Updating the Russian fleet for October 2014

Good evening. Gradually developed and renewed and our military and our civilian fleet.
However, in October the news and Voenka citizen and accumulated a lot.
Let us know what ships were laid, completing the test or were recruited to the Russian fleet in October, a month?
52 pics + news

Traditionally, we begin with the Commissar. Yesterday was the feast of shipbuilders. And they said it well.

1. 30/10/14 - In St. Petersburg JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" laid diesel-electric submarine B-268 "Veliky Novgorod." Displacement - 3,100 tons.

2. 30/10/14 - In St. Petersburg JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" laid diesel-electric submarine B-271 "Kolpino." Displacement - 3,100 tons.

Well, to sum up on submarines.

3. 10.24.14 - Diesel submarine "Vyborg" returned to the Baltic Fleet after recovering technical readiness to FSUE "CMH". Displacement - 3,950 tons.

A lot of news on new warships Skopje. But, I will start with the opening of new shipyard that will build them.

4. 17.10.14 - At the shipyard "Pella" (Leningrad region) opened a new shipyard. On the stocks of the new shipyard will build ships including defense purposes. In the interest of the Navy to build ships there will be technical fleet and marine equipment and Arctic ice classes with a maximum release draft of 6 meters, a displacement of up to 3 tons and a length of 110 meters.

And yet, some people back home.

5. 27.10.14 - Shipyard "Sea" in Feodosia passed registration under Russian law, and now the company is ready to implement the shipbuilding and ship repair orders.

And together with the Crimean plant in the Russian navy gained a bonus. The main thing is to restore.

6. 27.10.14 - At the shipyard "More" to Russia moved MDKVP U423 «Gorlivka" (project "Bison"), who was a member of the Ukrainian Navy and decommissioned in 2011. Displacement - 550 tons.

Who out there is worried about our giants? One finally brought for repair.

7. 10/24/14 - At Sevmash was successfully process step by zavodke heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" in basin enterprise. In the coming days, the ship will set to dock support device, and then shipbuilders to start work on repairing the cruiser. Displacement - 26190 tons.

And another giant stood for repair.

8. 10/10/14 - Vessel measuring complex PF "Marshal Krylov," came to "Dalzavod" for modernization. Planned replacement of household systems, galley equipment, navigator and electronic weapons, modernization of communication, the average repair of main and auxiliary engines. Tonnage - 23,700 tons.

Well, now about the overwater military novelties months.

9. 30/10/14 - PHOTO. In St. Petersburg, in OAO "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf "taken out of the boathouse first serial Project 22350 frigate" Admiral Kasatonov. " So soon the next launching. Displacement - 4,500 tons.

Many ships fell demagnetization. Also an important step.

10. 10.01.14 - Fotofakt.Fregat Project 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov" at the site of demagnetization. Displacement - 4,500 tons.

11. 10.21.14 - PHOTO. Project 22350 frigate degaussing "Admiral Gorshkov" is completed. In his place becomes the new average intelligence ship "Yuri Ivanov" project 18280. Displacement - 4,000 tons.

12. 10.09.14 - PHOTO. Oceanographic research vessel "Amber" project 22010 is demagnetized at Shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad. Displacement - 5230 tons.

These are the ones whom demagnetize. But who took.

13. 10.03.14 - At OJSC "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "put a border patrol ship" Amethyst "- the fifth ship of the project 22460. Displacement - 670 tons.

14. 10.09.14 - Completed ninth countersabotage boat project 21980, built at JSC "Plant named after AM Zelenodolsky Gorky "for the Black Sea Fleet. Displacement - 138 tons.

15. 10.10.14 - Completed tenth countersabotage boat project number 21980 987, built by JSC «Eastern Shipyard" for the Pacific Fleet. Displacement - 138 tons.

16. 10.10.14 - Cater communication "SWR-2155" adopted in the Black Sea Fleet. Displacement - 417 tons.


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