How to manipulate the mass consciousness — the third wave

It all started as an ordinary history lesson, and ended with a very out of the box: some students suffered a nervous breakdown.

In the fall of 1967 in California (USA) on the history lesson , Ron Johnson, told the students of the 10th class on Nazi Germany, concentration camps and mass killings of those who did not belong to the Aryan race. A very clever fellow asked a question that put teachers in a certain awkward situation, "why ordinary Germans supported the policy of destruction of other people, why don't they oppose this?" The bell sounded, signifying the end of the lesson, and Ron did not answer the question. Ahead was the weekend. And to his surprise Mr. Johnson found the answer to a question from a student, preparing for another history lesson. He decided to practice to show the class how the mechanism of "mass consciousness".

On Monday, Ron Johnson, came to the lesson in the same class for 15-16-year-old young people, announced the topic was "Discipline". He read the mini-lecture about the benefits of discipline: it is the path to success. In his speech, the teacher focused on real stories of successful people who achieved their goal thanks to the discipline. After a mini-lecture Ron told everyone to sit still and look straight ahead. Then he commanded the disciples to get up and down, and repeated these commands several times. When Mr. Johnson made sure that all exactly perform his commands, he ordered everyone to leave the auditorium, wait 2 minutes for the door and very quietly, almost silently, back into the auditorium and take their seats. To his surprise, the kids did. At the end of the lesson, Mr. Johnson ordered accurately, briefly and clearly answer the questions put to them. And what he asked the students to briefly and clearly answer the questions, even often passive children very actively participated in this "game".

On Tuesday, Mr. Johnson entered the classroom before the lesson, but to his surprise found that the children already in their seats and sitting quietly.

The theme of the classes he wrote on the Board – "community".

Ron told about the power of community and told the children the slogan of the "Third Wave": "Strength in discipline, strength in community".

At first, the disciples had said these words in a whisper, then began to speak aloud, then moved to higher tones, and in the end I was screaming very loudly. Concluding this lesson, the teacher demonstrated a special gesture "salute Third Wave" and told that from now on all children should greet each other this way.

On Wednesday, Ron gave everyone a special ticket parties of the "Third Wave". All children, students in this class received such documents and only 3 got special tickets – red tagged. These marks meant that the elected disciples appointed elders and are obliged to report to Mr. Johnson everything happening in the classroom and the school. The third meeting came not only the pupils of "experimental" class, but some students of other classes, which surprised Ron. To evening in the "Third Wave" joined more than 200 people.

On Thursday, Ron Johnson found that on a voluntary basis more than 20 people have snitched on their colleagues, more than half of the members of the "Third Wave" intimidated other students and argued that they are special. On the same day, the teacher announced that Thursday will be held under the motto "Pride." Well-established pattern, he gave a lecture on pride and its role in the life of every person and of society as a whole. The activity attracted more than 80 people listened attentively to Mr. Johnson. In addition, completing the lesson, Ron was asked to withdraw from the premises of three people, who were considered unreliable, after which "revealed the secret" to his disciples, they were elected and they are the future of the state. "Thousands of students across America joined in our society, you're young, smart and you are the future of the United States. If we changed the rules at this school, we will be able to change society and everything around us. Tomorrow exactly at noon will be the new leader — future President. Come back tomorrow and all will know."

The last phase of the experiment took place on Friday: in the auditorium Mr. Johnson expected 200 young people. In turn, Ron asked a few of my friends to play photographers and journalists. These actors are photographed without stopping and asked the disciples about what was going to happen today.

At 11.45 came into the room Johnson. He greeted "Salut" to which all present instantly replied "Salut".

He said the motto of the Third Wave and the children chanted it, getting louder and louder. For a few minutes before the appointed hour, Ron turned on the TV, but nothing happened: there was a new leader, TV if you didn't know about the existence of the Third Wave.

And then the teacher said that there is no new leader and the Third Wave that this is just an experiment and that all members of this organization no better than the Nazis, because in these five days they were doing the same, than was engaged the Germans in times of war: the intimidation and whistleblowing, all of them firmly believed in their exclusivity and peculiarity. After that, he showed everyone present a film on the Nazi realities of wartime.



Children left the hall in a disaffected and disturbed condition, many of them crying. Some were hysterical, few had even suffered a nervous breakdown.

About this experiment for a long time was unknown to the public, as Ron Johnson ordered all the disciples to keep quiet about it, and they are due to feelings of shame for his behavior kept silent for many years.

The story of his "experience" school teacher published only in the late 70-ies of XX century. The story of an unusual lesson three times already embodied in documentaries: in 1981, "Wave", 2008,"experiment 2: the Wave" and in 2010 "lesson Plan".



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