Forgotten tips — kitchen life hacks

You know all those useful tips for the kitchen, which older people are so eager to share with the younger generation? These little tips and tricks in our time could be called "kitchen hacks", but it's still good old nuggets of wisdom. As with any old wives ' tales, secrets and tips, your experience may vary. Some of these pearls have gone through several generations – and, judging by the reviews of grandmas, they really work.

1. To remove the odor from your hands after cutting onions or garlic, just RUB them with a spoon made of stainless steel. The steel should absorb the smell.

2. Raw coffee beans can also absorb unpleasant smell on the hands. ’’

3. If you add too much salt, add the peeled potatoes. It will absorb the excess salt.

4. When cooking eggs drop into the water a pinch of salt, so they are not cracked.

5. Don't put citrus fruits or tomatoes in the fridge. Low temperature affects the taste and aroma of these naughty products.

6. To wash utensils of cast iron, don't use detergents. Just clean it with salt and a clean, dry paper towel.

7. Curdle if milk if it boil? It turns out, after all it is not. Boiled milk is perfectly safe for consumption.

8. To clean the heating element of the kettle from scale, boil it in vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:1 and then pour.

9. To empty the sealed containers during storage have not acquired an unpleasant odor, pour in each a pinch of salt.

10. If your sauce accidentally burnt, pour it into a clean saucepan and cook on.
Add a little sugar, being careful not to peresushit sauce. The sugar will remove the smell of burning.

11. Burnt rice? Put on top of the rice piece of white bread for 5-10 minutes to remove the burnt taste. When you serve rice, not scraped off burnt rice from the bottom of the pan.

12. Before you chop chili peppers, RUB hands with vegetable oil so the hot pepper oil is not absorbed into the skin.

13. If you doubt the freshness of the eggs, pour the water into a container approximately 10 cm, and put them in there. Fresh eggs will lie on the bottom. If lifted only one end of the egg, so they need to use in the first place. Floated the eggs are not fresh.

14. To get rid of ants in the kitchen, find a crack or hole through which they climb, and apply it with vaseline. The ants can't climb through it. If they crawl under the door, there draw a line with chalk. Insects will not be able to cross it.

15. If you are going to cook popcorn, soak the beans in water for 10 minutes. Drain beans and cook popcorn as usual. So popcorn is cooked faster, be more fluffy and it will be less unopened beans.

16. Do not store bananas with other fruits in one bunch. Divide the bunch, and keep the bananas separate from each other. Bananas secrete a gas that contributes to the rapid maturation of fruits (and other bananas). Individually, they will stay longer fresh.

17. To potatoes in the bag did not grow, put back the Apple.

18. Leftover wine can be frozen into the ice tray, and then add to soups and sauces.

19. To clean all the grooves and corners in a vase or jar, fill it with water and drop 2 tablets of Alka-Seltzer. The bubbles will do it for you.

20. Chilled water after cooking potatoes or pasta can be watered potted plants. The nutrients contained in it, like your plants.

21. When you clean the aquarium, do not pour the water and use it for watering houseplants. In a litter the fish contains nitrogen and phosphorus, making the water a great fertilizer.

22. Defrosting meat, pour it with a small amount of vinegar. It will not only make the meat more tender, but will help defrost it faster.

23. A substance that makes us cry because onion is in the bottom of the bulb. Make a cone so that the wide part of a cone covering a root part of the bulb.

24. If you remove the top layer of the onion along with the husk, it will also reduce the amount of tears.

25. Toothpaste is great for cleaning silver.

26. Baking soda is not as well absorb odors in the refrigerator and the freezer, as this can assure you its manufacturers. Activated charcoal copes with it much better.

27. But baking soda is a good cleaning agent. If you use it along with vinegar to clean her drains and cleaned the stove and the sink.

28. A favorite tip of thousands of grandmas: if you cut your finger when you cut vegetables, wait until stop the blood, and apply the cut colorless nail Polish. This will protect the wound from getting into the juice, and falls into the spaghetti sauce like a bandage.

29. Still have not taken a unanimous decision about what to put in a bag of brown sugar, that he had not hardened: used Apple slices and a piece of bread, and a ceramic crock.

30. Can't find the splinter? Glue in place with a thorn a piece of tape, and then, abruptly tear the pain out.

31. If you burn yourself, smear the burn with mustard. Leave it for some time – this will reduce the pain and prevent the occurrence of blister.

32. If an aluminum pan has faded, boil in it a little Apple peel. The pan will Shine and the house will be smelling good.

33. To cookies longer callous, our resourceful grandmother put a piece of tissue paper on the bottom of the jar for cookies.

34. If the salt caked from moisture, throw some rice. It will absorb the excess moisture.

35. To remove hand stains from fruit and vegetables, RUB them raw, purified potato. It also helps the vinegar.

36. To lettuce-iceberg fresh longer, wrap it in a clean, dry paper towel, place in a sealed bag and store in the refrigerator.

37. If the bread started to harden, just put it in a package of bread a piece of celery – it will return it a fresh taste and softness.

38. Keep the kitchen aloe in a pot. This plant is invaluable for cuts and burns. Break off a leaf and scrape the gel-like juice of the fault.
39. If the soup, sauce or roast is too fat, toss in the pan ice cube. The ice will attract the fat, and you will be able to collect.

40. To re-use vegetable oil and not feel a taste of what was preparing on it before, warm up the oil a piece of ginger with a thickness of 0.5 cm will be removed extraneous tastes and smells.

41. If milk sours faster than the ends, add packing a pinch of salt right after you will open it. So it won't turn sour.

42. Cooled boiled water will freeze quicker. This is useful if you need ice urgently.

43. Stains from tea or coffee with the porcelain removed pasty mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and cream of Tartar. RUB it spots, and they are easily cleaned.

44. If the glass is stuck in another glass, pull it is impossible. Put the ice in the inner glass and dip the outer glass in warm water. Under the influence of heat the glass will expand and the cold glass will decrease, and they can be easily separated.

45. If a splinter got under the nail, soak your finger in a glass of milk with a piece of bread – they say it draws out splinters.

46. Do you ever grandpa gave coke from the patient's tummy? It turns out that it is really effective. Sugar and soda can relieve some diseases of the stomach, but can also exacerbate others.

47. They say that if you put salty bacon on a boil, it is "take the poison" out of him.

48. To wooden box (without a guide) is well advanced, RUB the grooves with a candle.

49. Apply to a fresh injury with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, and the bruise will appear, and the injury will be faster.

50. If you regularly drink cranberry juice and eat blueberries, it will help you avoid urinary tract infections.



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