How sawing in Transneft

Writes blogger navalny:
On this case, I and colleagues have been working for many months.

I am very grateful to all those who read and help.

But before you begin to read - look in your wallet. Maybe you did not notice, but he lost about 1 100 rubles.
Not so much for each of us, but this sum was stolen from every adult citizen of Russia. In total, we estimate that in the course of this history has been stolen at least $ 4 billion.

So. ESPO. Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean. Length - 4188 km.
He will be pumping oil in Eastern Siberia to the Far East.

The huge building. One of the biggest since Soviet times.
The real national project.
Most recently officially launched the first phase of the project (Taishet-Skorovodino) 2694 km long.

I build all this beauty of OJSC "AK" Transneft ".
The actual monopoly in oil transportation.
100% of the ordinary shares owned by the state. The private property may only be the preferred shares (I, for example, such)

At what cost construction really nobody knows. Estimates vary even officials. Here Sechin said about 420 billion rubles. Then recount and talk about 491 billion rubles. Then they say ESPO must be expanded and it will cost more 170 billion rubles.

Clearly, such vague but vast numbers attract and excite the imagination.
All those who are close to this sector of the economy know - on building something unimaginable happened.
You can do an experiment and ask anyone associated with the oil and pipeline businesses: Tell me uncle, but as ESPO built?

I've done it many times and every time the effect was the same: the face of the subject acquired a dreamy expression, eye twitching haze:
- You know, Alex, there have cut so much that the calculator is not enough zeros to count. I would go there, at least for a day, at least for an hour - and even my great-nephew would become rich people.

Naturally, such a united reaction to the professional community spodvigla me in search of something interesting. After all, as a shareholder of Transneft I am very distressed by the size of the dividend and has investigated the story of my billions to charity, says that if these transneftyanniki are sending billions in bribes disguised as security forces, then have something.

I will not bore you with the details, briefly describe the general logic of our study:

The head of Transneft in the golden period of construction was the legendary little man named Simeon Weinstock. One of the most effective managers of the country.

He was sitting in the company from 1999 to 2007. Salvage ships KAMAZ therefore became so legendary.

Then the Kremlin decided that the share of the loot KAMAZ-directed in their direction, and therefore the need to increase Weinstock began to demolish.
And in its place establish another little man by the name of Nikolai Tokarev.

A former colleague and pal Vladimir Putin (photo muzhchinki this will not spread, you know it).

Since Weinstock paid all around - it was not easy to carry. And within a few months after his retirement, he continued to control the company. Therefore stripper Transneft from hostile elements, unwilling to send the loot-KAMAZ in the right direction, was given top political team: to conduct a detailed inspection honest holy of holies - the construction of the ESPO.
What was discharged and the Russian Audit Chamber, including.

Check conducted. But there was something in it is, from which it results immediately classified. The Accounts Chamber also hid his report, confining vague statement saying that "a lot of violations, but that's okay".

Our main counting palatchik, "a real officer," Sergei Stepashin mysteriously glittered ochochkah, but remained silent.

No need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the task - to find materials testing.

Well, we were looking for them. Long. It was not easy. It seems everyone knows what they are, but nobody saw.
Periodically on all sites passed the information with reference to the material, but how to check the truth or bullshit?

Soon the fairy tale, but than done. We found paper.
Not all, but an important part of them. Until a few months it has taken to confirm that the original paper and it is not a setup, and not "drain".

Where have - I will not say, but I note that in the Chamber of Accounts and Transneft operates in many people, and not all of them are crooks.

Today I present to your attention these documents.
They exceeded all our expectations.
It is called: "The materials prepared by OJSC" AK "Transneft" at the request of the Chamber of Accounts number GI-11-03-69 / 11-03 ».

This volume Daddy, in which the signatures of senior real Transneft included in the inspection committee, describes the dry language: STOLE EVERYTHING.

Steal. Overprice. They cheat with contractors. Then he destroyed the documents. Etc. etc.
All the facts and figures. Each section is signed by several experts. The entire report was adopted by the first vice-president of Transneft.

When I read it, the report several times fell from my hands. Only in the design and survey works stole 10 billion. Rubles.
In fact, all contractors were on superstroyke intermediary layers through which the money was taken out.

- That's the bomb, I thought then, and Weinstock and half of Transneft's management had to take so long and so firmly that the term of Khodorkovsky seem easy stints.

However, memory is a stubborn thing. And she always reminded me that after this remarkable test Semyon Weinstock came to the famous fighter against corruption Vladimir Putin, who sent him to the side, directly opposite the Republic of Mordovia, which made sending crooks and thieves.

Semyon Weinstock was appointed the first head of the newly established Olympic Corporation, responsible for the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi. Many laughed a lot that day.

But he led long. Sochi - it's not East Siberia, fraud is easier to find, so Weinstock and left this post and now lives in London, where he bought a hefty piece of real estate, and Israel, which is engaged in business.

Go directly to the content.
The most inquisitive and meticulous can download it on my site (17, 5 ILO). See, feel, check signatures, etc. There are several hundred pages, but the text is quite readable.

Appeals too much. The site fell.
Therefore, the reference mirror: the report can be downloaded here or here.

If you have a couple of free hours - highly recommend. Very much becomes clear: on the country, the vertical of power, about the brave security officers and policemen on the distribution of national wealth.

For the rest spread some quotes.
Again, take note: this is not my report, it is not the view of analysts and experts. This official materials Transneft prepared and signed by dozens of its employees.

Fragments of the materials provided by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation in 2008:

Overestimation of the value of design and survey work conducted JSC "VNIIST" project "pipeline system" Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean ».

Inconsistency estimates for the construction of the "pipeline system" Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean "(hereinafter - TS ESPO) the requirements of the job

Oversize estimated cost of construction objects as a result of design errors and deficiencies.

Bidding for the selection of contractors, equipment suppliers, contractors for the construction of the TS ESPO numerous and serious violations of the law, unlawful refusal of trading

Illegal destruction of materials bidding.

None of the general contractors were not able to perform construction and assembly works in full and on time.

For example, by default the general contractor JSC "Krasnodarstroytransgaz" of its contractual obligations, JSC "Transneft" unreasonably incurred damages in the amount of 2444 033, 98 thous. Rubles.

Most general contractors established dummy offshore companies. In some cases, companies registered on nominees with forged signatures.

Numerous facts of falsification of executive documentation and the use of fraudulent documents.

The lack of economic substance of contracts with general contractors. All general contractors - Plotting brokerage offices.

Numerous violations related to subcontractors (example)

Numerous violations related to the construction of an oil pipeline and oil terminal in Skovorodino.

And so on. Stealing in full. At every stage of design and construction.

Where is unprecedented consequence? Where dozens of operational-investigative teams, toured the country? Where hundreds of people bowed, sitting on the dock?

Nothing. Money stolen. Putin pressed a button and run the project.

Effective managers pretty smile. KAMAZ with loot still go out of the gate Transneft and hide in an unknown direction. The Russian diaspora in London and Zurich grows people, real estate and a red sports car.
Russia and the whole of its multinational people utёrlis.

Can we do something about it? Can.
In any case, we must try. We owe.

Because the planned (or already are) new megagiperproekty.

Here are some:
- In the "North" and "South" flows allocated 650 billion rubles
- The second part of the ESPO - 400 billion
- Samit APEC - 300 billion
- Skolkovo - 100 billion
- Olympic Games - 1 trillion rubles.


All petrodollars downloaded from our country invested in grandiose, nobody controlled settings. And a band of thieves to remove all its fat 35%.

Transneft's case is unique in that we were able to find evidence. The documents, signature, seal.
Using the example of Transneft, we have every reason to claim 1) a large-scale investigation 2) punishing the perpetrators 3) a fundamentally different system of control and transparency "superprojects».

What are we going to do first:

1. Dissemination of information.

You understand that to get to a TV is not shining. And in the newspapers, probably, too.
Assist in maximizing the dissemination of this post, the report itself, and excerpts from it.
We do special videos, etc.
If you control any resource, even with the attendance of one person in a year, I will be very grateful for references and reprints.
To me, you can not refer to, unless you want only outweigh report.
ICQ, email to friends and acquaintances. Twitter. Facebook. VKontakte.

Daily uses the Internet in Russia 45 million people. It is necessary to make sure that within a month of this fraud knew 10 million of them.
Our and foreign journalists - any contacts and acquaintances should be implemented.
The magazine "Rabbit" sent. Let write that Weinstock with Russian Tokarev robbed rabbits.
To facilitate the work:
Here the press release in Russian.
Here the press release in English.

2. Legal action.

We have already written statements wherever they can. Please support us as usual
a) to the prosecutor
- We go here
- Push the "I agree»
- Specify your details
- Paste the text that kopipeystim here.
(big statement, I did not hang out here. The link file Google-doc, simply download it to your computer, then it is easy skopipeystit)
Gugldok also fell. Here you can take a template appeals to the Prosecutor General.
- Send

b) Statement by the President of the Russian Federation.

This is an important political moment. Medvedev says a lot about the fight against corruption. Let's look at the case. If the reaction is not clear (as it should be, because it is not a stolen vacuum cleaner, it's stolen billions to the national project), we will regard it as a direct accomplice and kryshevatelem scheme.
- We go here
- Press "send an email»
- Insert your data and the text:

Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich!
From the reports of a number of Russian media, I learned about the materials inspections of Russia's largest oil company conveyor of OJSC "AK" Transneft ", held in 2008, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.
July 9, 2008. head of the control activities Chief Inspector AS Alexandrovich was sent a formal request to the President of OJSC "AK" Transneft "NP Tokarev for information.
Based on the request of RF Audit Chamber employees of OJSC "AK" Transneft "were prepared official reports. In these reports, certified by officials of the company, contains clear and unambiguous conclusions about the numerous crimes committed by unidentified employees of various subsidiaries of OJSC "AK" Transneft "and contractors. These reports are available on the Internet at:
In addition, because of OJSC "AK" Transneft "is a company with 100% state capital, in this case there is damage to the public interest. Only rough estimates in the process of construction of TS ESPO has suffered total damage to the state amounting to several billion US dollars.
I believe that these actions of the OJSC "AK" Transneft "and other organizations for the conclusion and execution of contracts for the construction of the ESPO CU contains elements of crimes that fall under a number of articles of the Criminal Code.
In connection with the above, on the basis of existing legislation, I ask you to give an indication of the inspection on the facts there is an indication of a number of crimes in the actions of the management and officers of OJSC "AK" Transneft "for the construction of the TS ESPO, with the aim of identifying those responsible and bringing them to trial responsibility.
Due to the special importance and significance to the interests of the Russian Federation this case please take it to your special control.

- Press "send».
The owners of the privileged shares of Transneft, I have been looking for joint action to protect our rights. Both the criminal and civil proceedings.

3. Political lobbying.

I'm in the next couple of days, prepare and write an appeal to all political parties and political organizations in the country. From United Russia to the Liberal Democratic Party. From apples to Solidarity. The call to request an investigation.
All answers will publish. We have a clear understanding of how the different political forces related to what is happening.

If you are a political activist, a member of the party (management or not) - go to your leaders and ask them to make a statement on this subject, and send a letter to the prosecutor.

The same applies to any level of Deputies. Connect to send me scans of their requests, I will post them and voters know that you knowingly eats people denyushki.

The task - to raise the question of the investigation into the political agenda of the country.

4. Impact on the crooks auditors.

Transneft auditor - PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is not the first time confronted with the fact that these guys - horrible crooks, covering any fraud.
Now we play with them in a fun game: I send them the materials and must be considered in their work, they send them back. Like, do not want to see this.

While I do not have a clear understanding of what to do with them. I would be grateful for any ideas on how to dunk their complaints to the Ministry of Finance (he oversees auditors) or in the US office.
We must think of how to use the FCPA, which allows to attract US companies involved in corruption outside the United States.

5. The probe of the udder Weinstock, Tokarev and other transneftyannikov.

Need any information about their property and assets abroad, especially the United Kingdom.
We all understand that from a formal point of view, all these houses and castles - the laundering of illegally obtained funds. Money stolen in Russia, investing in UK. This is a crime.
Puzzled dudes with Scotland Yard and Baker Street!

Separate appeal to Israelis:
Comrades Jews! In your country invest the stolen money. Stolen loot will not bring happiness. We must find a way to bring the crooks to justice. Think about how you can use local politicians, the media and law enforcement.

Here. This is everything. This is what I came up with and able to implement (at least partially).

Again, I will be extremely grateful for any help (in particular information at this stage) and ideas.

The fight will be difficult and perhaps long.
To add a harsh realism and truth of life, just hang-known and highly symbolic photo:

But this does not change anything.


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