Calling from the "security service Sberbank"

Julia writes in his facebook Zakieva:
A call to the phone. Number hidden.
 - Ale?
Stern voice:
 - Zakieva Julia?
 - Yes.
 - In order to confirm the identity of name the number of your passport.
 - Excuse me, but who I'm talking?
 - Security Savings Bank! Call the number of your passport!
Ofigevayu-2. Sberbank have nothing to do - no maps, no accounts or loans, deposits, mortgages.
 - Is it possible to know the purpose of your call?
 - Security Savings Bank! Call the number of your passport!
I'm beginning to suspect, and since the day I had today naturally Kafkaesque, I decide to continue the conversation.
 - You know, I do not remember the number of the passport, but I have a map with Sberbank. Maybe dictate its data?
At the end of the tube undisguised joy:
 - Security Savings Bank! Dictates!
I dictated exactly 24 digits:
 - Your old phone number
 - Birthday sister
 - The number of my cats
 - 38. I do not know why it happened.
The interviewee, according to pant in the tube, carefully recorded tsiferki pen on parchment. He recorded. And so strictly:
 - On the back of your card there are three figures! Dictate!
I decided to wonder:
 - Why?
 - In order to identify the individual! - Explained to me sternly.
Well, I do not difficult. For example, 369.
Interlocutor jubilant voice said:
 - Zakieva Julia! Your card Savings Bank for two hours may be blocked by the security service!
 - In order to identify the individual? - I asked knowingly.
 - Yes! Do not reply to SMS, do not block the card yourself! After identification, we will call you back and your card will be unlocked! Goodbye! This security service Sberbank!
Well, goodbye. Of course, I just neighing, and then I thought that if my mom got a call - it would be with a probability of 98% would merge their data this "security service". I hope your family know what mobile wiring.
And yes. If the caller - Give my greetings)))



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