A guaranteed way to quickly get old

A guaranteed way to quickly to age – this is often to pronounce the magic formula: "I know" on all important life issues. And truly believe in it. Will live for a long time, the question is – happily?

Classic example: I know, I understand, from life, I want love and money, well health.

Only here of the fire in the eyes of such a character not long ago. And even if you manage to pull one of the "dreams" on the frame of reality, it is, like evil, comes out with a defect: it's all good, nothing good. Sometimes it works to pull all the dreams at once, too, a curious sight. And the love he has, money, health, and the main resource – the youth. And happiness, it seemed to be too, in such a scenario, but that's just how we felt. Familiar?

Thus, even the physical body can be maintained at the proper level, spending the rest of the supply of energy resources, but light and ease through it still won't work. Drive there. But the full drive is the essence. Where is the breach?

In samonaetost.

Here is the word.

We early everything understood. Tragically easily took on faith what we were told in childhood. Carelessly, quickly absorb the current thoughts and not very talented people. It's time to rassegnata. To adjust to totally new experiences, and the indicator (you need it or not) there is only one.

Ask yourself:

Drive have?

I think I just start with questions to yourself? It is the root of self-knowledge and understanding of their true aspirations. Without proper, sharp, poignant and very hard questions of myself can happen, as in the parable:

Hero for a very long time climbing up the stairs, but only to in the end to realize that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.So, the first question to ask yourself: "Where am I in this moment?" — already discussed. You have a set of facts about who you are and what you are at this stage of life. Time to move on to question number two: What?

The second question to yourself: WHAT?What brought me to where I am now?

Guys, this is a key question. Just sacred. Don't pass it by. Stop.



What brought me to where I am now?

If the first question is Where? reveals in you honesty with yourself, the question is What? affects the most important aspect of any growth, without which the creation itself, again, unfortunately, impossible. It is your sole responsibility for everything that happened, happens and will happen.

Let me make this simple for you. And answer a related question:

- Who brought me to where I am now?

You. You. Only you. There are no other options. No parents, no country, no neighbors, no leadership, no friends, no partners, even if they have thrown, neither Putin, God give him long life, as all living beings. You. Only you have brought yourself to where you are now.

(It is not only banal: I work there and live there, it is also about illnesses, accidents, crises, depression, breakups, throwing you and the kids or taking away your children and anything else – all situations that happened or happen).

NB! Who suddenly became ill – go to the section about self-pity and return if you intend to grow up for real.

It was just adjacent and, by the way, very easy question: Who? Of course, you do.

Now, let's go. Our question remains: What?

— What brought me to where I am now?

Take all your answers from the section Where, when you determined the coordinates of the current location on the key areas of life (body, business, soul, and relationships) and ask yourself (this applies both to the experience that you qualify both positive and negative, but in matters of "blockages" or so-called life of the rake is to dig deeper).

What brings me to what I earn 1.5 thousand dollars a month?

How to become a millionaire? Need for 4 thousand years to work as a janitor, and nothing is there.Or 55 years of age to work as a Manager with a salary of $ 1,500. And also nothing there. I thought! What brings me to the fact that I get up at 7 am and don't want it?


What brings me to the fact that I get up at 6 in the morning and I like it?

(My answer: running at 7 am)

— That leads me to believe that I was abandoned?

What brings me to what I began to doubt in the case, which has chosen?

— That leads me to believe that I have everything I wanted except drive and be happy?

What brings me to what I have extra pounds?

What brings me to the fact that I'm lazy?

What brings me to the fact that I can't organize?

What brings me to what I not eat?

Etc etc This is just a average options, the sharpest I even can't stand. Let everyone digs himself.

If someone thinks that these are questions about self-flagellation, saying, "who's the bad that eats so much?" — then again go to the section about self-pity and return if you intend to grow up for real.

The reason could be that you're bad. Because (I hope you are not surprised), you're good.

The reason is samonaetost. Somewhere you can't hear your own call. And only you are able to hear.


With us — where are the keys. You choose your key, choose a door and open it yourself. Yes, it is — for you.

And know this – to be honest.

I can say that if you seriously come to the stage, over some of the issues will "hang" days. Just ask yourself again and again. If the answer does not come, "wear" issue with a write on pieces of paper, to repeat myself. Sooner or later it will appear, if you are going to hear. Some answers will be cut. You believed in one thing and it turns out that another POPs up...It's hard. I know. But it should pass. It's called "personal responsibility for your life."

The essence of the second question is That? is to understand:

What are your thoughts and setup contributed to the actions that brought you to the current point.

For example, what thoughts, attitudes and actions have helped you to reach certain heights: career, business, success in sport, good relations (choose something you are proud of).

And what thoughts, attitudes, actions lead you to failures or hinder to implement what you want: to get rich, stop Smoking, etc. This applies to all.

This process is a tangle that it is necessary to untwist. Cabbage, which is removed layer by layer until they get to the deepest thoughts and attitudes.

Uncovered their own opinions about themselves and about the world.

At the stage of question is That? I do not propose to make any changes to the settings or change settings. I suggest them to see, to touch, to realize what you have inside.

Example. The thoughts of a freelancer, who doesn't have every day to go on the subway, he does seems to be a favorite thing (in any case, he went to this), but steamed, like everyone else, if not more (as a freelance internal turbulence increases sharply, but people don't know this all those who are in offices dreaming of will).

What brings me to what I don't earn much money so far?

— Lack of self-discipline. Are behind schedule.

What brings me to the lack of self-discipline?

— Too lazy. I'm too lazy. I'm too lazy.

What brings me to the fact that I'm too lazy to do the job I chose?

Ask ourselves this question – it is a certain courage. Too many people focus on the circle "lazy — self-discipline"? and everything they say? "victory" laziness and my happiness. But here we must return to the question Where? and ask yourself:

— How long have I been overcome laziness and feel its devastating effects?

If it turns out that this story for months and years, it is obvious that it is necessary to ask ourselves once again:

What brings me to the fact that I am so chronically lazy to do the job I chose?

— I'm not lazy now to fly to new York if the opportunity presented itself. Not too lazy to go to the cinema for a good movie. Yeah, a lot are not lazy. Why too lazy to do the thing?

(exaggerated examples, I know, but counting on the ability to read between the lines)

Rotate until it stops, removing layer by layer. Starting with "and whether it is at all?" to the fact that it can be, if the matter is still "something." For example, lack of energy, some outstanding tasks that sucks up all the capacity, or something else. Or it is, but its implementation is somehow alien to your nature way. We all have our wilds, and only there to take you, even without scuba gear. Freestyle. But it's worth it. It's a chance to make friends with you and start to feel the drive to live life to the fullest.

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