Russian Navy Day celebration in Sevastopol

Author: Sevastopol for Navy Day - a special holiday. One of the most beloved and revered equally with the Victory Day. It is not no secret that many residents consider their city of Sevastopol Russian, therefore, multiplying this fact basing here on the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, we have a tremendous love of Sevastopol to celebrate the Day of the Navy.

In order to see the marine parade, residents of 7, and then from 6 am to take the place of the best viewing points. And this is no accident - in fact at 9 am there will meet the lion's share of city residents, as well as many guests of Sevastopol, to witness the amphibious landing and the battle for the position, the solemn passage of ships and demonstrations divers landing of armored vehicles in the sea in the middle of the bay and the cannonade naval guns.

The events of the naval parade - in the photo below.



1. 75,284,839

2. Early in the morning all the seaside boulevard in the Russian flag. The truth is they are selling ... 93d9e0eb19.jpg

3. The ships have a few days in the parade are on the inner roads. The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet - the missile cruiser "Moskva" and the big anti-submarine ship "Kerch" 4ace11a43e.jpg

4. Spectators sea. No room to swing fall - this is the Day of the fleet in Sevastopol. 002b708fe3.jpg

5. At exactly 9:00 begins a solemn parade. First, on a specially constructed floating pontoon, marched the orchestra comes to the Black Sea Fleet 01d7ef5187.jpg

6. aa76a2be40.jpg

7. The ceremonial lifting of the State and the Naval flag of the Russian Federation, which was then at half-mast in connection with mourning declared in Ukraine for the dead miners in the mines of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. d12e71b322.jpg

8. Hymn of the Russian Federation 97,319,905

9. Walk the Black Sea Fleet Commander Rear-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkovym build ships. 33d64aa90c.jpg

10. This year, together with the Russian ships in solemn ranks is the ship of the Ukrainian Navy, "Konstantin Olshansky" 2360de570c.jpg

11. After the bypass system ships, the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov together with the commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Sergei Eliseev took a report parade commander 72,098,124

12. Thereafter, the official part was over, the guard of honor and the high command of the left floating pontoon, which have been the main events unfold demonstrations of force BSF 24,890,310

13. The attention of the audience has shifted to the waters of the bay and waiting for his speech Marines 22,195,613

14. A person who carved out of stone. Marine Corps - an elite Navy 2816db4532.jpg

15. Demonstrations began military divers suddenly surfaced a floating pontoon. Unfortunately, our people can not help themselves and do not care after all efforts to clean debris from the bay on the eve of the parade went down the drain ... f6f4e49c6d.jpg

16. saluted the flag of Russia, military divers have been a solemn formation 39,248,174

17. The commander of the submarine division 69,323,060

18. The double-headed eagle on the bottles ... struck creativity 98,136,602

19. Demonstration of the combat capabilities of the Russian navy ships 73,462,541

20. Imitation battle ground combat vehicles with fleet vehicles. At the entrance to the bay on the pier, a distance of 1.3 km of land vehicles opened fire on the warships 94,338,506

21. In response, large landing ship "Azov" disembarks bronedesant 6,832,360

22. Floating armored personnel carriers opened fire in response 17,108,276

23. After the battle, military divers scatter light labels for marking paratroopers offensive corridor 6937c2bdb1.jpg

24. Shares of seconds and landing to be 71,731,088

25. At high speed amphibious boat rushing to the pontoon, which is defending the Marines 84,827,395

26. Knots fierce firefight 80,711,475

27. Marines dashes and fire trying to throw the enemy into the sea 7a177e0a8d.jpg

28. The battle has been simmering a few minutes, falling asleep all around the liner c39ecbf7c3.jpg

29. Reinforcement 35,208,454

30. After the battle, the Marines solemn formation leaving the battlefield to the sounds of the march 89,400,573

31. Viewers saw them off with ovations 40,899,030

32. The flags of Russia and the Russian Navy in the hands of the Marines in the background symbolic Sunken Ships Monument 10,493,292

33. It should demonstrate their skills rescue units. The fire on the ship, the team forced him to leave waiting for help f69bc8adf5.jpg

34. Rescue vessels are obliged to arrive as soon as possible - in fact in the icy water of the North Sea for a long time sailors to stay afloat unable 19,608,175

35. The rescue operation takes a few minutes 81,734,101

36. Fire ship completes the program of the parade. 0834c193a8.jpg

37. Ships of the second line system to the applause of the audience out of the bay, passing along the thousands of people 26,444,194

38. Veteran Navy escorted ships look ...


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