To live without the state 5 municipalities,where they build a new world

To get away from the state, not necessarily to build artificial Islands in the open ocean, sometimes it is enough to find a few like-minded people and move into the empty farmhouse to write a Manifesto about how you see the ideal society, and try to build it. Apparat talks about the five communes in different parts of the world, which existed long enough to be successful.

Free State Project

In 2001, 24-year-old graduate of Yale, Jason Sorens offered to all those dissatisfied with the government, to conduct an experiment. Freedom-loving people who are scattered around the world, could move to a permanent place of residence in a small American state and come to power there. By 2003, the project "Free state" (Free State Project, FSP) supported 5000 people. By popular vote they chose a sparsely populated place — new Hampshire. Libertarian landing of troops had to occur after the FSP will join 20 000 adherents of the independence from the state. Now under the project was signed by about 16,000 people, but the first settlers have already begun to flock to new Hampshire — now live there more than 2000 participants.

Libertarians openly carry weapons — machete, large rifles, pistols, printed on a 3D printer that's not enough to come to power in the state, and while not all libertarian ideas are being explored within the group. Members of the FSP is fully passed on in bitcoins, are actively using 3D printing: a couple of thousands of activists that have become residents of "the free state", not less than seven acquired personal 3D printers. To measure the forces they oppose laws that I consider stupid, fighting for the decriminalization of marijuana, the liberalization of the rules of firearms and cold weapons and the prohibition of the reading system of car numbers.

Sometimes activists come into an open confrontation with the authorities, for example, incapacitate Parking meters to thwart the authorities to collect the dues from the owners. Libertarians openly carry weapons — machete, large rifles, pistols, printed on a 3D printer. Recently, the administration of the town of Concord, located in the region, has asked the Ministry of national security of the United States grant of $ 250,000 to purchase an armored military machines — to protect against "domestic terrorist threat". The vehicle, called the Bearcat, was supposed to enter service with the local police.

The ideology of the commune of Jason Sorens moved to new Hampshire a year ago. He still believes that soon the state will be home to about 20,000 libertarians and they will become a real political force — the first official libertarian government.


After the fall of Franco's dictatorship, the residents of small and very poor town in Andalusia approached the question of city management quite radically. In Marinaleda formed workers party, weekly, held mass meetings, which were attended by almost all residents of the city. They demanded social justice, criticized the government for what it cannot provide them with decent living conditions. Then the workers moved from words to deeds. They began to capture the surrounding land is vacant or owned by rich people and members of the Royal family under familiar to every Soviet citizen the slogan "the Land should belong to those who work it". Police evicted and arrested them, and they began all over again, staged a hunger strike, blocked roads.

Incredibly, after 12 years of uninterrupted struggle of the regional government of Andalusia surrendered and identified 1,250 hectares of agricultural land community in the city, which was formed in a cooperative.

Agriculture is the community's main income. Each employee receives a 47 euros for 6 hours of work in the field. Revenue from sales of products into the General budget of the commune, which is then allocated for social needs, development of village and social assistance: the construction of parks, sports centres, schools repaired.

Manages the city's longtime mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez, Gordillo. Since 1975 it over and over again by a large margin wins the election. During this time he has been in prison seven times and survived two assassination.

The mayor takes the food in the supermarket is not paying and gives it to the poor Relations of Marinaleda with regional and Federal authorities is quite complex — for example, the city submits to the electoral laws of the country enters into trade relations and recognizes private property outside the village, but not allow its territory to police.

Sometimes a mayor Sanchez, Gordillo committing extravagant acts in furtherance of their ideology beyond Marinelady. For example, in August 2012, he and several supporters went to the supermarket, filled several carts with groceries and left the store without paying. The thus obtained food was given to special organizations that help the poor that cannot feed themselves.

The charismatic mayor of a small town Marinelady now very popular throughout Spain, especially among the poorest population, but none has yet decided to follow the route of the community: too many have to sit in jail, and wages in the commune are not as big.

The ZEGG community


In 1991 a group of people inspired by the ideas of Dieter Duma — the German ideology of community life, the author of several books — bought the land to the South-West of Berlin and founded the community. They wanted to get away from the consumerism of modern society and build his own, which lives according to the principles of sustainable environmental development. The community occupies a territory of about half a square kilometer, currently there live about a hundred people.

Members of the community do not deny the power of the state or private property. Community members are financially independent from each other. Each of them has their income, the majority of people involved in organizing and conducting various community activities — festivals, seminars and trainings. So ZEGG earning money and at the same time promoting their ideas among the visitors. Community members contain a guest house and a café, offer tourists all kinds of services. However, some members have jobs not associated with the community, and every day I go to the nearest city, and in the evening returned home.

Each minding his own business, must work on the development of the commune as a whole. The whole community is divided into several groups with its responsibilities: someone is watching all the children of the community, someone is responsible for working in the garden, someone is preparing at all and decides commercial cases. Manages all (they say, "take key decisions") the Board of managers: two from each group. They decide how to spend money with joint activities, whether to accept new members.


In 1986, a group of leftist activists of different directions — from anarcho-syndicalists to Marxists, from feminists to Communists — were settled in an empty farmhouse in a small village in Central Germany. The ideas of the commune were described in a previously published pamphlet Grundsatzpapier, which became the Charter of Niederkaufungen. This is the classic Manifesto of the European left-wing commune of equality — political and gender, on social welfare, that people do not need bosses to live well. Niederkaufungen is one of the most developed European communes. There are farms growing fruit, cheese production, carpentry, turnery workshop. Municipality conducts public seminars and festivals and earns the tourists.

Private property in the commune exists only in relation to those things that are intended solely for the personal use of members of the community, like a toothbrush or underwear the Income of the community comes into the General Fund, operating on the known principle "from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs". This means that everyone can take out cash as much money as he wants and nobody can stop him. "You'd be surprised, but this thing has been working for twenty years", — said the representatives of the commune. Private property in the commune exists only in relation to those things that are intended solely for the personal use of members of the community, like a toothbrush or underwear.

Niederkaufungen is a municipality in pure form. There is no government, no hierarchy. All issues are resolved once a week at the General meeting, all global decisions are taken at the enlarged meeting once in six months. In conflict situations the participants use "non-violent methods of communication" by Rosenberg. All offers must go through special working groups, then information about them appears on the community Bulletin Board, then the proposals are discussed at the General meeting.

Twin Oaks Commune with the touching name "Oak twins" appeared 47 years ago near Richmond and is now one of the oldest non-religious in the USA. Hippies came here, inspired by the novel of the writer of Skinner's "Walden Two", with the aim to build a society with the ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity. In Twin Oaks is still alive the idealism of the hippies: swimming in a pit, to wash one soul, lead a cheerful sexual life, grown tofu and promote peace and love on Earth. Like most modern communities, they do business: sell tofu, produce hammocks. Everyone works for 42 hours a week, instead of receiving free food, health insurance and other benefits, as well as $ 72 "extra charges". In addition, the "Oaks" there are 17 cars — also for General use. The paradox of the history of Twin Oaks is that the Communist municipality economically very successful in the capitalist world: the minimum charges (consumption of water, gas and electricity is 60-70% lower than the average in America), cheap labor and at the same time no unemployment, relatively high levels of production and income of 600,000 dollars a year. published

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