Sberbank employee fired for reporting to Twitter (3 photos)

Social-media manager Ekaterina Lobanova Sberbank published in Twitter sberbank joke about pensioners lost her job.

The joke was as follows: "Public life hacking: If chalk to write on the wall of" Savings Bank ", the wall formed a queue of 30 pensioners. Has anyone tried? »

This post appeared in the accounts of the Savings Bank to Twitter and Facebook on August 8 and collected a lot of likes and retweets. Its author - Catherine Lobanov, which is engaged in the activity of the bank in social networks.

After the publication of events developed as follows:

"One of the top managers saw this publication, and he had a desire to dismiss the author of the post in the evening of the same day. At first I managed to defend, but then the decision was changed. »

The bank has already apologized for the outburst employee, so pensioners, such as not to sue the Savings Bank due to the bad joke.

The list of victims of social networks is gradually increasing, and who knows how it will change in the future.

Interview with Ekaterina Lobanova, a former expert on social networks Sberbank, fired on Friday because of the history with a humorous message about Cberbank, queues and pensioners.

- What were your duties in the Savings Bank?

The bank is building our team of service customer care. The objectives of the service was to interact with the bank's customers in social media, help in solving problems, the study of the way the consumer, identifying systemic problems in business processes. My duties included both strategic issues and immediate reaction. The theme of this work is worthy of a book I'm writing already.

- How is the process of harmonization of social networks that appear in the official accounts of the Savings Bank?

This is an internal food bank.

- Do you think the use of humor in SMM - a necessary step to work effectively with your audience? Especially in the structures that are directly associated with the state.

In my opinion, the need for the use of humor. Official accounts of the bank, he was admitted more than once, and jokes about Sberbank we even collected, including with the help of our communities.

- When the post this tweet, you probably expect that there will be part of the audience that perceive as offensive tweet. And in general, you find it offensive?

This folk humor. Humor - an intellectual ability to notice phenomena in their comic side. Agree, if a person wants to take offense, he does not need much, give a reason. Russian famous for their jokes about the power of vivid characters, anecdotes on current issues. Always in the company of friends, colleagues, we joke, it allows mild rid of negativity. On offended the Russian folklore offered to carry the water.

- Do you think a fair measure of dismissal?

I believe that any employer has the right to terminate the contract with the employee.

- Do not you think that someone deliberately fanning the scandal? Competitors such as?

Nothing of the above, however, it was a difficult situation. I think of the book I'm writing, it will be possible to understand the reasons.

- Do you know about the history of the dismissal of Aeroflot stewardess?

No, it went past me.

- Your dismissal - a well thought-out position of the Savings Bank, or simply fear of leadership against public scandal?

Probably, if the first person takes a decision, its position somehow thought.

- Do you agree with the position of leadership, you must take responsibility for what happened? You feel guilty?

I do not consider myself to blame. With regard to leadership positions, then I'm not going to comment on it.

- What will you do now? Should I look for work? Have any suggestions?

Frankly, there are proposals. I am ready to consider ways of cooperation and open for new beginnings. But first, would like to rest, it was a long and difficult road.

But it seems that the work has found its own.


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