"Caesar Kunikov"

What does it mean for the fleet of Sevastopol, it is hardly necessary to say. The city, which was built on the bay Ahtiarskoy harbor as a base for Russian warships, already, by definition, is forever associated with them. Here in our time with the fleet in Sevastopol is associated, if not all, very much ...
Today, we are with you will visit the large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation "Caesar Kunikov" I attended by invitation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the eve of his campaign to participate in the spring activation of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (CHVMG RH) "BLACKSEAFOR". < br /> 49 photos

2. This is my first photo essay of the great cycle of the Sevastopol-based Black Sea Fleet.
In a report you can learn both about the warship, and go inside, examining weapons, facilities and all that hidden steel sides "Caesar Kunikova»

3. "Caesar Kunikov" (BR-64) - the large Landing Ship Landing Ship Project 775. This project, the construction is mnogopalubnym, flat-bottomed landing ship ocean zones with forecastle and developed aft superstructure. By design, it applies to vessels, made by system of «Ro-Ro» - from tank deck that runs the entire length of the ship. Its main purpose is to receive from equipped or unequipped shore tracked, wheeled and any military transport equipment and infantry units, transporting them by sea and landing, both equipped and unequipped coast with a small slope of the bottom through the open nasal device, as well as the reception of water, transportation by sea and launching of floating equipment through the open bow or stern device.
BDK "Caesar Kunikov" is part of the 197th brigade of amphibious ships and has a tail number 158. In Sevastopol based four BDK - in addition to "Caesar Kunikova" is "Novocherkassk", "Yamal" and "Azov»
In 2008, the ship participated in fighting the Black Sea Fleet during the war in South Ossetia. August 10, 2008 was the flagship of a group of Russian ships (BDK "Caesar Kunikov" BDK "Saratov" MRK "Mirage" and the IPC "Suzdalets"), who took the naval battle with a group of Georgian boats

4. Since the ship is fighting and acting, to get to him is not easy. At the ladder is on duty around the clock fighter counterterrorism group that provides security as a warship docked in the port of registry, and when entering the ports of foreign states.

5. We have a special access to the Black Sea Fleet Command, but, nevertheless, a little time spent on compliance with all the formalities officer on duty on board the BBC. Finally we are allowed to climb aboard.

6. BDK "Caesar Kunikov" was built in Gdansk (Poland) (factory №775 / 23). The operation came September 30, 1986 and became a member of the Black Sea Fleet.
May 10, 1989 the ship was renamed and given a new name - "Caesar Kunikov».
Currently, a large landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" is part of the 197th brigade of amphibious ships Black Sea Fleet and is actively used in combat training exercises and fleet.

7. The commander - Captain 2nd Rank Alexei Bezolyuk

8. The ship has a displacement of 4080 tons, a length of 118 meters and can reach a speed of 18 knots. Its capacity is up to 500 tons of equipment and cargo, and 225 Marines.
The ship can be used for productions of minefields, to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate people from dangerous areas. In addition, the landing craft can be used for military transportation, providing ships and units of the fleet in dispersed locations based

9. As BDK weapons "Caesar Kunikov" has two twin 57-mm gun mount AK-725 allows for the firing of sea, air and shore targets. In the photo - the bow installation


11. In addition, the ship is equipped with two 20-tistvolnymi 122mm multiple rocket launchers A-215 "Grad-M." In the photo deck launcher MS-73 (MS-73m) with underdeck the charging device, and flash suppressor that protects the deck and personnel from the fire, which occurs during a missile launch

12. Salyutna gun. It is used in the production of salute cases specified protocol (visits to the ports on an official visit, a meeting of senior officials)

13. Feeding 57mm gun mount AK-725


15. Post manual gun mount AK-725

16. Sight



19. Intercom wheelhouse artillery installation

20. flying bridge. Here are the navigational and wheelhouse - the conning position and Watchkeeping personnel during the campaign of the ship.

21. Helm "Caesar Kunikova»

22. wardroom. At the time of activation of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (CHVMG RH) "BLACKSEAFOR" here will settle the operational headquarters. The fact that the command of this International Union each year in turn transferred the participating countries. The Russian side in August last year took command of "BLACKSEAFOR" and during spring 2012 DBC activation "Caesar Kunikov" is the flagship CHVMG
Normally the same time, there are meetings with the command of the ship officers, as well as eating the ship's officers.

23. The crocodile is the symbol of "Caesar Kunikova" and is depicted on its coat of arms

24. Cabin commander "BLACKSEAFOR" Captain 1st Rank Yuri Zemsky. His future working place ...

25. ... and a place to rest

26. Work phone.

27. The corridors inside the vehicle are separated by watertight bulkheads, compartments designed to block the holes in the case in order to avoid flooding the ship.

28. Galley.
From this man depends on how the crew will be nourished

29. Canteen Team

30. Samples of cutlery. Other devices are not allowed

31. One forecastles team.
There is a group of anti-terror, with one of the representatives of which we have already encountered at the gangway.
Antiterror dialed from the separate brigade of marines Black Sea Fleet and is used to ensure the safety of the ship while docked in a foreign port and at the passage of heavy bands and other narrows.
The men sleep in the three-tiered beds. It also placed their clothing and special equipment.

32. Radio Group

33. Double-breasted, shoulder to shoulder of his jacket

34. Now the children free time and they are watching a movie on a DVD-Player

35. tweendeck hold or tank is located in the bottom of the vessel.
BDK "Caesar Kunikov" can be used in different types of load: 150 marines and 10 tanks T-55 with a crew of 40 people; 12 amphibious tanks PT-76 with a crew of 36 people. The ship can carry a weight of 650 tons over a distance of 4,700 miles and swim in all ice-free seas and oceans without restrictions.
Landing is located in the hold tank 95 m long and can be planted in equipped, unequipped coast or on the sea surface at sea state up to 4 points, and the wind speed up to 5 points. The personnel of the landing is located just a 4-Kubrick and local officers' cabins.
The landing by using nasal assault unit, which includes the nasal gate and ramp. The landing of the non-floating technique can be carried out directly on the coast of unequipped or equipped with a minimum slope of the bottom of 2-3 degrees. Have bow ramp and a stern gate allows you to connect several ships to create a kind of "bridge»

36. Fire extinguishing system vessel

37. The post of energy and vitality. Hence it manages the power plant of the ship, regulated speed, etc. Log in here is strictly forbidden, but we make an exception.


39. Control the progress of the ship

40. Descent to the Department of diesel generators

41. The engine of the ship.

42. Teams in the event of emergencies in the engine compartment. Indicates the number of audio signals (the number of knocks), which are used in case of emergency in case of loss of communication.

43. Reflection other ships 197th Brigade plate "Caesar Kunikova»

44. 2 hours by ship flew by. The output is the same fighter

45. On the morning of April 5, 2012, cast off, BDK "Caesar Kunikov" left Sevastopol and headed for the Romanian Constanta, where today held the official start of the activation of the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (CHVMG RH) "BLACKSEAFOR".

46. ​​The exercise will be attended by Turkish frigate "Yavuz" sea trawler Ukrainian Navy "Cherkasy" BDK "Caesar Kunikov" small missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet, "Mirage" and "calm", rescue tug "Shakhtar" hydrographic vessel GS- 86. Ships of the multinational force to practice the elements of an unplanned collection CHVMG suddenly arisen to address the problem of assistance to a ship in distress

47. It is expected that the activation of the spring "BLACKSEAFOR" will last until April 24. Ships of the Black Sea states, except for Constanta, to visit Sevastopol and Istanbul

48. For information: the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group "BLACKSEAFOR" was established April 2nd, 2001 in Istanbul. Black Sea countries - Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, expressing "willingness to contribute to regional security and stability and strengthening good neighborly relations," agreed to form an international naval forces. The objectives of its creation is the further strengthening of friendship, good relations and mutual trust among the littoral states of the Black Sea.

49. FIN



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