BIOCHEMICAL LAZINESS — why would we not want to do useful things

Most of us are well aware that their diaries and the various lists hanging a variety of cases, ranging from the analysis of the cabinets, to learning English, but we prefer to sit in social networks, watch TV shows, read something easy and lazy to do nothing.

And all would be well if in these lessons we drew real pleasure and was filled with energy.

But in 90% of cases it so happens that we do "nothing" only in order not to make the necessary and scheduled in to-do lists.

Very strange, where is the resistance?

Psychologists have long been studying this issue and even invented a special term «procrastination". Allocate a lot of causes of procrastination, written dozens of books on how to deal with this phenomenon.

And we, let's go to the process easier. And if you manage to apply only a single technique, which I wrote about in this article, your procrastination will significantly decrease, if not disappear altogether.

Eighteen million four hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred sixty one

There is a hormone "dopamine," the happy hormone. It is vital for our body. He regularly consumed and should be replaced. The body can make it "simple" ways: tasty food, sex, interesting information and entertainment.

And can fill the "difficult" ways: to do something and feel successful, victorious, to surpass themselves, to overcome something. It can be anything: got up and washed the dishes, despite the fatigue, I learned how to make my own website and made it, learned 5 new vocabulary words, took the capsule from her wardrobe, and began to use every day, deleted unnecessary photos from the computer.

And, what is more difficult for that one person, the task, the more will be produced of the hormone. I mean, just to wash the dishes through "nehochu" is one option, but to deal with how to promote your business through advertising on Yandex-direct is already Yes, a lot of hormone! Or should I go and 30 minutes to exercise, if it is not engaged at all! Joy for the whole day will be guaranteed!

But why, why is humanity in the majority is never realized and few kicks from a super-productive life filled with achievements, samoopredeleniya and useful things?! Why prefer "simple pleasures"?

In General, the sense of joy from the "complex" method for the production of the hormone is much stronger than simple!

And ideally, people will be more happy if he would live at the peak of their perceptions of productivity: get up early, exercise, eat right and work all day, to keep your Affairs in order, in General, live your day fully and efficiently.

And be less happy (the hormone produced will be less), if the person gets it "simple" way — Goodies, series, forums, and social networks, empty reading. In this option we will need a larger dose of "simple pleasures", and this, as you know, a dead-end in terms of development and vicious way.

But why, why is humanity in the majority is never realized and few kicks from a super-productive life filled with achievements, samoopredeleniya and useful things?! Why prefer "simple pleasures"?

Then you need to know about one particular: work dopamine receptors. Dopamine receptors in our brain are excited, when we are looking forward to having fun! Now we are waiting for that time, and the fun is going to happen. And climb up in the social network for interesnenko or intend here today certainly to exercise! Or to learn the language or to implement a system Flylady!

So, our receptors in the brain are excited and waiting for their portion of the hormone. If the brain receives it (we did get the joy of watching the social network, eating delicious or made the case), then everything is in order, a positive connection is fixed, and next time we will go there for joy yet. Again climbed in the fridge, on the forum or in the diary, to do business!

But what if the joy we got? Buds excited and waiting for their portion of the hormone, and we haven't been able to implement its plan yesterday to make the charging or to rinse the sink before going to sleep or to sit for the English. Something went wrong. In this case, our brain is "disappointed" in this method of producing "joy", "there I am, there is nothing good to me." And dopamine need!

And look: is it possible to obtain, even at the very least, the joy of a meal or movies, communication in social networks? No options, waited for dopamine — dopamine has received, the connection is securely fastened!

But how reliable in the modern world the method of obtaining hormone of joy through deeds and accomplishments? Doubtful, time on time is not necessary. Because we often overestimate our capabilities, we want to get everything at once, we are unprofitable compare ourselves to others too often criticize ourselves, do not know how to correctly dispose of their energy trying to do things in a depleted condition. Of course, we have to do very little.

The result — food, sex, TV, social networks — reliable way of obtaining joy. And achievements and overcome — those ways in which most of us are already disappointed. Our brain doesn't want to go there for joy, because still nothing comes out. Often in business we are the losers, not the winners.

What to do, how to get myself on the right track?

It really, in my experience, the thrill of achievements, from business, from learning new things, from the creation of your life, is much higher than from "simple" ways. After you don't even want any of the "joyful surrogates".

So, to get myself on the right wave, you need to adhere to one rule

Fifty seven million six hundred eighty three thousand three hundred sixty four

"Secure your success"!

How to apply: if you decided to do something useful for yourself, you need to arrange things so that managed was just inevitable! Then you will easily become a "winner" and will receive a portion of dopamine, and you will want more!

To ensure yourself success in any business, you need to lower your sights (of course, for a start then you yourself want to increase it for greater good!).

For example, to write the plan for today, not ten cases, and three. Decide what you need to not perepadet all linen, and Pat only 5 things. Not to plan "every day I do 1 hour of English," and to expect "to learn 3 new words". "Not for an hour of sports a day," and "5 minutes of squats". Feel how different that sounds?! Because I want to go, even to run quickly to implement his idea and to get their portion of joy "I did it!". And then you want more!

A simple recipe, isn't it?

Just in the heat of modern requirements in the concept of "faster! higher! more strongly!"we are starting to strive for high standards, and as a result cools your brain and do not form the habit of success! published 

Author: Yevgeny Kharitonov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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