Like Ukraine, Russia has overcome the ships and the Black Sea Fleet base in the 1990s

Ukrainian media for the last week groaned and fought on the side of the ship nonexistent: insidious Crimea actually deprived of "independence" of naval forces. This modestly silent, that most parts of the ship and voluntarily reflagging of St. Andrew. And, of course, - a single word about the lawlessness that is happening in Ukraine 1990 in respect of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. Why today do not remember - as it was.

The boat "Alrosa" and defended the Belarusian Tatar!

"Privatization" Russian Black Sea Fleet Kiev took up almost immediately after the announcement separatist. Although in October 1991 the President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk openly declared that Kiev fleet is not needed. Like, let her stay with the subordination of the Russian armed forces of the CIS. However, in December, the mood of the Ukrainian elite has changed dramatically ... We need a fleet, and that's it!

 - After the statement that all parts of the Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory, and it also depart on January 5, 1992 he was appointed pereprisyaganie - says historian fleet, Doctor of Political Sciences, Sergei Gorbachev, with whom we spoke in Sevastopol. - But the sailors do not really hurry to voluntarily change the flags. And then Kiev moved to the active phase of "creating the fleet." One of the first attack submarine underwent B-871 (now - "ALROSA"). - She stood at the pier, this time rushing only watch the crew in the barracks, - says Sergey Gorbachev. - In the evening, while on vacation zamkomandira Lupakov Division landed on the boat with a political officer and Petrenko he said that that comes under the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Two sailors (and, Belarusian and Tatar), Zadran in the nose compartment, and was told that it was stopped venting (which means that the hydrogen storage compartment and may explode). And while "guests" not to leave the ship, they can not be opened. Those pull up, the boat then defended.

"Latrine oath»

But the seizures continued. First one, then another boat, mostly subsidiary, raised yellow-flag Blakytny.

 - To do so - continues to Gorbachev. - Find doubters officers treated them, someone calling, and mountains of gold promise, if there were many people wounded by shrapnel national identity ... and they take "WC oath," as we called it: going ten or twenty in the closet, wrote the paper , a messenger sent her to Kiev, and from there came the order: such a ship being reassigned Ukraine.

However, the summer 92 of the second ukroflota thus includes only a few small ships. But this calm was not going to Kiev ...

The cruiser "Aurora" in Ukrainian

July 21, 1992 was the first rehearsal for the Day of the fleet in the Crimea. TFR-112 patrol, hiding behind her, went to sea without hindrance, and lifted up the Ukrainian flag, went to Odessa. Lieutenant Nastenko led this process. He was persecuted by aircraft, but the commander of the fleet and have not given the order to destroy - still brothers-Slavs ... The most interesting thing on the eve held another round of talks between the heads of state, and the Ukrainian side has made a commitment to stop this kind of provocation when all surreptitiously. After stealing his Ukrainian ship called the "cruiser" Aurora "... Hijacking has demonstrated that the situation is critical, and August 3 Kravchuk and Yeltsin signed an agreement on a transitional period.

 - And Ukraine was to implement it?

 - Certainly not! Next was the incident with the Sevastopol Naval College, the Higher Naval Engineering in "Holland" (it prepared for all nuclear scientists of the Soviet Navy) and higher naval school Nakhimov (here ready to rocket). Ukraine again, these schools do not fall under the agreement, it is ours. Although the school did not need Ukraine, acting on the principle of "do not eat, so ponadkusyvayu» ...

"Hapnul and dolphinarium»

 - Just as it was with the dolphinarium, which was established in 1960 in the Cossack Bay. Dolphins trained anti-sabotage and prospecting. There are about 60 candidates were to devote this life! This was part of the central subordination to Moscow, but it hapnuli. Why is he to them - also unclear. In addition, there was a question - what to feed the dolphins? And they began to sell. And Sevastopol dolphins appeared in Cyprus, Crete, in Kuwait. Unique Dolphins! There was a case here where the plane fell near the water. We launched a couple of dolphins. And they are, except for him, found two more aircraft of the war. Other Dolphins with 100% probability could neutralize the enemy saboteur. And that is good has got to Ukraine ...

"Even as threatened ...»

 - In Sevastopol, many vehicles stolen?

 - In the city-hero of this could not be determined. Such things happened in remote and small garrisons. For example, Ishmael. There are specific ships, artillery river boats. And there was the problem of their transfer to the Crimea. So much so that Ukrainians are directly threatened. Like, will attack from the air. Deputy commander of the fleet, Rear Admiral Boris Tsarev said to them, try to make a raid answer. Although guns on boats is not so hot, but enough to fill up the attack. Ukrainians understand it. While the command ship "Danube" they still went, he did not go anywhere, I was too old, who quit we still reparations after the Great Patriotic ... Division of training boats in the Kiev Sea captured then. But it does not benefit them brought his trite stolen ... I remember, was on duty in 1992 for the unit to work with the staff, about 23 hours of the call. Calls captain second rank from the school of "the Netherlands", says violent nationalist officers try to take down the statue of Lenin (he still is, by the way): "I am on duty at the school. There is a gun, but do not want to shoot ... "Instantly all came to the commander, the situation was neutralized, and the officer found another place of service, in order not to expose his life in danger ... My friend Viktor Baskin was a battalion commander in Ochakov. He told how there fled when broke into the part and threatened. The only thing that had to do, threw the bag in the secret documents, climbed through the window, crawled into the "Zhiguli" and pulled in Sevastopol. Even as threatened! And sailors, and families ...

Ukraine has not built a single ship "from scratch»

 - In Crimea, a lot of new ships on the stocks were built at that time for the fleet ...

 - They are also unilaterally "privatized." Average Intelligence ship, which was later reclassified as a ship Kiev management "Slavutich" was built in Nikolayev for the needs of the Northern Fleet and was already almost ready. And they said that the factory, our, and in 1992 he joined the Ukrainian Navy. The same thing - the current leader of the Ukrainians - "Hetman Sahaidachny." This patrol boat was built in Kerch for the border troops of the KGB. Specifically, for the Far East ... corvette "Lutsk" as the corvette "Ternopil" were built in Kiev as a small anti-submarine ships, it's Soviet legacy. In its pure form, no Ukrainian ship built from scratch was not. So today, these ships, in fact, returned.

 - Anything Kiev for its fleet in general has created?

 - From scratch to build a monument to Hetman was Sagaidachnyi. And yet - teleradiotsentr "Breeze" Fleet of Ukraine. With a staff of 70 people ...

"Officers and wives chained to batteries»

Permissiveness and impunity has led to the fact that on the night of April 10, 1994 Ukrainians went to an open assault on the 318th reserve battalion of ships that in Odessa.

 - Then the hydrographic vessel "Cheleken" also tried to "privatize". But our urge to escort the weapons and went to Sevastopol. As punishment, their special forces defeated the garrison of the night. Female Russian officers, as well as the officers themselves, handcuffed to the batteries, conscripts beat ... A lot of things were: the eviction from their apartments when things are thrown out on the street ... not allowed to post ... wildest moral pressure. Work used to - call. You take a tube, it appears as it should, and then - and the threat of nasty things. Glass beat ...

 - How prudently managed the Ukrainian sailors newfound property?

 - They are bad owners. Just one episode will tell. Aerodrome "Peace" walked Ukraine under the agreement on the division. Divided simple: we bomb, the bomb - you. And that is anti regiment farewell to the banner of fighting the regiment commander crying, take out all of its Black Sea Fleet ... And then oil painting: our regiment even saying goodbye as they drove up the "Ural", Ukrainian guard shoots and leaves! Ukrainian army bomb took out lie, take what you want, we are shocked ...


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