Very old ship Black Sea Fleet (8 photos)

Mankind has created a lot of amazing structures and objects that will eventually remain in the past and no one is interested.
The style, format production and many more different factors.
What was once created, it becomes obsolete.
One such example is the ship & quot; Commune & quot ;.

Despite the fact that the ships are becoming more and more perfect, they are still drowning in peace and in war conditions. That is the reality. For a maritime power, it is important to be able to rescue the crew of the vessel and the rise from the bottom of the sea, and the ability to lift various objects out of the water.

To this end, the construction of special rescue vessels, deep bathyscaphes other phones and devices. One of these ships was the ship "Commune».

After the Russian-Japanese War, Russia has been trying to revive his great fleet and its influence on the sea. One of the directions of development of the fleet was the construction of a lifeguard vessels - ship "Commune". However, at first it was called "Volkhov».

The design of this ship was built in 1911, and the ship itself was laid already in 1912. Already in 1915, the ship was launched.

The ship "Commune" has a displacement of three thousand one hundred tons, the length of its body is 96 meters, width up to eighteen and a half meters. The height of the sides of the ship "Commune" is nearly eight and a half meters, and sludge are just over three and a half meters. The ship "Commune" has four ginya, lifting capacity of which is a thousand tons.

The ship was used at different times for various rescue operations. The first step has been the rise of the diesel submarine K-15, which sank during exercises as a result of the uncovered manhole. Also in 1917, the ship "Commune" carried out the rise of the submarine "Unicorn" with a small depth of thirteen meters.

After the revolution, the ship was given the name "Commune" and prodozhaet provide technical assistance to vessels of various types, including messengers ships, submarines, motor torpedo, pogrankater and implemented rise staggered way British submarine at a depth of sixty meters.

During the war, the ship "Commune" took an active part in helping the military and civilian courts. Total War has been raised over a hundred objects. Because of the uniqueness of the ship "Commune" and the inability to replace it, he was able to embark on major repairs only in 1954! During major repairs have been replaced by diesel engines.

After the war, the ship continued to perform its functions, it had established a small rescue underwater vehicles and other equipment. And only in 1984, after serving nearly 70 years, the ship was removed from the Navy.



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