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Everything we post online photos pleasant household things — from your favorite plush toy to the funny ads displayed at the entrance.

But some go even further and publish a photo of everything that surrounds them during the day. Why they do it, and most importantly — why do we like to look at someone else's life?

Ninety photos with chronometric precision locking not so much the events of the day, as the interiors in which these events occur. Not very clean bed linen or blinds with filtering through them bright sunshine, cups, bowls, plates, flowers, fruits, animals, children... all Of these objects, the small Dutch already got a dozen metaphorical still lifes on the vanity of things. But it's not the small Dutch is the posts of members of the community "a day", a task which with the help of photographs with a small amount of text to tell about your day. Photographing the smallest detail of past time is not specifically Russian history, English versions of "A day in my life" there are several dozen.

A photographic report on the topic "my day" in a highly simplified form, continue a literary tradition to describe one day of the hero, showing through the prism of the events of life and the entirety of experiences, fills this man. And exactly the same as in the literature, members of the community share either a routine day of his life, thus demonstrating its stability and orderliness, or of one of the most important dates: the birth of the child, protection of the project or wedding.

The community exists for three years, but became noticeable only recently — the number of participants has exceeded 10 thousand. Thus, the"my day" was included in the list of the 50 most popular LiveJournal communities.

Therapist mark Sandomirsky believes, "a day" can be called an extract of online communities: "of Course, in such groups the participants are selected based on common interests, which can be called virtual exhibitionism, flashy demonstrative, unrestrained desire to exhibit themselves. All this is the General laws of the psychology of social media users, an increased need to draw attention to his own person. This is evident in all social networks."

His day often share women from 20 to 35 years, at least — men. A large share of storytellers — immigrants and citizens of the world: about 60% of all posts are pictures of "beautiful far". The founder of the community of Anna Gahan is proud that she managed to create "an atmosphere of goodwill, openness and the ability to make the world of another person fully, without conditions, without requirements to be the same as

you yourself". This, of course, a few lacquered variant of relations between participants: although the community rules prohibited direct insults and criticism, many commentators do not stick secular studs: "All, of course, very well and positively, but without soul and meaning."

RETOUCHED, EXHIBITIONISM community "a day" people open personal space to other people's views. Penetration it is always painful or at least noticeable. The person becomes defenceless in the assessment, discussion, questions, and any action aimed in his direction.

"The reason for this mass epidemic of demonstrative quite objective, -said mark Sandomirsky. Studies show that active users of social media literally fall in childhood. The adult brain is in the process of Internet surfing and virtual network communication is switched to the children's condition, and he starts to behave self-centered, demanding attention, naively exposing for all to see everything. And as desperate as a little child, in need of praise, categorically rejects criticism. However, some researchers go further and described in terms of the behavior of Internet users see the manifestation of the global trend of infantilization of humanity."

Anna Gahan says that the photo stream, which turns a light day, most clearly manifest the life value of man: "He can look at your hand and notice that there are too empty, or that it pays too much attention to work, or that he had wonderful children and stunning wife/husband/mother-in-law. When photographed the first day for this community, much is revealed about myself.


In the end, it became a sort of therapy — I "exposed" to the community and to better understand yourself and the people around."

We closed in the space of his apartment, barely talked and know almost nothing about what he thinks, what dreams, what hopes, is interested in what a neighbor or colleague. But with the creation of social, he's lonely and uncomfortable one. The Internet allows not only to show life exactly as we see it, but to try someone else. Use some photos as the possibility of inner purification, and others just to clean up the apartment.

"We can't say that I put my life on display. Really important hidden away somewhere inside, stays with me. As for household things, I think, from this point of view, the community is a great reason to finally clean up your life, make it so that was not ashamed to show others," — says Kate

(26) from Kiev.

Tidy apartment and demonstrated by members of the community, — no more than a screen, through which they send the updated message to the world: "I am owner", "I am decorator" or "I am highly organized and exalted personality".

Candidate of psychological Sciences, author of books about the psychology of Internet users Natalia Chudova notes online we try on many different masks, playing with his own identity: "a Fundamental property of the Internet that specifies the security situation is anonymity. But Internet technology does not just provide new opportunities for communication, but also give rise to particular cultural space in which the user has at his disposal tools that affect the process of formation of image".

Evaluation and self-assessment — one of the motivating factors for the placement of posts of this kind. To demonstrate their own superiority or just normal. Has not been canceled and provocation: showing his life, the authors are looking forward to fascinating reactions.

Same-sex couples host their own days for the sake of protest against the existing stereotypes. The people dissatisfied with the financial condition, deliberately poor and scruffy interiors.


Someone else's life through the prism of social networking always seems more interesting, richer, brighter and bigger than our own. The desire to peep the life of others, to consider it in great detail and to compare with them — absolutely irresistible. Here is what a participant of the community Kate (26): "Always liked to look in the evening, the window of people and present: and how they live there? I was equally interested to observe the life of a student from Moscow, working from Khabarovsk and some millionaire from Tyumen". Anna Gahan explicitly States: "One of my day»

is the ability to try on someone else's life, and many people stay in this dressing room indefinitely. Members of the commune are: viewing the community became for them the main "eater of time".

"It teaches me to find the little joys, — says Olesya (27). — Once it seemed that if the day passed without any superiority and poignant moments, he was wasted. But, looking at how other people live, once again, a surprising number, do not need to chase experiences, you just have to look around and find the positive that surrounds you".


Contact with someone else's life gives a sense of involvement. Person has the opportunity to live someone else's life, not destroying her. To new experiences at a safe distance. Tatiana Kochetova, associate Professor, candidate of psychological Sciences, faculty of social psychology, msupe, believes that in these communities the protective mechanisms work on the principle (to paraphrase a famous saying): "who has what hurts, he says it hurts the other" that is always interesting what is a private issue, but in the power of self-control in this problem is difficult to admit. "Moreover, looking at the network these things with ongoing feedback "I liked it", "my rating" — a kind of positive reinforcement a protective mechanism for someone who puts pictures of the successful action of the mechanism of identification for someone who considers them" — adds the expert. Rave review by one of the members of the commune could serve as the most striking example that confirms this view: "Reading the community, I learn to live, learn life from others, find interesting people, follow their lives, some posts are a motivation for me not to be afraid to take a step in one direction or another. Thank you all, and community for the inspiration and desire to change life!"— says Alena (25).

For all the motives and intentions of people who post pictures of their day, is the desire for manipulation and even aggression, even in the most latent form — in most cases the discussion of one day a stranger comes

besides, is there any point in his life or not, whether enough it is full, satisfactory, from the point of view of society, its achievements, good curtains, whether fat cockroaches? But since the open position of superiority in LJ imposed an unspoken taboo, it all comes down to simple from the point of view of psychology the devaluation of the achievements. Expert position is in this case advantageous in all directions: the commentator for receiving a confirmation that it is his life compared to this misery just wonder how good, meaningful, and spiritual growth.

Natalya Rustamova


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