25 most ridiculous things of all time. Their uselessness just rolls!

Surely in this world everything is so senseless? I think not, but this list of the most ridiculous things makes me doubt. And I suspect that the creators of these "would-be masterpieces" were thinking about something else, when do these things ... or they do not think.

1. Simply ingenious rail. B>

2. The gates that protect at 100%. B>

3. The most useless cable in the world. B>

4. This building. B>

5. These subtitles are accurately enlightened! B>

6. This is very convenient pedestrian crossing. B>

7. This is a very useful ramp. B>

8. Benches specially reserved for people who can teleport. B>

9. Here is such a post. B>

10. This is a very important translation from French to English. B>

11. This wiper. B>

12. Or a desired character. B>

13. Rescue fire exit. B>

14. Such is a very effective fence. B>

15. Stairs to nowhere. B>

16. Or stairs from nowhere to nowhere. B>

17. These waterproof boots. B>

18. Very useful bus stop, which is actually not! Though with smiles. B>

19. Well, a very desired character. B>

20. Packing for bananas. B>

21. This parking lot. Well, as to the bottom left nothing at all! B>

22. Absolutely everything in this sign - is meaningless! B>

23. These beautiful and very practical drawers. B>

24. Very correct eye. B>

25. The path leading to nowhere. B>

The true "masterpieces" uselessness. Most importantly, this is not all. There are many examples of narrow-mindedness of engineering, from which one would like to laugh, and others - to cry. But, thank God, we are with you then realize how ridiculous it all, right? Tell your friends about these ridiculous Gizmos - lift them up!



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