Food and way of life of the elderly: recommendations of Tibetan medicine

In traditional Tibetan texts it is written that old age comes after 70 years, but because life in our time is reduced, people over 60 years are considered elderly.

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Old age is the age of the Wind. And it is important to note that this age is not so important of man's original nature. All elderly show the influence of the Wind. It is especially dangerous for those who have the nature of the Wind was originally.

According to statistics, 90% of the time from 100% in the elderly weakened digestion. This occurs due to natural exhaustion and malnutrition. Therefore, you should keep your digestive system from the youth as to old age we develop certain eating habits, which are very difficult to refuse. If we are used to eat everything and do not consider that digestion weakens with age, this leads to further violations.

To ensure that food is well digested, it should be nutritious, but not excessive volume.


Older people usually go to bed early and Wake up at 4-5 in the morning, and then a long lie down, thinking about something. Early morning is the time of activation of the Wind. And to calm him down, you need to eat something. This is the first Breakfast.

In European countries there is a tradition to eat in the morning something sweet. From this habit it is advisable to give up, because the sweet taste is by nature cold, and weak digestion it's a double load. If you really want something sweet, instead of sugar-better to eat something warm and heavy like molasses or honey. The sweetness is easier to digest.

If an elderly man of a dense Constitution there is a clear violation of the Wind and increased pressure, it is recommended before Breakfast brew ginger with a teaspoon of honey, about half a Cup. However, if a person has experienced a hypertensive crisis, this recommendation is not suitable. In porridge, you should add sour dried fruits (Important when buying to pay attention to the color of the dried fruit: if they are dried properly, their color does not change, as they should be matte, without Shine). From the salt it is better to refrain, since it provokes high blood pressure. Thin people with low blood pressure and anemia better, this drink is not consumed, it can lead to excessive activity and insomnia.


In Tibet normally do not eat cereal and Campo. If eat cereal, but only in the evening with oil. It's thick and without sugar.

Camp (there are also other writing in Russian-English tsampa c tsampa and tsumbu) is a traditional Tibetan dish, the main food of Tibetans, is a flour made from toasted grains of barley, cooked in a special way on tea.

Best porridge of barley. And not because it is often used by Tibetans. Simply because of all the best grain – barley, the grain should not be this year, and stale. You can buy the necessary amount of grain, leave it for a couple of years to rest up, and then used to prepare porridge.

Cereal should be well cooked, boil a little longer, in this case it will be soft and easier to digest. From rice porridge many of the elderly can cause constipation. Elderly healthy Breakfast food with tart and spicy taste. To add the elements of Fire.

Second Breakfast

About 2 hours after Breakfast around 9-10 am, you need to eat something. It can be tea with bread, for example. The bread should not be cooked with yeast, and soda. Importantly, the stomach was not empty.

Coffee, chicory is better to drink in the morning. Useful all natural juices. We are talking about fresh juices made from rustic fruit.

Borsch or soup is not consumed at Breakfast. Sour soup best eaten in the evening. However, if the person gets accustomed to something, such as soup for Breakfast, or soup, regular consumption of this food is not contraindicated.


The main lunch time accounted for 12-13 hours, then at about 14-15 should be a small snack. Older should eat fresh and well cooked meat. The broth needs to be prepared not just of meat, but with the addition of bones. Best suited to beef, pork and grass-fed meats (rabbit, goat, venison), but not lamb. The game is quite heavy in its properties, so it can be eaten only at lunch, because this is the time of the Fire, and food is digested well.

Fit all grains: rice, wheat, Food should not be very thick, is useful in moderately salty taste. It is undesirable to eat spicy and sour because it tastes of Fire, which can lead to its activation.

There are conditions for the occurrence of disorder, Fire, Earth, Water or Wind: time, food and lifestyle. If, for example, in the hot season, we eat foods with properties of heat and way of life we appropriate, very quickly the Fire aktiviziruyutsya that causes illness. Of course, once the disease appears, but if over time, day by day the imbalance increases, this leads to the appearance of the disease.

Older it is useful to drink sweet drinks – natural sweet juices such as pomegranate, orange or a mixture of them.

Vegetables should be fresh. Especially good fresh radish or radishes. However, potatoes should not be eaten frequently. Bean is also undesirable.

If you really want fried, it is best to cook with sesame oil because it does no harm in the Wind, Fire and Water-Earth, but it helps the Wind and the Ground-Water. Mustard oil helps with Wind a little useful Earth-Water and Fire harm. Cream butter well, including baked.Sunflower oil is not good for the Fire.

For lunch you should drink tea. If the person is thin, tea with sweet. If the person is full, it is better with honey. You can eat yogurt made from cow's milk day, because day – time of Fire when any dairy products, meat and sweet well digested.

Afternoon tea

About 16 hours starts the Wind, and since the majority of older people belong to the type of the Wind, the meal is mandatory. It is desirable that the afternoon tea was quite substantial, e.g. meat. But it could be bread with masala (tea with milk and spices) or milk, cooked in a certain way (1 part water to 1 part milk uvarivaetsja to simmer up to 1 part). Please note that we are talking about natural milk.

In the afternoon, coffee and strong tea is not recommended.

Usually in Tibet in the second half of the day only drink svezhevspahannoy hot water.


For the elderly unwanted late dinner (after sunset). The time of Ground-Water, and since digestion in the elderly is weakened, eat at this time should not be. Although modern medicine does not share the time of day to time of the Earth-Water, Fire and Wind, she also advises not to eat after 18.00. If an elderly person still has dinner after 19.00, the food needs to be spicy taste. You can, for example, to eat savoury bread and dried fruits. In any case, do not eat after 19.00 nuts, it is very harmful.

For dinner, the elderly can be a bit oily foods, this is useful for calming the Wind. All kinds of vegetable oil, bone marrow, fat belong to oily products. Best night, if seniors eat soup, good to eat: mutton broth, of fish or seafood. It is recommended to take some juicy food, it is better digested, these foods do not lose weight and not get fat.

Better in the evening not to drink tea, especially strong. Coffee should also be excluded as fruit juices. Good to drink boiled water or yogurt.

If there is no liver diseases and fever after consumption of fish or lamb, you can take a little bit of strong alcohol (20-50 grams), but a small number. Beer is excluded, the elderly can not drink beer in any case.

After dinner, it is not necessary to lie down to rest, good to go for a walk or to do at home any exercise. And very important when going out to cover the abdomen tight clothing that the stomach did not get too cold.

The taking the Tibetan medicines

There is one feature in medication of the elderly. Morning a drug that is usually taken for diseases, Water-Earth (because the morning time of the Earth-Water) should be taken with water with a small addition of honey. In the afternoon, a drug that is usually given when the disease of Fire (noon – the time of greatest activity of Fire), a good wash down with sugar water. Night medication is prescribed for disorders of the Wind. And it is better to drink sweet wine or grape juice molasses. Podobnikar we intensify the effects of drugs.

Behavior and lifestyle

Elderly people usually Wake up early in the morning. In Tibet after waking up they pray. Then leguerney Breakfast. After him very well to go for a walk, because at that time the Wind picks up. It is important not to freeze and not make any sudden movements, so we need to dress warmly and go slowly.

After returning to be the second Breakfast, always warm or hot. An elderly person should not sit idle. After about half an hour after the second Breakfast it is good to do exercises. It can be things around the house, some kind of physical work. On an empty stomach elderly gymnastics should not be, because it leads to the breakdown of the Wind. After Breakfast, on the contrary, the exercises tone the body, including digestion, stimulates digestion, normalizes the balance Water, Earth and Wind. After exercise it is good to take a shower.

The elderly preferably as often as possible to swim or to take any water treatments, which contributes to fluid retention in the skin.

If the person is thin, preferably before dinner to get some sleep (about an hour). If a person is full, he can't sleep. And after dinner, sleep is not recommended, neither full nor thin. At least an hour should do something, to walk, to move. After that it is possible to lie a little, to read.

After 16.00 it is time to Wind and sleep won't hurt. After dinner, before a night's sleep it is better not to sleep.

If older people feel cheerful, you may eat well, they need more exercise and to do physical work. In this case, the circulation and condition of blood vessels will be much better. If developed the habit of doing nothing, the body gets used to it and gets tired quickly.

If the person is thin and the strength is not very much, it is best to remain calm and strongly not to strain, because a lot of Wind and if you move a lot, then the Wind will only rise. If a person is recommended to do physical exercise, better to do it in the morning or in the evening after dark, since the evening before nightfall – a time of Wind, and after – already the Earth-Water.

Older people love before going to sleep, many Wake up at 2-3 am and can't sleep. In this case, should drink at night the broth. This might help. Some say that night can not sleep, get up in 3-4 hours and do some work. This is not worth it. It is better to continue to lie quietly on the bed. If you have any spiritual practices, it is better to deal with them.

Elderly Tibetans can at this time and in similar circumstances in a low voice, read the prayers, which creates a pleasant feeling in the house. When I was little, lived with us grandma. She woke up in 3 hours, read prayers. I still remember: very nice, when you Wake up, fall asleep hearing the voice. Very good memories.


The best exercise for the elderly is a stretch, because the limb is fully straightened, the body is extended. And body good and accumulate virtue. There are in India, where I used to live, one grandfather, who came from Tibet, he was 88 years old. Every day to 85 years old he was doing 500 full prostrations. He's the oldest in the settlement of those who came from Tibet, other elderly Tibetans younger than him have already died. This grandpa, until recently, went to the crust (rounds of sacred places), now also does stretch, however, not be 500 times as before, and 200.

There are elderly people who jog in the morning. Running in the morning is also useful, but not as much as stretch. And for young and elderly the most useful exercise full stretch.

This is a very simple exercise in which a person consistently gets down on his knees, to lie on the floor on your stomach, in a special way that pulls the hands forward, clasped their palms. Touches forehead to the floor, then leaning on hands, stands up completely, rectified and again with the prayer repeats the same thing. Should be on the floor under my knees to lay something soft, and your hands to wear gloves, so that the hands glide easily across the floor. You can start with a small amount of time, gradually increasing. This exercise not only benefits the physical body, and energy. But if we pray, and on a subtle level benefit.

The dangers of hypothermia

In any case it is impossible to SuperCool legs, and lower back, for the elderly is dominated by Wind and cold, therefore, when cooling the feet will appear the imbalance of heat and cold due to the reduction of heat in the kidneys.

It is best for the elderly, whether he is awake or asleep, cover the body in the abdomen and lower back clothes from the skins or fur of wild predators or dogs.

You can also use electric sheets or mattresses, if there is disease of the Wind. If there are problems with pressure, such means in any case can not be used. Instead of electric mattresses you can use various hot water bottles with hot water, however, to affect the body they have through clothing, not directly. And it would be good to make them warm if they are cold, can cause harm. In stores or pharmacies, you can find large rocks of red salt. They can be warm, to put near the kidney (for clothes), it will bring great benefits to the body.

High and low pressure

Sometimes the elderly people have low blood pressure. In this case, in a vessel pour hot water, add salt and steam the legs, due to this pressure will be increased, and problems from the Wind or cold will be reduced.

Some older women continue to wear short skirts. If you do so, with low pressure, it will fall even lower.

There is such illness – "lung cha" (translated from the Tibetan "wind of blood"). She has the following symptoms: dizzy, chest is compressed, the mood is bleak. Because of the Wind, the blood rises to the head, the pressure increases and the vessels can burst. Therefore, if you notice signs of this disease in an older person, and has to be treated very carefully. You can't suddenly scare or report bad news. If a person is frightened or angry, the blood vessels in your head may burst or disturbed thinking. So bad news night a man better not to tell because then he will not be able to sleep. Must wait till morning. In the morning it takes a whole lot easier, he will have time in the evening to think about it.

Diseases of the joints

Sometimes the elderly have joint disease. They are of two types: connected with heat (black) or cold (white). If the disease is caused by heat, any exercise or movement will not help. However, because of the heat these diseases occur infrequently.

In Russia, in particular, diseases of the joints occur due to Water-Land. They have a cold nature. Therefore, it is useful twice a day, morning or evening, to wrap joints skin or fur of a predator or dog. This procedure after a few months useful.

Sometimes such problems with your fingers. In this case it is possible to heat the skin or skins, place them between your fingers and keep them as long as possible. To the skin for a long time not cooled, can be heated on the stove, two brick or stone, to let them cool slightly and positioned so that they do not touch. Then put the hands in the skins between the bricks. Hands will be warm long enough.

If there is swelling white variety on the feet (are cold, they are not particularly felt, but if you press on the skin, there is a hole that stays a minute or two), you can do the same. When red swelling (hot, very painful, especially at night; swollen red and very sore) so do not be.

The questions and answers.

Usually for Breakfast we eat cereal, cheese or sandwiches. How to use sharp and tart?

Eat dairy products in the morning for the elderly desirable. Porridge can be cooked a little differently. For example, liquid rice porridge can be seasoned with a little pepper. If Breakfast is still sweet porridge instead of sugar, add molasses.

Older people have often found diabetes, they are advised smaller meals. How can this be?

Tibetan medicine highlights 20 types of diabetes with different manifestations, causes and characteristic of this type of difficulties. There are several types of diabetes, the cause of which is excessive consumption of sweets. In this case, older patients really need to give up sweets and eat fractionally. But when blood sugar drops sharply, on the contrary, you need to eat something sweet. Diabetes, which modern medicine calls diabetes Tibetan medicine classifies the diabetes caused by disorder of the Water-Land. In this case, it is undesirable to eat grains, except old had lain for 10 years (which in our conditions is not so easy) wild grain. Can be a bit dry it on fire.

Meat is also not there, except for lamb, fish, venison. Chicken, pork and beef should be abandoned. To regulate diabetes diet difficult. Usually it is accompanied by high blood pressure.

How much raw food in the form of vegetables, fruits, herbs can be use by the elderly during the day and at what time?

Most fruits are sweet to taste, so it is advisable to eat them in the afternoon. If digestion is relatively good, you can eat more because the fruit is rich in vitamins. Raw vegetables is not desirable, increases the Water-Land. It is better to boil them. Sometimes you can spice up raw vegetables with sesame oil. And even rarer – not very bitter mustard oil. If you heat the vegetables in this mustard oil, you should eat them while they're warm. Vegetables are hard to digest, so older people need to be careful with their number and hours of admission.

What kind of water is better to drink if raw?

If you drink raw water, the Water-the Land increases. And to boil water you need thus: as soon as the water has begun to boil – immediately turn off (remove from heat). Water that boils for a long time, it becomes heavy by its properties.

Better to drink before or after meals?

Good to drink while eating (it is warm and long, the boiling water). But if the food is spicy, it is better to drink cool boiled water.

What tea is better to drink and in what quantity?

Regardless, this tea is green or black, is better to drink rather weak. Some types of tea are useful. And when the disorder of the Land-Water contrast, it is good to drink strong tea. This also applies to people with diabetes. But we must remember that sometimes the person at the same time many different diseases, so with nothing you need to overdo it. Better to change drinks and drink different teas and always listen to your body – it will tell you that for him at the moment is good and what is bad.

Can I eat watermelon? What bread is best to use?

Watermelons can be eaten for lunch. Black and yeast bread is not desirable. Fresh white bread, made with soda, can be consumed, but in small quantities, because in properties it is heavy. We have such an invention as a bread maker. A very good invention. The bread, which is produced in industrial bakeries, yeast, and harmful additives. Add to the dough kefir and yogurt is not very useful.

Is it good to eat fish, beans, seafood?

About the fish already mentioned, for older people it is possible. However the seafood that we have in the stores for a long time lie in the packages (and getting heavy on the properties) with preservatives, and similar additives, impair digestion, their use is not recommended.

Large legumes such as beans and legumes that are useful in diseases of the kidney. Small legumes (lentils, peas) is better not to use it.

This applies to canned cucumbers, tomatoes and the like?

Acidic weakens the digestion, for stomach regular consumption of acidic harmful. Sometimes you can, but you have to understand that you should not have something constantly and in large quantities simply because we believe it is useful and abandon something because we have decided that it is harmful. Throughout the useful to stick to the Golden middle, don't forget about the sense of proportion and do not go to extremes.

Practice can be done lying down or just sitting?

If one night a long time can not sleep, you can do the practice lying down. If we want to specifically practice, the prone position not very respectful in some way, better in the Lotus position or half Lotus or even just sitting. If the level of implementation of human rights is quite high, as anything can be. There are two differences in practice: just the recitation of mantras and meditation. When reading, the important thing is not to fall asleep. In Tibet there are monks and yogis. Monks shave the hair, yogis of all hair. The last during practices make a tuft of hair on top, wrapped his wand and tied to anything. In this case, if the practitioner will start to fall asleep, the hair would not allow him to sleep.

How much is recommended to go to sleep?

23.00 good. In Tibet, many older people fall at 21.00-22.00.

Is it possible to take baths, walk in bath?

Better to take a shower. Long in the water shouldn't be. During a visit to the sauna and bath the Wind picks up, because the sweat from the body displayed not only harmful, but also nutrients, producing a burst of Wind. In no case should not drink cold. But to pour cold water, drinking hot liquids, it is useful: the pores are closed, heat is retained in the body.

How to breathe correctly?

Breathe naturally, without strain. This applies to exercise and to take walks, in General, to all actions.

From the book: Geshe Rinchen Tenzin "Science of health" published

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