Ron Galella: the first and most famous American paparazzi

Ron Galella - this is the "father" of the paparazzi, the most famous and most controversial, because he was a pioneer. His highly original methods of shooting that, in fact, in the mid-50s it seemed these were a novelty. That is Galella photographed people, celebrities and more precisely, in a totally normal everyday environment without light and arrangements, or catch the stars in the most unexpected moments to capture their emotions.

But the consequences are not the most pleasant, for example, Jackie Onassis sued the newfound paparazzi and eventually quite noisy trial a photographer in 1972 injunction. That is Galella had no right to approach more than 100 yards to the house Onassis and 50 yards - to her and her children. It is interesting that after some time the verdict softened and regulated distance has been reduced to 25 yards.

Ron Galella in his youth he served in the US Air Force, and in 1969 lit up on the screen during the game TV show "To tell the truth." And in June 1973, the first Hallel suffered "loss" on the front of his hard work: Marlon Brando broke his jaw and knocked him four teeth. But also hurt the actor - the wound on his arm was entered infection. Later, Ron received a bitter experience, began to wear a helmet when going to photograph explosive Brando.

Already Brigitte Bardot somehow persuaded his friends carefully pour Galella water from a hose. And after the first attempt to photograph the hidden camera Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who were vacationing in Mexico exactly around the pool, bodyguards Richard did no better than Brando - Galella's jaw broken and beat him. Not surprisingly, the takiya injury ended for mountain-star paparazzi present hospitalization. Sean Penn, too, he was still a volcano of emotions, however, did not hit, but only spat at Galella, who tried to photograph him once that certainly seemed Galella just relax after all these extremely dangerous and traumatic attacks.
Yes, their "service" "and dangerous, and difficult ...", but how rare and unique frames we have now. This is not the paparazzi photos, and legendary retro.


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