Kitchen in the English style

To place the kitchen in the English style, you will need a classic dark-wood furniture, upholstery and curtains in plaid or flower, and many lamps with shades.

English style in the interior has always had and continues to have its fans. Anglomania attracts the most sublime classics with a homey feel. How to do it, you know the conservative British, who continue to cultivate in their small homes and flats the situation of the Victorian classics. Remember its characteristic features.

First, a lot of furniture of classical forms, especially the sofas, armchairs and chairs.

Second, floral patterns and designs that can be on the Wallpaper, upholstery and curtains.

Third, finish. The British not only like floral Wallpaper, wall panels, dark wood, especially when the issue of men's rooms: offices and libraries. In addition to these main components there are still many little things that are characteristic of English style: the lamps with classic lampshades, Oriental rugs, ornamental ceramics, small pictures in the genre of landscape and hunting for wall decoration.

To place the kitchen in the style of English classics, you should try to follow these rules, at least some. For example, choose the kitchen furniture and classic shapes, made in dark wood or in the material it simulates. Such kitchen cupboards with panels will remind you of the classic wooden panels that accentuate English spirit of the interior. In addition, the British have always been passionate collectors of all national and traditional English China, Indian pottery and bronze. Therefore, in the kitchens and living rooms, which usually had display cabinets with display there utensils and accessories like your favorite cups, pretty plates and small sculptures. Such a Cabinet with glass doors or a dish rack would be very appropriate in the kitchen in the English spirit. And, of course, don't forget about floral or plaid curtains and upholstery. Without them, the English style will be incomplete. Go for it! Design options kitchen in English style is represented in our photo collection.

Black and white classic kitchen shapes became the perfect background for a pair of chairs and pendant lamps, trendy mustard color.

Kitchen furniture with dark wood paneled facades creates the impression of a wall of wooden panels, particularly appreciated in the Victorian style.

The kitchen is decorated in a modern style with classical elements and fashionable combination of purple and grey-beige colors. Large areas of the open kitchen wood walnut. Wooden finishes create an Association with the English style.

Classic kitchen cabinets mahogany, marble countertops, medallion chairs with patterned upholstery native environment dishes with English classics.

All facades of the kitchen and finishes kitchen Islands are made of black wood with white sketches, simulating the conventional panels. Dark wood finishes — very English!

White kitchen with bright red details rather characterizes the Scandinavian style. However, there is also the English taste. For example, a lamp - Golden balls from the famous British designer Tom Dixon classic.

Wooden wall panels and ornamental wall color dark wood create an atmosphere of English houses.

In the design of the kitchen combines style loft with exposed brick walls and pop art with the contrast of white and red. English style is to read in a large number of bright red color — the favorite color of the city of London.

The kitchen combines the style of classic and high-tech. Classic kitchen furniture and dining room furniture made of wood red-brown color reminiscent of the style of the Victorian classics.

In the interior of the kitchen the authors used a traditional English finishing: striped Wallpaper, the floor tiles in a small cage and ceramics under oblivnye brick (kitchen apron).

Kitchen wood walnut color gives the predilection of the owners of the house to the style of English classics.

Kitchen Cabinet with glass doors and open shelves allows you to set the family China and a collection of small plastic art and favorite keepsakes. It is very English! published

Author: Tatiana Anfilova


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