formulaic appeals to buy another pressure cooker began to surface on the walls of different people. Well, after a trick:

1. We are looking for e-mail domain, and mention any service sends emails to the user's wall:


2. Select a sacrifice
3. Do what you want! You can zasrat dull wall can potrallit zhert friends, you can steal your account via the password recovery, you name it! :)

A wave of break-ins pages not long in coming


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