The heat was hot ... swam with such politsionerom better not to joke

Author: The heat is incredible. It is not the first week of the day 30, not below.
Melted asphalt and brain! It is not easy to everyone and everywhere, and especially on the road.
Here today was stopped on the highway ...
Nothing to notice?

Haha ...
And, you know, at speed, so the bend. You're just in a * ye! Do not know whether the left (except the oncoming) throw from such a miracle, or vice versa right rudder twist, because, like a normal person would not have dressed in such weather.
And if so, then it zaslanets from other worlds, who walks among the living and drinking their blood!
Be that as it may, the past will not pass quietly no living soul !!!
P.S. If you think that this is a one-time glitch, you're wrong. Every day, stands on the post! More than a month, too!
Once stood stenochki (district traffic police right behind the scenes).
And there seems to personnel on leave filed, and who, you see, and did not pass the certification, that "reservists" and call to serve.



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