Updating the Russian fleet for June 2014

Gradually developed and updated, and our military and our civilian fleet.

It should be noted that in June as news warship was that even some of them could stir up a good selection of news. But, because we are interested in, and the civilian sector. Well, let's find out what ships were laid, complete the test or were recruited to the Russian fleet in June, a month?


Many warships complete their repairs. Among them:

1. 06. 06.14 - At JSC "Ship Repair Center" Zvezdochka "ceremony was held last withdrawal from the slipway repair strategic nuclear submarine" Yekaterinburg "Project 667BDRM. Until the end of 2014, the submarine will return to the Northern Fleet. Displacement - 19 thousand tons.

2. 6/12/14 - After repairs in dock factory "Star" in Primorye successfully launched nuclear submarine project 949-A "Tomsk". Displacement - 24 thousand tons.

Not without its pleasant completions in this sector:

3. 17.06.14 - The first multi-purpose nuclear-powered submarine (NPS) of the "Ash" - K-560 "Severodvinsk" - adopted in the Russian Navy. According to experts, "Sevmash", "Severodvinsk" - the most modern and low noise domestic submarine. She attributed to protivoavianosnoy division of the Northern Fleet and will be based in the city Zaozersk. Displacement - 13 thousand tons.

We now turn to smaller boats. Varshavyanka:

4. 26.06.14 - In St. Petersburg JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" launched diesel-electric submarine "Rostov-on-Don" project 06363. The submarine, which has a factory №01671, was the second in a series of six units, intended for the Black Sea Fleet. Displacement - 3100 tons.

And sadly, Algeria is not a ride, but still:

5. 26.06.14 - "Admiralty Shipyards" started construction of two diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 for Algeria. Term of ratification of the treaty has not been announced. Estimated date of the transfer of submarines to Algeria - 2018. Displacement of each - 3,100 tons.

Well, and ending with a selection of news about the underwater fleet:

6. 06.07.14 - finished testing the updated rescue submersibles AS-30 for the Pacific Fleet. AC-30 has been completely modernized, it has modern telemetry equipment, which allows more efficient to navigate under water. Now life bathyscaphe can drop to a depth of one kilometer and work there until 120 hours. Displacement - 110 tons.

We now turn to the news about the Navy military surface. I will try again from the great to the small.

7. 26.06.14 - From outfitting quay Baltic plant in France was towed aft DVKD class "Mistral", entitled "Sevastopol". This means that the "Baltic Shipyard - Shipbuilding" has fully complied with its obligations to the customer - the French shipyard STX France, preparing the stern of the second Russian "Mistral". Tow will be 3 weeks. Total displacement - 21 thousand tons.

If we are talking about parts of the ship,:

9. 06.22.14 - OJSC "Mid-Nevsky Shipyard" (JSC "SNSZ") 2 is transmitted to the customer - JSC "Severnaya Verf" - a superstructure made of composite material for the project 20385 corvette "Gremyashchy." Full displacement - 2,200 tonnes.

Arrived in the fleet at our border guards:

10. 06.27.14 - In St. Petersburg JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "raised the flag at a border patrol ship №504« Emerald "project 22460. In July" Emerald "will begin the transition by inland waterway to the Black Sea, which will enter into part of the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov border control Coast Guard FSB of Russia. Displacement - 700 tons.

On the same day in the same factory vessel laid 2:

11. 06.27.14 - In St. Petersburg JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "the ceremony of laying of two border patrol ships of project 22460. The border patrol ships of the project 22460" Hunter "designed for the protection of national borders and territorial waters, and the fight against piracy terrorism. Each displacement - 700 tons.

But this ship is one of the most loved me:

12. 06.27.14 - In St. Petersburg of "Mid-Nevsky Shipyard" launched on coastal minesweepers "Obukhov" - the lead ship of the project 12700 "Alexander." Minesweeper is unique, the largest in the world (including warships) body of reinforced fiberglass formed by vacuum infusion. This technology can increase the lifetime of the ship and to significantly reduce its magnetic field, which provides security for searching and minesweeping. Displacement - 800 tons.

By the way, in this series we are waiting for the completion of another great:

13. 06.05.14 - OJSC "SNSZ" signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for the construction of a series of 3 ships Mine Defense (CSI) project 12700, developed by JSC "CMDB" Almaz ". Each displacement - 900 tons.

Here must repent, then a couple of news stories that were at the last day of May, well, that is, after the post published in May. But a month since in fact has not yet emerged. It's about marine cranes for the Navy.

14. 30.05.14 - At JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "(St. Petersburg) was held launching maritime self-propelled floating crane" SEC-37150 "Project 02690 for the Russian Defense Ministry (building №901). Displacement - 2000 tons.

The same day, laid back 2 the same floating crane:

15. 30.05.14 - At JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Almaz "(St. Petersburg) was laid two floating cranes" SEC-37150 "Project 02690 for the Russian Defense Ministry (building №№ 904 and 905). Displacement of each - 2,000 tons.

Suddenly, this series has had an effect at the beginning of the week:

16. 06.24.14 - At JSC "Sea plant" Diamond ", which is part of" Shipbuilding Company "Almaz", took place launching another third of the sea of ​​self-propelled floating crane "SEC-42150" Project 02690 (serial number 902) for the needs of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Displacement - 2000 tons.

Finished with cranes. Recall the boats for the military:

17. 17.06.14 - LSZ "Pella" launched the first serial fast patrol boat project 03160 "Raptor" production program in 2014, is being built under contract with the Navy. Displacement - 25 tons.

Again doublet.

18. 17.06.14 - At JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Factory Ship" floated two boats comprehensive rescue software project 23040 for Russian Navy. Each displacement - 118 tons.

And here is the handsome Paratroopers:

19. 06.05.14 - At the Yaroslavl Shipyard (Management Company "JSC" EP FINSUDPROM ") held a solemn ceremony of launching landing craft" Midshipman Lermontov "Project 21820" Dugong "(factory №703). Displacement - 280 tons.

20. 06.24.14 - The latest landing craft project 21820 "Denis Davydov", built for the Baltic Fleet (BF) at the Yaroslavl Shipyard started to factory sea trials. After the completion of the factory and state tests dropship "Denis Davydov" will be part of the Baltic Fleet and begin to perform tasks for its intended purpose. Displacement - 280 tons.

And now a bit of disk imaging on rescue and auxiliary vessels for the Navy:

21. 06.20.14 - The construction of the third in a series multipurpose salvage vessel etc. MPSV07 «Rescuer Zaborschikov." The vessel, built on Nevsky Shipyard, placed at the disposal of the FBI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia" and is preparing to move to its home port of Vladivostok. Displacement - 1,200 tons.

22. 06.12.14 - At the shipyard "Pella" done launching tug "RB-413" (p. № 941, pr. 90600) acceptance of the program in 2015 for the Russian Navy. Displacement - 417 tons.

23. 06.03.14 - At JSC "Shipbuilding Plant. October Revolution "launched a large hydrographic boat BGK-2152 Project 19920 for the Russian Navy. Displacement - 320 tons.


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