Letter of release: a method to understand the causes of the situations

At some point I realized that I had changed. It seems I'm not quite. Rather, I am, but very cute yourself. The woman she always wanted to be. Deep, but without strain. Operational decisions, but not to the detriment of the result, and taking into account all the original variables. Happy, positive, but not by volitional effort, and quite naturally, from within.

I felt like living on a new level of understanding, and this is not only tiring, but contrary to the fear — inspiring, rising above the ordinary and familiar. And I with all my being aware of what it means to live in joyful anticipation.

When I realized this, I stopped and thought about what actually has changed? The city is the same activity the same way of life consistently close to the desired changes in the environment and in personal life — zero, the enlightenment has not yet been reached. In short, the visible reasons for change do not exist, but they are there.

And only when the usual movement of the hands reached for pen and paper, it hit me! Well, of course! It is in this!

Free writing, pirating or intuitive letter — names are many, but the essence is the one I use in my life for about five years. Turn to him on different occasions and in different forms, but quite haphazard and not regularly. In the last couple of months, unbeknownst to himself, he began to use this tool very actively. With different objectives, duration, technique, but almost every day. For any reason.

Sometimes to relieve the mind, when understood, that the brain is not able to cope with basic tasks. A couple of times — to prepare for a sensitive conversation to understand the true cause of differences, thereby releasing the unnecessary, and often invented emotions.

Globally worked a few stale long-standing problems. From time to time to speed up when the inspiration had to come up in the process. And most of all — just the desire to listen to him, to give his quiet deep voice able to convey the importance that in the daily bustle instantly disappears from sight.

And the more I tried, the more energetic and easier. I felt like in my normal day, current situations are resolved faster and easier. And, it seems, quite effortlessly, come answers to questions of a more subtle order. About the soul and God, karma, predestination and all the rest that accompanies every seeking individual.

Around me, there's an open clean space to life.

Realizing that was the source of my freedom, I was curious — how does it work?


In a nutshell, what the method does

You want to find the answer to any question, to solve the problem (of a different nature: personal, creative, philosophical, social — any). You formulate the question/problem and begin to write.

With time limit or without, on the computer or by hand (details will come later), you simply write whatever comes into your head. Write as fast as I can. Without evaluation, rewriting, validation, relationship identification, correction, reading and other distractions. So fast to not be able to comprehend written. Without shutting down. No effort at all. Without trying to understand.

And after some time get the answer. Bring own hand. A few words or phrases that put everything into its places and often discouraged its obviousness and depth.

In this entire method. So simple and brilliant.

What is the basis of this simplicity? How in the chaos of seemingly random words suddenly there is a piercing clear the most important the answer?

Not finding the explanation for this phenomenon in the Russian sources, I turned to... to the tool. I sat for letter to understand how it functions. The system knows itself. A test of strength. From the trip I returned from basic principles to put into terms.


Why we often can be very difficult to understand the causes of situations?

The problem of our time is not lack of information. The problem is the oversupply and inability to organize. The idea is so chaotic and uncontrolled, and the new information as quickly diverts our attention to know an effort of will to start the sequential process of thinking, the chain passing from one level to another, in search of the right answer becomes an almost impossible task.

Suppose I had a question. I'm starting to consciously think about it. In the first few minutes thinking is on a superficial level, including in the circuit the habitual, reactive thoughts that I operate more often and consistently.

Stereotypical thinking is based. So if I try to consciously think about something, I'm starting my own standard template, which will drive me on the same circle, not letting deep. And since this process is very long and intermediate links is a lot (especially on stale, long-term problems), I, not having the proper degree of concentration, failing to reach the source, the root of the problem, being distracted by external stimuli. For these reasons, mental meditation is often ineffective.


"In their simplest forms the thinking process, it's just the processing of information in the stream of flow of thoughts, images and sensations. Thinking occurs at different levels. On the surface, random thoughts, conscious and controlled. Below, within us, automatic thoughts, the imposed stereotypes of thinking. And deep — base schema and cognitive belief, living in us, usually unconsciously". Nikolai Kozlov


Asking a question in the letter, we also launched thinking. With a similar mechanism of action. The first answers that appear on the paper of the upper layer are close to the query, but beaten. Those that we have already given myself. Standard and well-known.

But in the case of a written equivalent, thanks to its focus on process, the flow of images is not interrupted. The longer we write, the deeper you get into it. Mind control every minute is weakened. With the surface layer, we turn on the automatic level and then the goal is to basic settings, in the unconscious, which holds the answers to all the questions that govern our lives.

Figuratively speaking, treading on fragments of words, like insurance, we descend into the cave of the unconscious. We don't know what awaits us there, evaluate patterns, changing in the course of movement. Trusting, we just let inspire yourself to the bottom.

What keeps the unconscious? Our knowledge is sketchy and conceptual, memories, relationships, experiences, evaluations, experiences, thoughts, ideas, emotions, values, sensations, vague and explicit symbols and images and other waste products that acquire, depending on the degree of emotional significance, a larger or smaller weight in the aggregate the entire experience.

The most powerful and profound thoughts form our basic installation, which is the main driving force. Depending on Outlook, for someone this information will be limited to the present life, for someone the sum of all previous incarnations is not important. The mechanism is the same, regardless of the storage.

To Freud belongs the priority in the discovery of the unconscious as Autonomous, independent of the consciousness of the impersonal beginning of the human soul: "Everything is driven unconsciously, but not all the unconscious is repressed".


What is important for us in this matter?

The fact that all this seemingly chaotic field of information and processes permeated with associations.


The physiological basis for the emergence of associations is open by Pavlov the mechanism of formation of temporary neural connections, i.e. prohorenya neural pathways between different regions of the cerebral cortex, short excitations of these sites. Association is the basis of all more complex structures of the human psyche. Philosophical dictionary.


We think associatively. Fasten a new experience to formed the chains, stringing them like beads on a string. In the course of life we spin countless such "necklace", twining and intersecting each other and creating a strong network of images.

And when we write, we run the opposite effect. Word for word, we unwound the chain, untangle it, going back to the very beginning, to the first link.

Studying this question is difficult to circumvent the guru of the unconscious of Sigmund Freud, who refused at some point from hypnosis in favor of the method of free Association.

According to Freud, free Association reveals the close connection between past and present. Accidentally came up with the idea can be directly related to some forgotten performance. However, in the psyche of the patient the mechanism of resistance that impede the translation memories and repressed unconscious to consciousness. Therefore, arbitrarily made by the patient's thoughts often there is no direct resemblance to what is hidden in the unconscious. However, this idea contains a hint of something that is extremely important in identifying the true causes.


"During the psychoanalytic session-the patient may claim that he did not come to mind and he has no associations about a word or image. Freud believed that in fact no such failure on the part of thoughts. In fact, the patient begins to work resistance acting in different forms of criticism, doubts of the value came to mind of the Association. The psychoanalyst encourages the patient not to criticize your thoughts. The material that is presented to the patient is not worthwhile and is discarded as an unnecessary, doubtful, or causing disgust, shame is the most valuable to the analyst. According to Freud, it is the material of the thoughts is a psychoanalyst ore from which through the arts of interpretation will be to extract the precious metal." Valery Leibin, "Dictionary of psychoanalysis".


The technique of free Association is based on three aspects:

1. Thought tend to follow the direction that matters.

2. The needs of the patient in treatment and the realization that it is treated, will direct the Association that significant, except for those situations when the acts are resistance.

3. The resistance becomes the minimum when the relaxation and the maximum at concentration of (Psychotherapy encyclopedia).

That is, the method of free Association is one of the most natural and effective ways to access the unconscious.

And it is free writing or as it is called, associative, allows, taking all the benefits from this method, at the same time to eliminate the resistance elements which in case of oral contact with another person, require extensive training and study:

High-speed letter eliminate mind control, and fast enough to involve in the process of the unconscious.

The lack of viewers and readers automatically introduces an element of relaxation and allows you to initially lower the threshold of criticism and tension, which in the course of letters is smoothed completely.

It is curious that the method of free Association to Sigmund Freud indirectly suggested a German author and publicist Ludwig Bern in his story, "Art in three days of becoming an original writer":

"... Take a few sheets of paper and for three days write down everything that comes into your head. Write everything you think about yourself, about your successes, about the Turkish war, of Goethe, of criminal process, and its judges, your rulers, and in three days you will be astonished at how many lies in a completely new, unknown ideas. This is art in three days to become an original writer."


Now, when the magic of the tool in General has become clear, it remains only to check the action of the free letters on myself.

What would be most useful? Share only those destinations that are used by myself, however, the application range is inexhaustible:

  • Identifying negative attitudes, beliefs in every sphere of life. Hope to find their conscious way — a destructive and inefficient. We are perfectly able to err and deceive themselves. Therefore, for self-difficult to come up with something better. You don't need to talk to anyone, answer questions, be embarrassed to play the role. The question in this case read as follows: "What beliefs prevent me ... (career, find a life partner and so on)".
  • The search for answers to questions that seemed rhetorical. What is my purpose? What is the Soul? What is the meaning of life? Yes, for me, familiarity with frirajdinga started with this question. Then I got the answer, which deliberately hardly would get and from which I inspired hovered a few days. And, of course, that was the beginning of big changes in my life and has brought a whole new meaning.
  • The way to find the true cause of his unstable condition. What's troubling you, eve?! In moments of inner disharmony ask yourself: what causes me irritation (anger, boredom, anger)? Our thinking is multi-layered, and in the conditions of information boom is so overloaded that sometimes we fail to understand ourselves. Simple and intuitive phenomena become inaccessible to awareness.
  • To understand the relationship with anyone (friends, colleagues, children, friends), to understand the causes of situations its behavior, atypical reaction.
  • The generation of new ideas (in any field). Instead of repeatedly swallow tons of the same type of information in search of a ready answer, it is more useful to ask for a new look inside yourself. Our memory stores everything that ever and somehow fleetingly touched our consciousness. Tom read books, billions of words heard, the cars are phrases, sounds, smells, emotions... all of this allows us to create unlimited no limits the variability of ideas. An infinite number, which in the conscious state, unfortunately, goes in a circle surface of associative chains, resting in the same solution. That's why new ideas visit us when we experience some extraordinary impressions, change of activity or relax. Sometimes a single word, touching, shifting the image to bring inside the new associative array, and lead us to a fresh look and innovative solution.
  • Creativity. Many writers recommend beginners to write quickly and rapidly without stopping. But is it possible to add more mini-sessions (intensive letter with a time limit). Read more this is well described in the book of Mark levy "Genius on demand". Race in the writing marathon helps to shake up the story and build new relationships, to see unexpected twists. To me, this technique helped to generate the ending of his book, which became the logical and lively end of the ideas underlying the plot. Perhaps for a long period of reflection over time would lead me to the same (which is not guaranteed), but apparently, the letter has greatly accelerated the process, not at the expense of quality.

So, the basic algorithm:

1.To formulate and write the exact query. Try to do it as honestly as possible. Not in a "decent" language, namely in those which you think.

2. As soon as the question appeared on the sheet, immediately start writing. As soon as possible. Not appreciating how far or close you are by the subject matter. Associative array cannot be understood. So do not even try to understand it.

3. Do not stop, do carry on with "drink water" or "pet cat." Will be interrupted — in fact, I have to start again. In the case of the ideation process less stressful than searching for answers to specific questions, but in this case the quality of the result depends on the degree of unconsciousness of the letter. But it is achieved exclusively by the continuity and speed.

4. Every time, sitting at the table, be aware that this is only for you. If you think looking back, the practice will lose meaning. Don't analyze the answers: silly, strange, repetitive — it does not matter. No one will read it. You can later destroy or save certain moments, you seemed interesting and promising.

By hand or on the computer?

If you do not own a blind method desyatiballnoy of the press, better by hand.

Cons hand: at first it hurts because I am writing quickly as you can. But with time the pain goes away, the hand, speeding like a boost of power. It's like exercise, only here everything happens in a matter of minutes.

Cons of the computer: it stops and returns from the rush to correct the text. Because you either see errors or omissions, or feel them even if not looking at the screen.

Such a permanent return is fraught with mini-breaks the associative chain because of the connection of consciousness.


With time limit or without?

Depends on the purpose. And this principle.

If it is in generating ideas, creativity, creative approach — be sure to set the timer. We have said that the creative ideas are endless. Therefore, in such a search it makes sense to establish time boundaries.

The bonus is that intensively launched the unconscious mind at the end of the session does not stop its work. So, even if the allotted time on paper appeared the coveted brilliant idea that will change the world, just continuing to work in normal mode (read, write, develop ideas, got in session), over time it will crystallize.

If the goal is to find a clear answer to a specific question (where is my God? what prevented me to start a family? who is to blame and what to do, etc.), there is no restrictions can not be. Depending on the depth and ornate associative way, you can reach it in ten minutes, and per hour.

The peculiarity of these surveys is that when the answer comes, it will be unique and finite. If you define a time limit (e.g. 20 minutes), you may never get to the answer. And that you will be very disappointed and exhausted. Because the process is running, but the goal is not reached. Asking the question, you internally configured that will not stop until you find the answer. In the end, which means the price in the half hour or hour of your life for the joy relieve the burden of the problem that tormented you for months and possibly years? If for various reasons you had to stop, it's back to the letter and continue as soon as circumstances permit.


And finally, the nuances. Not in the sense of their insignificance, but rather the opposite — from compliance largely depends on a successful outcome.

1. Water — a glass before the session and a glass after. Why? Even if we don't comprehend written, the processes in the brain this does not become less intense. You think their speeds and it dehydrates the brain.

2. Very important: turn off the phone, the Internet, alone in a room, that is, to exclude any sources from the outside. It is extremely important. If you will react to them (and you will), it will be a gross interference in the course of thinking that you have built. Associative array will collapse and have to start over again.

Plus, sensitivity is exacerbated, which may occur irritability to external factors, which is not desirable from any point of view. If, however, you realize that mentally switched to something a stranger pour out on paper their anger, let it remain on paper. To reduce the resistance and return to the process helps re-formulating the question.

3. If you feel boredom, anger or discomfort during exercise — write about it, just do carry on. Highlight the emotions that arise, so they do not violate the relationship you have built with the unconscious. Emotions are not random. Maybe it is a reflection on one of the links or a protest when you touch them.

4. Don't give up. With a probability of 99% that desire will come to you at the finish line. At a time when reasonable answers and explanations end, and the new you will not see. When you start repeating and you will feel that you have stalled. But really, at this moment is the transition from automatic unconscious level.

And most likely, in the next few minutes the answer will surface. Because in contrast to the sophistication of the mind, deep unit, and the driving force is always the same wording. Otherwise, its action is not manifested equally. If cast, this will cause irritation from the time spent and lack of results. Which, as I mentioned, most likely, was a matter of steps.

5. As a rule, one session closes the issue/question. But if you for some reason, resist finding the answer, then the process may be delayed. If this happens, it might make sense to start with the answer to the question: why I don't want to deal with this issue?

6. How to know that you came exactly to the source? What is the answer to the question found? Always, it is a sign of the body (laughter, tears of joy, something else). Remember the state visiting you in the moments of insight, of contact with something hitherto unknown. The signal will be similar, but not forecast and do not expect anything specific.

When this happens, you will learn exactly. Relief, clarity and a clear understanding that writing more makes no sense. The process is finished. The lightness in the body and mind will serve as a signal of liberation from the destructive bondage. This is the meaning of the practice with no time limit. Otherwise you can reach only up to the intermediate chains and to open only part of the iceberg. But its basis will remain adrift, acquiring new associations. Essentially, the question isn't resolved, finding a new guise.


How to remember a loved one

Do you know how to accept gifts of fate


Have associate letter is not to be measured has a side effect — with regular use there is a mental General cleaning. Releasing the design for construction, we arrange their own thoughts, making patterns of thinking are transparent, knowing the nature of his actions, and identifying causal relationships.

We begin to understand how we have created certain situations in my life. We are improving the modeling of his life, and no one in their right mind would allow unresolved issues to accumulate, clinging to a pile of the past. We learn to catch the thoughts and to evaluate the appropriateness of their presence in our lives. And the farther we go, the deeper grasp the essence of things.

We empty ourselves for the exciting challenges and beautiful questions. We become sources of great answers. The answers are always within us. Was, is and will be. Just give me your hand.published


Author: Eva Kaigorodova


Source: interesno.co/myself/4f9e58033f4d


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