In Moscow, robbed the branch "Sberbank"

The robber took the keys to the castle branch of Sberbank in the south-west of Moscow, and easily carried 58 million rubles.

Branch of Sberbank on the street Maclay unknown night claimed 58 million rubles. In this case, the police alerted by the fact that the doors of the bank branch were not compromised.


 - About 2 nights attacker hit the branch of Sberbank, using the keys - told Life News in law enforcement. - When he came to work that morning, the staff found the lack of separation of cash in the amount of 58 million rubles, and called the police.

In the Moscow police Life News explained that although the offender hit the lens cameras, he had no qualms, opened the door, turn off the alarm and left the bank with a large bag.

 - The attacker took with him the keys to the safe, so the final damage will be installed when delivered duplicates and will be able to open a bank vault, - the press service of the Metropolitan Police. - Currently, the scene is examined.




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