Ten most ridiculous lawsuits in the history of jurisprudence

1. In 1991, Richard Overton sued the largest brewers Anheuser-Busch, the sum of ten thousand dollars. He claims that he felt anguish and financial loss from the fact that no matter how much he did not drink beer, his fantasy of beauty in a bikini on a tropical beach and not translated into life, even though these ads and lured him to buy beer Bud Light. His claim was rejected.

2. In 1995, Robert Lee Brock filed a lawsuit against himself $ 5 million. Blamed himself that violated his own civil rights and religious principles, allowing himself to get drunk and commit burglary, which further led to his 23 years of imprisonment in the colony of Virginia. That he was hoping to get in the end? Since imprisonment gave him no opportunity to earn income, he expected that the obligation to cover this claim should bear state. The court refused to consider the case.

3. In 1996, the family Byers sued Oliver Stone's film company Warner Brothers and other persons involved in the creation and distribution of the movie "Natural Born Killers". Filmmakers accused that viewing the movie Sarah Edmondson and Bedzhaminom Derrusom led them to a series of robberies, during one of which they have wounded Patsy Ann Byers. After being wounded girl was left paralyzed from the waist down. Initially, in 1995, a lawsuit was filed against Edmondson and Derriusa and crew had been included in it only in 1996. The claim to the filmmakers was discontinued in 2001.

4. In 2000, Clint Peters tried to sue 15 thousand dollars from Universal Studios. Clint accused the studio is that when you visit the attraction "house with ghosts Halloween Horror Nights» she experienced excessive fear, anguish and emotional trauma.

5. In 2001, Linda Sanders and other family members of the victims of the shooting at Columbine High School School sued 25 companies manufacturers of films and video games in the amount of $ 5 billion. As stated accusers, without such films as "The Basketball Diaries" and the video game Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Mech Warrior, Wolfenstein, Redneck Rampage, Final Fantasy, Nightmare Creatures, Battle at the school would not have happened, and hence some of the blame for the death of family members prosecutors lies on manufacturers and distributors of these products. According to the court case was closed, and prosecutors were instructed to compensate for judicial spendest incurred movie and game companies.

6. In 2002, Edward Brewer tried to sue the hospital of Providence two million dollars. He accused the administration that because of their negligence, nothing prevented him to rape one of the patients of the hospital. The Court held that the burden of responsibility for incurred Brewer punishment is only on his conscience, which allowed him to commit the crime, and the law does not require the hospital to protect Brewer of its choice.

7. In 2003, Andrew Burnett sued Sara MakBarnett and San Jose Mercury News, demanding compensation for moral injury he had received, and post-traumatic syndrome. Burnett filed the lawsuit at a time when serving 3 years in prison for having killed the dog defendant, leaving her in a fit of anger under the wheels of the car. Incident of the Dog in his testimony, brought him anguish. The court refused to hear the case.

8. In 2005, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sued Gertrude Walton, who died the year before at the age of 83 years, even after the presentation of the notice and a copy of the death certificate. The Association claimed that Watson illegally downloaded and distributed across the network of more than 700 songs. The assurances of the defendant's daughter, in that never had a computer. Although the association and rejected this claim, but it was just one of 20 thousand similar, made by the association since 2003. While some of these claims are legally proven cases of piracy, among the accused was also twelve year old girl whose parents were forced to compensate record companies two thousand dollars, as well as families in homes that never had computers. The defendant may be ordered to pay in favor of the RIAA to 150 thousand dollars per song.

9. In 2005, Austin Aitken sued NBC, the amount in dispute was two and a half million dollars. According to his testimony is one of the episodes of the program "Fear Factor" gave him "tavmu, pain and suffering." He claimed that the television show how the contestants ate rats, brought him to dizziness and nausea. The judge considered this absurd claim and dismissed before it.

10. In 2006, Allen sued Hekard basketball player Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight, demanding 832 million dollars compensation. Hekard said that he had been slander, felt traumatized, pain and suffering due to the fact that people took him for a highly publicized basketball star. The following year Hekard renounced his claim.


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