Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - singer, actor, dancer, philanthropist, who conquered half the world for his ability to sing and dance. The man who made an enormous contribution to the development of contemporary music, dance, video and fashion. A man who believed in love and the best until the last days of his life. It says my subjective opinion about his life and work. Also presented are a few facts of his life and his sayings.

With the work of Michael, I met a year ago, of course, I knew who he was, and about the lunar track and clips seen and heard the song, that's it I heard, but I never listened. And with all the accident I came across the song Michael «They Do not Care about Us», I was just shocked by the words. In me there was a strange explosion of emotions. Laugh. Tears. And I still continued to turn a song and hear notes more and more pain in the words of his songs. After that, I was not only an avid fan of Michael Jackson, he has become an inspiration to me. Through his work and life, I found myself and learned.

Today, August 29 Michael would have turned 53 years old, and he went on to his tour, "This Is It", but unfortunately it did not happen.

Michael began his career at the age of five, when many children stayed at home and watched cartoons did not know how to tie shoelaces. This little boy from a large family was virtually no childhood. His father was repeatedly beaten and humiliated morally and physically, and later in 2003, his father recognized it. But he will still be kind, loving, a little naive, but very vulnerable person.

"When I was 11-12 years old, I already had a contract with a recording studio. And I had to go and record albums because summer tour were already on the nose. And just across the street from the studio was a children's playground, and I heard the kids chase the ball, play tennis, make noise. And sometimes I wanted so much to run back and play with them and not to go into the studio and sing. But I could not ».

It is no wonder that Michael was the debut film of a fairy tale The Wiz (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) as a scarecrow in 1978. He was very fond of fairy tales and Disneyland.

"When I think of courage, I think of the Cowardly Lion from" The Wizard of Oz. " He was always running away from danger. He often cried and shook with fear. But he shared his true feelings with those he loved, even if he could not be proud of what felt ».

Yes, he liked children, but not as it describes the media. He created a magnificent park with lots of rides at his ranch Neverland (like the name of the country from the book of Peter Pan) and all this for the children.
"What inspired me? It was so simple - to create something that I love. And what I love - children. Or children who continue to live in adults. And in my park, I placed all the things he had as a child ».

"I can not just walk down the street, go to Disneyland, walk in the park, because once the crowd gather around me. So I decided to create Neverland - his own world, a hidden gate. All that I love, and everything that I like to be there ».

"People ask me why do you keep the children? Yes, because in my childhood I have always been with adults. When the children went to bed, I was working in clubs. At three o'clock in the morning I was still working on the scene. And on weekends he worked, and at Christmas and birthdays ... And so now I'm trying to make up for it. Hence the park got my miracles ».

"In my heart, in my heart, I - Peter Pan»!

Mad media attention in his life, not only because of his creativity.
There were two high-profile trials, where he was accused of child molestation. Jordan Chandler was a fan of Michael and he had been at his ranch Neverland. In 1993, his father Michael accused of molesting his son. Jackson denied everything, but still entered into the world to pay 22 million Chandler family.

"Do not judge a man until you talk to him in person, because everything you hear - rumors».

After the singer's death in 2009, Jordan admitted that his father made to slander Michael for money. Later, his father committed suicide. I do not believe in the first nor in the second charge (Michael was acquitted). For me, I can not understand people who "poured" filth and defile the man's life, for the sake of benefits - fame and money.

New picture Michael in 1995. Already after the first obvineneniya pedophilia.

Where once again the myth that Michael wanted to become white ??? He has repeatedly said: "I am black and proud of it." He had a rare genetic disease vitiligo, which resulted in the skin appear white spots. And there are a lot of photos on the confirmation.

"I have vitiligo, an autoimmune disease, it is very close to albinism. Small patches of skin lose oval pigment due to the fact that the skin cells called melanocytes stop producing melanin and maintain. A melanin responsible for pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes. Because of problems with the melanin in my severe allergy to sunlight. It destroys my skin ».

The same disease is inherited, and the eldest son of Michael, Prince.

In 1979, during a difficult dance rehearsals, Michael broke his nose, and while filming a Pepsi Cola commercials in 1984 there was an explosion of pyrotechnics, and Michael received a second degree burns on the face. Therefore, he suffered a series of multiple plastic surgeries. After surgery, he started having problems with health, he could not breathe, he began to drink painkillers.

Just one of the great rumors that Michael slept in a hyperbaric chamber, in order not to grow old. He even photographed it for fun, then again it is left "side».

"The story that I am supposed to sleep in the chamber so as not to grow old, emerged on the basis of what I sacrificed hyperbaric oxygen chamber Medical Center in Culver City, California, where treating severe burns received during the filming of advertising Pepsi. They began to say, I bought a camera himself. It's just ridiculous rumors. I have never slept in a hyperbaric chamber and not afraid of aging ».

McCauley Culkin, the little boy after the success of the movie "Home Alone" star in a music video of Michael «Black and White», and in the future will be one of the closest friends of Michael, as well as the godfather of his eldest children. After the death of Michael, it will even ascribe paternity youngest son, Blanket. Sometimes people's imagination to move all the boundaries.

In 2005, he will appear in court witness on charges of Michael Jackson's pedophilia.
"Michael is the most pure and kind person who ever I've seen."

Most of his songs are filled with a deep sense of God, about life, about people. Many compare the current singers Michael, honestly, I do not agree, because he had boundless talent.
"I'm still fascinated by clouds and the sunset view. I always make a wish, when I see a rainbow or a shooting star. I saw a meteor rain. The world is full of miracles ».
"I love animals for their natural purity and sincerity. They do not judge you, do not talk, they just want to be your friends, or at least do not hide their intentions ».
Poem of the Earth, written by Michael.

A few simple famous songs, which one of my favorite songs.

And of course, the very first performance of "Lunar path»

And the most important thing in his life. He has three wonderful children who grow up and unfortunately become new victims of the mass media. To me, they seem to be very friendly and close to each other.

"Children do not betray, do not lie and do not let me down. And adults - sums. Adults and the whole world summed »...

Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Senior

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson II (known as Blanket his house)

At the ceremony, Grammy 2010. "We are proud to stand on the stage and get a reward for our father. First of all we want to thank God for having looked after us all these seven months. And our grandparents for their love and support. Our father was always concerned for the planet and mankind ... His message was simple: love. We will continue his work and will help the world. Thank you. We love you, Dad ".

"On June 25, the Earth has stopped and we realized that he died a great artist who did his job well." (Martin Luther King, the third)

In 2009, Michael was supposed to start his tour of "Voi and everything." Originally planned 10 performances, but continued demand for tickets, and planned another 40 performances. Unfortunately, none of the performance did not take place. But thanks to the cameras at the rehearsals, we can see the final rehearsals of Michael in the documentary "that's all».

"Apparently, Lord Michael need more than we do. Michael, I love you, I told you that no one again. "(Stevie Wonder)

"To feel the support of fans is so nice. I never took their love as a matter of course. I do not Gordeliy not consider myself better than, say, a neighbor of the ranch. To be loved a wonderful feeling. All for the sake of my work ».

Video from the movie "That's All" on the song Smooth Criminal.

People love to talk to other people, especially famous. And why should we ourselves sometimes do not think about their thoughts, inclinations, and especially the fact that we had to make good in this world. And I would really like to see all of the rumors and legends, only one proved to be true: "We are really Michael Jackson is alive».

"In the end, the most important thing - to be honest with themselves and their loved ones and work hard. That which is now, not tomorrow. Be of good cheer. Fight. Improve and cultivates his talent. Be the best at what you're doing. Learn about their activity more than anyone else alive. Use the tools to feed themselves - be it a book or a floor to dance, or water to swim. Wherever it was - it's yours. That's what I always try to remember ».


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