How to sue billion in "Transneft"

Nizhny Novgorod simple farmer brought to bankruptcy "daughter" of the "Transneft»

This story began March 12, 2007 at 8:30 am, when the administration of Nizhny Novgorod fish farm "Borok" message received from the residents of the neighboring village Zaprudnoe: cur in the river above the fish farm in drilling wells from the diesel fuel flowing ice.

A small overview

Diesel oil? This is an emergency. Fish farm staff urgently went to the scene, and accurately - diesel fuel. After another 10 minutes of the fact the oil spill in the barn were informed all online services.

A little later, and found the cause: from the pipeline Almetyevsk - Nizhny Novgorod, owned by OAO "Volga-Transnefteprodukt Average", "daughter" of "Transneft", literally flooded pond in diesel fuel.

- As a result of the fact that the burst pipe spilled at least 360 tons of diesel oil - complains lawyer Marc Barach fish farm-gull. - But this place was the largest in the family business for the production of live fish. Grass carp, silver carp, carp, crucian carp, pike, perch - all the fish died. Ruined through the fault of the local oil swamp Shawa was the only one in the area where the nest and stopped on the way tens of thousands of geese. Still living gray herons, beavers ... But after the environmental disaster there for two years without jumping frog front paws. Died mink, beaver, ceased to dwell on migration geese and herons ...

On the trail of disaster in the region was created a special commission headed by Vice-Governor. There have been many promises and meetings, but oil pollution so plainly and not eliminated. A fish farm operation since March 2007, is suspended.

Three years later, a showdown and Expertise Arbitration Court of Nizhny Novgorod Region has decided to recover from the JSC "Middle-Volga Transnefteprodukt" in favor of the fish farm 935 million rubles for the restoration of the pond and another 255 million rubles in compensation. In March 2011, the "Transnefteprodukt", however, has managed to reduce the total amount of up to 992 million, but still it's about a billion rubles! For the particular claim to such a giant - an unprecedented amount.

- You do not think that we want to fill their pockets, - assured the "interlocutor" lawyer fish farm. - Initial examination generally counted 12, 969 billion to rebuild. When the oil companies themselves were trying to clear a total of 400 square meters of contaminated areas, they are, in reports, spent 250 million rubles. And there was a mirrored pond - 245 ha. Can you imagine how much will cost the entire ground change. Therefore, although the defendant and appealed the decision of the court of Nizhny Novgorod in all instances, up to the highest arbitration, even that upheld the verdict. And nobody has the right to cancel it. Even the president. However, the position us money so we on oil and have not received. Although they drip serious penalties - 220,000 per day of delay.

Fishermen believe that "Transneft" is simply afraid to create a dangerous precedent: it's worth it to pay only once posited by law such sum as similar claims for similar emergency will fall one by one.

- I'm afraid I can and did not get anything - does not hide Marc Barach-gull. - Suddenly it became clear that the "Middle-Volga Transnefteprodukt" owed structures "Transneft", that is actually himself, more than 5 billion rubles. There is already a waiting list of friendly bankruptcy creditors, in which our fish farm just lost. I can not regard it only as an artificially created bankruptcy, the decision about which to be held in October. And then the pre-emptive right to purchase the property will have a state, it has the same "Transneft".

The situation is, of course, the usual - serious butt with a company futile. Here are just a representative of the fish farm does not understand how this is consistent with the last days of big words to support domestic producers:

- We are not asking for something beyond what we required by law. Before the accident, we had plans to grow further and valuable species of fish (sturgeon, sturgeon). And we are ready within a year after treatment pond to provide their products (quality and, most importantly, cheaper) at least all the Nizhny Novgorod region. Give us just put the money to restore the economy.

In the structures of "Transneft" official comments are not allowed, but consider the verdict unfair, and the whole situation absurd:

- Would make such claims against the state-owned patriotic!

Well, when it comes to the billions that they do not put in your pocket, patriotism is often just a word.

* * *

"Transneft" - monopoly operator of the main oil pipelines in Russia, which passes through the pipe about 93% of Russian oil. Exist as a legal entity in 1993. Controlling stake in state-owned. Last year, the company's net profit under RAS was 11, 26 billion rubles. JSC "Mid-Volga Transnefteprodukt" - one of the many "daughters" of "Transneft».

Nikolai Tokarev - President of JSC "Transneft". Major-General of the FSB, together with Putin was a resident of the KGB in Dresden. A personal friend of the president. Last year gosmenedzher earned no less than 172 million rubles. His wife executed Tokarev Akulinin estate in the house in 1413 m2. And personally, it is found "interlocutor", there are about 10 hectares of land near the village of Kravtsov (Stupino district of Moscow region). Neighbor Tokarev Kravtsov became one of the gray cardinals of the Russian fuel and energy complex Mikhail Arustamov. Who paid for the transaction is unknown, but the right to property furnished by them at the same time, in May of 2007. A few weeks after the deal Arustamov got the post of first vice-president of "Transneft" and even after allegations of kickbacks retained his position as advisor Tokarev.

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The open letter to "Transneft»

"I do not accidentally at the beginning of the letters when referring to you missed the word" dear ", as it is not sure that such behavior and disregard for the law can cause someone to respect. I very much hope that the previous letter did not come to you personally and you do not know anything about this situation. I would really like you to understand it, gave a proper assessment and thus cause the respect not only for me but for all the people around you. While no respect

Chairman of the Bar Association of Nizhny Novgorod "Seagull and Associates»,
winner of two medals for the protection of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Russia,
attorney-bars Seagull Mark Davidovich ».



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