Archimandrite ELI, "Said the world lies in evil"

It says: the world lies in evil.

And a lot of temptations, temptations, anxieties.

And it's clear that the person has many experience in life.

And it is clear that the man is feeble and weak to avoid everything that could happen to him is unexpected, random and dangerous. Therefore, we, as Orthodox believers know that as there is a Lord who will protect us, that is, the Holy guardian Angels, the intercession of the Heavenly Queen, who defended, protected our Fatherland from many of our sins.

And there are saints, saints and Archangels, Angels, saints, St. Nicholas, the Holy Apostles.

They help us if we pray, if you believe, and they are always ready to help, to help us.

Therefore, we must constantly be in prayer, in supplication, thanksgiving, Lord.

And the Lord is always ready to help us.

But the Lord sees our desires, our volition,

our appeal to Him.

Therefore our entire life should be closely linked with prayer. The Lord wants, above all, the salvation of our souls.

Prayer saves our soul and always helps us throughout our life. published 

Fifty nine million nine hundred forty two thousand sixty nine

©Archimandrite ELI (Nozdrin)


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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