Tragedy Jonestown Commune 35 years

November 18, 1978 the US secret services have been destroyed over 900 Communards Jonestown in Guyana, including the youngest children.

November 18 marks 35 years since, in 1978 918 American citizens, including about 260 children (of which 83 baby) allegedly committed mass suicide in the lost in the jungle of Guyana village commune called Jonestown (Commune "Peoples Temple" - " Peoples Temple »), named after the founder and spiritual leader of the Commune - Jim Jones.

The American press announced the event quickly most mass suicide in the US history of the XX century, and the US government recognized the organization "Peoples Temple" destructive cults and formally banned it. At the same time there was no one "Lieutenant Columbo," which would be interested in such facts as:

 - The municipality specifically moved in 1975 in Guyana (Yu.Amerika) from the United States, because the United States it began to pursue the US intelligence services - to kill, burn, blow up, what Commune repeatedly wrote in his newspaper «Peoples Temple».

 - Is already in Guyana, the Commune has repeatedly officially informed that she was threatened by the US secret services "experienced the wickedness of the reactionary forces in the United States, we are, in a remote area not close our eyes to the possibility that we can literally physically destroy ».

 - In September 1977, 14 months before the "suicide" of the CIA has sent a special unit in Johnstown armed mercenaries to kidnap all the children of the Commune and return them to the United States. Within two days of the mercenaries they followed the village and tried to understand what was happening. They do not see any barbed wire or armed guards, nothing to which they were prepared. On the contrary, they heard people full of optimism American songs, Negro spirituals, hymns, the choir who sang immigrants. They saw parents withdrawn their children to school, and themselves went to work on the fields, farms, in shops. The leader of the mercenaries members of the Commune Meyzor admitted that these pictures are so impressed him and his "companions," that they could not fulfill their mission, came to the village and frankly admitted that the thought to do.

 - During the entire existence of the Commune of her frequent visits to official and unofficial delegations from the United States, Guyana and other countries. No delegation has not found any violence, zombies, intimidation of members of the Commune.
From a telegram to the State Department about the visit of US Consul Richard McCoy in Johnstown February 11, 1978: "On the basis of his personal observations and conversations with members of the" Peoples Temple "and the Guyana government officials Consul believes in the incredible message that anyone held in Johnstown against their will. During interviews with members of the "Peoples Temple", he never felt that people experience fear, coercion or pressure. They looked quite fat and expressed satisfaction with their lives. Some were engaged in heavy physical work, repairing equipment and cleared the field, but this is routine work on the farm ... The people with whom he spoke face to face (some of them were those who allegedly held against their will), freely and naturally led the conversation and They answered his questions. Local government officials often make unannounced visits to the village, told the consul that they never noticed any strange phenomena in the village. "The US attorney Charles Garry, who visited Jonestown November 6, 1977:" I was in paradise. I saw a community where there is no such thing as racism ... »

 - The Commune was not a religious organization. "We are not religious, but it is a secular organization. The word "sect" is not applicable to us. We used it to disguise our activities when we were in the States. Without it, we simply would not exist, not to mention the fact that all together to leave the United States "- Jim Jones said the Soviet consul Fyodor Mikhailovich Timofeev September 27, 1978, when he was with the doctor arrived in N.M.Fedorovskim Georgetown to familiarize themselves with the Commune.

 - Jim Jones was not some notorious bigot, how he tried to present after the murder. His support in their time achieved a lot in California politics. In 1976 he helped George Moskunu elected to the mayor of San Francisco, which is offered in response to Jones to enter the city Human Rights Commission and then appointed him as chairman of the Committee on Housing. Also in 1976 the future US Vice President Walter Mondale in the pre-election tour of California invited Jim Jones on board his plane and had a long conversation with him. In 1977, Jim Jones arranged for the "First Lady of the United States' Rosalynn Carter grand rally-meeting with the colored population of California. "I have great pleasure to be with you during the election campaign", - he wrote Rosalynn Carter Jim Jones in a letter dated April 12, 1977. - All members of the Commune, twice a year, passed the mandatory medical examination.

 - The main street in the village called Lenin Street.

 - Members of the Commune was taught Russian language, read in the original Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, we studied the Constitution of the USSR, the Soviet laws.

 - In March 1978, for 7 months before the "suicide" of the Commune members unanimously voted at a general meeting of the relocation for permanent residence in the USSR, as filed a formal petition to the Soviet consulate in Guyana.

 - Just before his death, fearing for their own fate, the Commune gave the Soviet consul in Guyana F.Timofeevu all their financial assets - cash, checks, financial guarantee. The members of the Commune, have the right to sign in banks made a will by which all deposits "Peoples Temple" in banks should be passed to the Soviet Union through a Soviet consul (it was then handed over to the authorities of Guyana Timofeev).

 - At the end of November 1978 it was scheduled the first trip of delegates of the Commune in the USSR to select where possible stay ... November 18, 1978 the life of these, perhaps somewhat naive, people suddenly broke ...

 - November 17, the day before the murder capital of the airport of Guyana - Georgetown (not to be confused with the Johnstown!) Came a group of "tourists" from the United States - 50-60 people, all men 20-30 years old, good physical build. They rented several local aircraft took off from the airport and their subsequent fate is unknown.

 - On November 18 at the airport in the capital of Guyana, began landing military transport aircraft USA. This has not been observed since then, has been to cancel the contract "Atkinsonfild", which the US Air Force had the right to use the airport in Georgetown (Guyana government denounced the treaty after the 1977 CIA blew up over Barbados Cuban airliner taking off from Guyana) .

 - US troops blocked the site of the tragedy, and two days (!) Did not allow the police to Guyana.

 - All the corpses were lying face down, some of the same poses. It is impossible for self-poisoning by whatever substance was, especially cyanide, after the adoption of which the death occurs almost instantaneously. Poses corpses and their location have been changed by someone after death, which is possible only in the first 2-4 hours after death. - Required by the rules of the US criminal autopsy corpses was conducted.

 - US authorities of Guyana offered to bury the corpses in a specially dug a big ditch with no identification of corpses and without taking tissue samples. Guyanese government disagreed.

 - Only on the third day, when corpses had already begun to decompose from the tropical heat, on the scene were made by representatives of the authorities of Guyana and Guyana's chief pathologist Dr. Leslie Mutu made an autopsy of the corpses and the dead have found traces of cyanide injections.

 - The corpses were found injections of reach for injections with his own hand.

 - To commit suicide using cyanide rather just drink this poison. There is no need to make yourself an injection of poison there.

 - After a long delay, the bodies were taken to Doverskuyu Air Force Base (United States, Pennsylvania). It produced only seven autopsies (15 December 1978, ie nearly a month after the death), after which the corpses were burned in secrecy.

 - With regard to the death of these people was not carried out any judicial inquiry.

 - 18 November, together with the "suicide" at Jonestown, Guyana in the capital (more than 200 km away from the scene of the tragedy) were killed by the staff working there, "Peoples Temple».

 - After 3 days, 21 November, in the United States, in his office was killed by one of Jim Jones San Francisco Mayor George R. Moskun. Presumably he was going to make a statement about the "suicide" of Jim Jones.

 - March 13, 1979 32-year-old Michael proxy (former CIA agent is embedded in the "Peoples Temple" and later repented in this and defected to the Jim Jones) organized a press conference in room 106 at the Motel 6 Kanaz Avenue Modesto ( CA) the assembled reporters gave his statement on page 42, I went to the bathroom and zastrelilcya.

The proxy statement said: "The truth about Johnstown hiding because government agencies in the US took an active part in its destruction. I'm in this because when entered in the "Peoples Temple", that he was an undercover informant ... »
... What is there to add? Average capitalism is nothing surprising ...
Defenders of capitalism sometimes say supporters of socialism: "Why do you want to force to overthrow capitalism? If your communist method of managing more efficient, organized in communes, work, show greater efficacy of their work, lead us economically ... "But that's what happens in real life with those who attempt to peacefully, non-violently to get out of the power of capital.



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