Celebrities in the lens of the famous paparazzi

Ron Galella (Ron Galella) is considered the father of American paparazzi and the founder of this trend in photography in North America. His name is associated with many scandals and unpleasant stories.

At one time, Marlon Brando deprived Galellu Ron (Ron Galella) five teeth, for which he paid $ 40 000. And there are a lot of stories. Last year, an American made a documentary film. It is said the 80-year-old Ron, he never chased shots for the money and was willing to take the risk just for the sake of an interesting image. See below for some of his works.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis (Jackie Kennedy-Onassis).

Woody Allen (Woody Allen).

Woody Allen (Woody Allen) and Mia Farrow (Mia Farrow).

Jean Michel Basquiat (Jean-Michel Basquiat) and Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol).

Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando).

Jerry Hall (Jerry Hall) and Mig Jagger (Mick Jagger).

Dustin Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman).

Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson).

John Lennon (John Lennon) and Mick Jagger (Mick Jagger).

Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren).

Dean Martin (Dean Martin) and Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra).

Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson).

Al Pacino (Al Pacino).

Sean Penn (Sean Penn) and Madonna (Madonna).

Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski) and Sharon Tate (Sharon Tate).

Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand).

John Travolta (John Travolta).

John Travolta (John Travolta) and Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester Stallone).

Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) and Jason Patric (Jason Patric).

Robert De Niro (Robert De Niro) and Al Pacino (Al Pacino).

Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) and Mohammed Ali (Muhammad Ali).

Photo by Ron Galella


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